2020 LED replacement trend-traditional lamp list

535 Published by admin 10 16,2019

Those traditional stadium lights we used before

Today we will review those traditional stadium lights history and then you would know about why use the Mecree LED become a trend.

MVF024 High Power Lamp

High-pressure die-cast aluminum molded case, tempered safety glass plus stainless steel protective net, high-purity aluminum reflector.

MVF024 are small and light. The following various bulbs can be used as needed. Double-headed metal halide lamp MHN-LA2000W, color temperature 4200K, color rendering index Ra=80, natural color, colorful, suitable for color TV broadcast. 1000w metal halide lamp (HPI-T1000W) 1000W high pressure sodium lamp (SON-T1000W). Automatically cut off the power when the back is turned on. There are three different light distribution systems, such as wide angle, middle angle and narrow angle, which can be used flexibly. A scale plate is attached to both sides of the lamp to facilitate adjustment of the illumination angle. The special built-in visor converges the projection beam for safe use and reduces light pollution caused by scattered light.

At present, the CRI requirements for l in the TV broadcast of the stadium are at least 90 or more, so Mecree series lamps and lanterns have improved the performance of products according to the requirements of the site, and the beam Angle also provides more choices, please click here for details.

MVF401 High Power Lamp

High-pressure die-cast aluminum molded case, 1.6mm thick tempered glass plus stainless steel protective screen, high-purity aluminum anode reflector.

Unique oval appearance, smaller drag coefficient, special double-head metal halide lamp, 30% higher efficiency than traditional flood light, color rendering index up to 90, suitable Color TV broadcast. The open-type replacement bulb is easy to maintain and has a safety switch. The open type automatically cuts off the power. The lamp is dustproof and waterproof up to IP65, suitable for indoor and outdoor all-weather conditions; the computer accurately designed light distribution system is available in medium and wide beam, and has built-in visor to effectively control glare and light pollution.

The luminaire is equipped with pre-wired electrical box, which is easy to install. It has a hot-start type for emergency lighting, which will not affect the competition and color TV broadcast.

Mecree round shape stadium light has made a technical improvement for the energy consumption of large venues. The overall energy consumption is several times better than traditional lamps , and the total number of lamps used in the overall design scheme will be much less than other LED lights, providing cost saving support. Click here for more details.

MVF403 high Power Lamp

High-strength die-cast aluminum lamp body, 1.6mm-3mm thick tempered glass, silicone rubber sealing ring, stainless steel protective net, high-purity aluminum reflector, hot-dip galvanized bracket.

Elliptical reflector has better light distribution effect and higher efficiency; the shape is more compact and beautiful, the drag coefficient is greatly reduced, and the weight is lighter; 7 kinds of reflectors with different angles of light meet various application requirements; 1000w, 1800w, 2000w double-ended metal halide lamp; light source color rendering Ra=92, color temperature 5600k; back to replace the bulb, with safety switch, maintenance is more safe and convenient; dimming scale, and sight; anti-glare cover , color filter, etc., a variety of accessories are available; there are top, bottom and hot start options.

Suitable for floodlighting in large stadiums, golf courses, large buildings, etc.

MVF406 High Power Lamp

High pressure die-cast aluminum housing, high strength tempered glass, high purity aluminum reflector.

Compact structure, small size and light weight. The replacement of the light source is turned on behind, which is safe and convenient to maintain; seven different light-distributing reflectors meet various lighting requirements; with high-efficiency metal halide light source, the color rendering can be as high as 92, and the color temperature is 5600K.

Tango3 MMF383 Lamp

High-pressure cast aluminum lamp body, 4mm thick tempered glass, high-purity aluminum high-efficiency reflector, hot zinc steel bracket, stainless steel clip.

The newly designed high-efficiency reflector has higher light extraction efficiency. Novel appearance, compact structure and patent protection. There is a calibration scale for easy debugging. Protection class IP65.

Building floodlights, recreational sports lighting, parking lots lighting.

Mecree’s gl-sfl series is specially designed for the site research and development of some requirements for floodlight site, the application of more solid structure configuration and high efficiency, and the price also has a great advantage in the market demand. Please click here for details.


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