Application of Mecree LED Lighting in airport

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Compared with ordinary engineering lighting projects, airport lighting projects have higher requirements for the professionalism of lighting design schemes due to their unique functions and the clarity of division of functions in large space. Here to see, how to better use LED lighting design at the terminal

High master light design requirements

A. The size of the lamp disc is in harmony with the mounting height of the high pole lamp
B. The smallest lamp disc shall be able to hold 4 projector lamps
C. The lamp tray shall be designed to allow the number of lamps to be increased or decreased without machining
D. The lamp disc shall be designed to easily change the position and direction of the lamp
E. The pole lamp shall be able to withstand wind speeds of at least 100km/h

The better raw material select

With industrial-grade durability and efficient lighting effect, Mecree LED lighting create higher value for customers. In the design and production, we adopt advanced technology, quality selection of parts and components, products are close to and to meet the needs of the application of industrial sites, and in extreme harsh conditions to achieve simple and stable installation, maintenance free and comfortable lighting for a long time, so as to help improve work efficiency and personnel safety

The better lighting effect

When designing light for airport, our lighting product designers distribute the light evenly, avoiding excessive concentration of light and reducing areas with very large brightness differences, which means easing the speed of eye fatigue. Combined with the appropriate light intensity and color temperature, lighting can effectively increase the comfort and concentration time of workers

The better safety

Maintenance-free lighting, high quality visual clarity, Mecree LED lighting will accompany operators to complete tasks accurately and efficiently in a life cycle of up to 80,000 hours or longer. At the same time, under different protection levels of IP66, you can feel at ease to use our lighting achievements, so that different dustproof and moisture-proof properties bring you different use values, and experience the maximum saving and safety.
You can create your own private light, with easy installation and use, to make the harsh working environment easy to operate and reliable lighting during the working time, thus improving work efficiency

Anti-glare design

Mecree LED adopts the design of secondary optical distribution, which can effectively inhibit the occurrence of glare. Focusing on the central light intensity makes the light appear in the practical application area, thus reducing the light pollution in the environment.This is what human development and progress have been pursuing

Mecree waits for you.

Choosing us, choosing lamps with high efficiency and perfect effect, MECREE is better professional and guaranteed.
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