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Do you think it’s complicated when you hear about pickleball court? Yes, it is not simple. That’s why we here! Our engineers understand all standards of pickleball court lighting , we will make the right plan for the site according to your actual needs. You don’t need to be professional, because we are professional.

Do you have a lot of questions about how to buy the pickleball court lights abroad? Don’t worry, we will tell you step by step. If you need, we can send the goods directly to your place. We just know you’ll be surprised by the results. So the only question left is, are you ready?

How to find the the best solutions fitting you?

What are the advantages of LED lighting for pickleball?

Learn more about the benefits of pickleball LED lighting and lighting requirements for indoor pickleball competitions.

pickleball quickly swept the country. Like tennis, badminton and squash, pickleball attracts players of all ages to the court. pickleball courts are being built in private clubs, country clubs, city parks, community centers and YMCA. As more and more people find pickleball, pickleball has more and more facilities.

With the development of pikeball, the requirements and standardization of court construction are imperative. Usapa sets the formal rules of the game and the size of the court. The pickleball court is rectangular and looks like a tennis court.

The standard size of the pickleball court is:

Pickleball courts standards require illumination be supplied by luminaires mounted on twenty-foot high poles that deliver an average of 30 footcandles (fc), and a max/min ratio of 2.0 or less. Mounting the luminaires on twenty foot poles enables pickleball players to see the ball when it goes up into a high arc. A shorter pole would cause the ball to disappear when it goes above the lights and reappear someplace else as it returns to the court. 30 fc is the light level required for players to see the ball, even as it moves at a high speed. Lower level lighting would make visibility difficult.

2021 Best LED football stadium lights:


Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: P73 Series
Watts: 420W – 1260W
Lead time: Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-300W
Watts: 300W
Lead time: Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-600W
Watts: 600W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K

Top concerns of all customers about the pickleball court?

How many stadium lights do you need?

The best way to determine how many lights you need is to complete the pickleball court.

football field lights

What is stadium lighting plan?

Pickleball lighting plan is developed by special lighting photometry software. It allows you to create or import the size of the playground, place or position a bar on the playground, and add lights to the bar.

With the software, each lamp is designed to illuminate a specific location. The software calculates the reading of the foot candle, and shows you the
uniformity and illumination of the field.

If there is no lighting plan, you will actually be guessing which power, lumen package and optics are right for you. Your probability of “Guessing”
correctly is less than 1%.

The lighting plan eliminates all speculation and is the first step in successfully converting stadium lights to LEDs.

For LED football stadium lights, how to choose the right beam angle?

What is the beam angle?

Beam angle refers to the angle of the light source or lamp, that is, the angle formed by the boundary of a certain intensity range of the beam. Generally, the beam angle on the illuminated surface is directly reflected by the light spot and illumination. Under the same conditions, the larger the beam angle is, the smaller the central light intensity is, the larger the spot is, and the smaller the illumination is. Otherwise, the opposite is true.

football field lights

How to choose the right color temperature?

Color temperature explains how warm or how cool the pickleball court lights look like throughout the human eye,and that’s expressed from the unit named Kelvin (K). It generally scales from 1000 to 10, 000 K. For the standards for the pickleball court, the overall color temperature need to be greater than 3,000 k for all classes. But, it’s suggested that cool white lights (from 4,000 K to 5,000 K) would be the most acceptable option since they’re more invigorating and provide much better lighting effect for players in addition to audiences.

football field lights

How to deal with transportation?

Are you still worried about transportation? How to ship to your country?

Don’t worry, we provide express, air and sea services. For samples, we generally recommend express door-to-door service. For bulk orders, you can choose air or sea transportation according to the time of the project.

If you have your own freight forwarding company, you can arrange your freight forwarder to pick up the goods at our factory.

How to order the pickleball court lights?

We will draft a contract according to your payment request, we support bank transfer and credit card payment. After receiving the payment, we will arrange the order. After the goods are ready, we will arrange transportation, the courier will contact you before the goods are delivered.

The warranty you need know:

Please keep the contract and warranty, you can contact your dedicated salesperson or directly contact our official website.

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