2016 U20 Women’s World Cup National Bava Football Stadium in Papua New Guinea | GL-FL-1000W Stadium Lights

Boland Park in South Africa | GL-FL-1000W Cricket Stadium Lights with 10 Years Warranty

Baseball Field in Palau | Baseball Field Lights

FIFA Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium in Nigeria | GL-SPL Series Stadium Lights

LBI International Cricket Ground in Guyana | GL-SPL Series Stadium Lights

African Senior Athletics Championship | GL-FL Series Stadium Lights

Cricket Stadium in Dubai | GL-SPL-1200W Cricket Stadium Lights

Cyprus Football Training Ground | GL-SFL-1000W Enonomical Model

Tanzania stadium | AFL-1200W Stadium Lights

Oman Football Field | AFL-500W Football Field Lights

AFL Series Swimming Pool Lights

Football Field in Swizerland | 800W Football Field Lights

Football Field in Germany | 3000W Football Field Lights

Soccer Field in Columbia | 200W 400W Soccer Field Lights

1000W Volleyball Court Lights

Boat Park in Thailand | 1000W Boat Park Lights

Tennis Court in Singapore | 300W Tennis Court Lights

400W Tennis Court Lights

Multi-Function Arena in Germany | 400W Indoor Stadium Lights

Seaport in Demark | 1000W Flood Light

Thailand Temple | 100W 1000W Floodlight

Thailand Temple | 300W Floodlight

Tower Light in South Africa 1000W

Hockey Field in Chile | 800W Hockey Field Lights

Tennis Court in Switzerland | 600W Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court in Singpore | 300W Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court in Poland | 600W Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court in Poland | 300W Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court in Austrlia | 600W Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court in Netherlands | 800W Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court in Hong Kong | 400W Tennis Court Lights

Florida Strawberry Festival | LED Stadium Lights

Tennis Court in Germany | 300W Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court in Dubai | 400W Tennis Court Lights

Tennis Court in Austrlia | 300W Tennis Court Lights

Maersk Container in Denmark | 500W High Mast Light

Airport in Lithuania | 300W 700W Airport Apron Light

Horse Track in USA | 500W Horse Track Lights

Govone Castle in Italy | Flood Light

Golf Course in London | 400W Golf Course Lights

Golf Course in Burma | 500W 1000W Golf Course Lights

Dubai Miracle Garden | High Mast Light

Amazon House in Germany | 150W Warehouse Light

500W RGBW Develoment of Driver Assistance Systems for Car, Germany

Baseball Field in Venezuela | 1000W Baseball Field Lights

Costruction Site | 1000W Floodlight

Cycle Track in Swizerland | 500W Cycle Track Light

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