How To Light Up A Hockey Rink?

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Are you still worrying about how to build a bright and non-glaring hockey field? There are many things to consider. One of the challenges facing the hockey rink is to keep the rink open without high usage and maintenance costs. And it is essential that they provide high-quality, glare-free lighting.

Don’t worry, in this guide, we will introduce you to the correct lighting for the hockey rink. If you have an outdoor or indoor ice skating rink, MECREE will help you convert to LED lighting. Our lights can replace traditional lamps, such as MVF024, MVH-401/403/406 Arena Vision, MVF408-CAT1-1800W, NHF003, Mundial, etc. In addition, LED loves the cold!

How to light up an ice rink for hockey and skating?

There is no doubt that lighting plays a vital role in sports facilities, because it determines how athletes and fans feel in sports venues. Appropriate lighting will make viewers and players have an enjoyable experience. So what are the 4 most important aspects for a hockey rink lighting?


In order to ensure that athletes and spectators in ice sports can track fast-moving athletes and clearly see their detailed movements, lighting system for ice sports competitions must have a higher level of lighting, especially in large stadiums, because spectators are far away playground.


Hockey rink lighting should provide clear and uniform light. It will enhance the vision of athletes and spectators so that they can see the puck. This can even help them improve performance.


The lighting equipment of the hockey rink must be glare-free. This will make it easy to record actions on the hockey rink. This will allow viewers at home to clearly see what is happening.


In its essence, the skating rink is a big energy consumer. Lighting is part of this consumption. Reducing lighting costs by 50-75% will greatly help the budget of the hockey rink.


How many lumens do I need for a hockey rink?

In order to be able to clearly see the game, especially the minute details of the movement, sports on ice require a high level of lighting. The visibility of moving objects depends on the object’s size, speed and brightness contrast, as well as background brightness and ambient brightness. So depending on the level of the competition, the lighting standards of the hockey stadium are different. Below is the lighting standard of the hockey rink.

Hockey Rink Lighting Standards


Level Of Play Illuminance Lx Illumination uniformity light source Glare level
Eh Evmai Evsec Horizontal Vertical CRI (Ra) CCT (K) GR
U1 U2 U1 U2
Amateur Training             (I) 150 / / 0.4 0.6 / / 65 4000 <40
Entertainment                   (II) 300 / / 0.4 0.6 / / 65 4000 <40
Domestic Amateur Competition (III) 600 / / 0.5 0.7 / / 65 4000 <40
Domestic professional competition (IV) 1000 / / 0.5 0.7 / / 65 4000 <40
TV Broadcast Domestic Games (V) / 1000 750 0.5 0.7 0.4 0.6 65 5000 <40
TV broadcast International Competitions (VI) / 1500 1000 0.6 0.7 0.4 0.6 80 5000 <40
HDTV Broadcast Competition (VII) / 2000 2000 0.7 0.8 0.6 0.7 80 5000 <40
Emergency TV                (VIII) / 1000 / 0.5 0.7 0.4 0.6 80 5000 <40

1. The playing field should have very good uniformity and high illumination to prevent glare from the playing field.

2. Since many actions of the athletes are performed near the product, the shadow formed by the product should be excluded, and the camera should have vertical illumination near the product.


For example, the size of the Olympic skating rink is 60 * 30 meters = 1800 square meters. For professional NHL tournaments, the lux will be 800 to 1500 lux. If the lux level of ice hockey or oval ice rink is 1000 lux, the required lumens = 1800 * 1000 = 1,800,000! MECREE led flood light is 150lm/w. Therefore, we need at least 12,000 watt LED floodlights to illuminate the ice rink. Before changing to LED, the power of MH floodlight was 40,000 watts! Since we need complicated beam angles and individual power and installation height arrangements, so the most accurate way is to create a Hockey or Ice Rink Lighting Plan.

What are Hockey Rink lighting plans?

A Lighting plan allows you to see your hockey rink with new LED Lights. Its report shows light fixture locations, foot candle readings and how evenly distributed the light is. The lighting plan is developed by special lighting metering software. It allows you to create or import the size of the playground, place or place bars on the playground, and add lights to the bars.

Using this software, each light can illuminate a specific location. The software will calculate the readings of the foot candles and show you the uniformity and illuminance of the field.

If there is no lighting plan, you will actually be guessing which power, Lumen packages and optics are perfect for you. The probability that you “guess” correctly is less than 1%.

The lighting plan eliminates all guesswork and is the first step in successfully converting stadium lights to LEDs.

What Are The Best LED Lights for Ice and Hockey Rinks?


Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-300W
Watts: 300W
Lead time: Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-600W
Watts: 600W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
football field lights Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-1000W
Watts: 1000W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
football field lights Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-1200W
Watts: 1200W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
football field lights Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: GL-SPL-1000W
Watts: 1000W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
football field lights Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: GL-SPL-1200W
Watts: 1200W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K


How To SelectASuitable Beam Angle For LED Hockey Rink Lights?

What is the beam angle?

The beam angle refers to the angle of the light source or lamp, which is formed by the boundary of a certain intensity range of the beam. Generally speaking, the beam angle on the illuminated surface is directly illuminated by the light reflection point.

Ask our lighting experts to perform lighting photometry to determine the best beam angle and light for the ice rink. You should look at the maximum/minimum ratio and the measurement of the foot candle to ensure that the space is even and bright.

Please use the lighting photometric method to determine the correct lighting and beam angle of the skating rink. Take a look at the size of the foot candle and the maximum/minimum ratio to ensure that your area is always uniform and bright.

football field lights

How To ChooseThe Appropriate Color Rendering Index?

The color rendering index indicates the color of light. This index indicates that compared with sunlight, the light source can display the color of things very well (that is, the ideal light source). When talking about HID bulbs, consumers often complain about light colors. Therefore, light colors play an important role in elevated applications. It greatly affects contrast and sharpness.

The CRI of most of the LED lighting equipment we provide is between 80 and 90. The best part is that we can order almost any CRI you might need.

What isthe right color temperature?

Color temperature explains how hockey rink lighting feel in the human eye, which is expressed in Kelvin (K) units. Usually, its range is 1000K to 1000K. For hockey and ice rinks, it is very important to use lighting solutions with the correct color temperature. The color temperature of about 5000K has the same excitation effect as natural light because the temperature is closer to sunlight. If you are using fluorescent lights, HPS or metal halide lights, you should use LED ice hockey lights now.

How to deal with Delivery?

Are you still worried about transportation? How to ship to your country?

Don’t worry, we provide express, air and sea services. For samples, we usually recommend that you door-to-door express service. For large orders, you can choose air or sea according to the time of the project

If you have your own freight forwarding company, you can arrange for a freight forwarder to pick up the goods at our factory.

How to order football field lights?

We will draft a contract based on your order requirements, and we support bank transfer and credit card payments. After receiving the payment, we will arrange the order. And we will keep you updated about the production progress. When the goods are ready, we will arrange the transportation, and the courier will contact you before the goods are delivered.

How about the warranty?

We provide 5 – 10 years warranty for our products. During the warranty period, if there any quality problem, we can replace or repaire for free, including the freight cost. And guarantee the light delay is less than 5% within 5 years. Please keep the contract and warranty, you can contact your dedicated salesperson or directly contact our official website.


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