The world has been promoting environmental protection and energy saving, so LED (light Emitting Diode) lighting are becoming more and more popular.

(Metal Halide and HID) floodlights. This types of floodlighting has served us well in the past but due to high running costs and maintenance are now set to join the history books. Inefficient lamps are slowly being phased out, and It is only a matter of time before the 1 -2Kw Metal Halide lamps follow suit.

More and more tennis court , football field clubs are changing their lights to LED due to the cost effective over long time, still some will choose Metal Halide lamps because of the cheap price, they haven’t think about the long time.

Below are some key benefits of LED sports field lighting:

1.Instant on / off

LED lights have no warm-up time, which is very suitable for competition, which saves a lot of electricity costs.

2.Save over 60% on energy bills

HID lamps consumes more energy than LED lighting. Then save it on electricity bills.

3.Zero Maintenance

MECREE stadium lights have more than 80000 hours lifespan, No need to always having to change the lights.

4.Spill lights control

Traditional lighting shows an array of uneven lighting. Led lighting showcases a fine bright white light on the entire field, at an even intensity.

5.Flexible dimming

Choosing the right dimming system, you only need to open half of the lights when there is no competition, thus saving a lot of electricity bills.

6.IP66 for all weather conditions

Meaning no water and dust in your lights.

7.Different lighting level selection

For football field lights, by having different lighting levels for matches and training.

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