LED Public Park Lighting

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Public parks are indispensable places for leisure and entertainment, and the right lighting can transform them into a unique visual experience. LED lighting is welcoming, fun and inspiring and also makes these public places safer and more inviting.

We have selected suitable LED light series for you based on the needs of high quality LED public park lighting systems. Read more below.

What lights are suitable for the public park lighting?


Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-300W
Watts: 300W
Lead time: Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-600W
Watts: 600W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
football field lights Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-1000W
Watts: 1000W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
football field lights Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-1200W
Watts: 1200W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K

How to find the best solutions for your public park lighting projects?

A: Traditional lamps replacement
You can tell us the old lights type or spec and tell us if you ask same lighting requirements or higher than before, then we can give you the recommendation accordingly.

B: New public park or under design
Already has ideas?
Great, we can bring your ideas and requirements into the solutions and design the best simulation according to your budget.
No any ideas at all?
It doesn’t matter, just tell us your requirements or your public park details, and we can do different solutions with different designs for you until you are satisfied.

Playground/ Recreation Area

Often, the best playgrounds in a local park are ones that families can easily access.It’s not uncommon to see children on the playground with their families until after dark.

Well-lit playgrounds can extend play time all year round. Even in autumn and winter, it gets dark early. There are many dangers in the playground, and good lighting can reduce the chance of children being injured.

Sports area

Athletes and athletes like to compete under bright, powerful lights. Every sports venue usually has a central play area, where good lighting is essential for players to focus on the game.High quality light with low glare is also essential for spectators watching the race.

LED floodlights used in sports areas are of high brightness and provide sufficient light for sports activities. They can be installed on lighthouses to extend the lighting range. If configured correctly, a stadium may need only a few floodlights to get plenty of light, reducing costs.

Parking lots

It is vital for any organization to keep the parking lot safe.Parks and recreation areas are not exempt. If the parking lot is no lit, the likelihood of an accident increases. Personal safety will be threatened.

People often avoid dimly lit parking lots at night because they are not safe. Low security is the main reason for crime in parking lots.Similarly, if the lights are not on, security cameras will not be able to capture all the events in the parking lot. An accident may occur because the driver cannot see clearly.

Sidewalks and bike paths

Pavements and cycle paths should be properly lit to enhance safety. LED lighting doesn’t just make people feel safe walking or cycling at night. It can also change the appearance of the space and enhance its aesthetics. LED lighting accentuate focal points such as fountains and beautiful old trees. Steps, ramps and areas with height differences are well lit so that people can easily see them.

When LED lights are installed on roads and trails, they provide the best safety, entertainment and comfort for people visiting the park.

How much can you save when using LED lights for your public park?

With our LED lighting solution, reducing public park lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable. One can save up to 80 percent of energy, thus greatly reducing energy consumption rates.

What can high quality LED lighting bring for your public park?

High quality LED illuminates the park longer

LED park lighting is the best choice for public park lighting.The technology they use is superior to all other lighting technologies available. LED lights last 75 percent longer than traditional lighting fixtures, making them very cost effective.

High quality LED enhances security

One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting is increased safety.LED lighting can help increase awareness of safety and increase park usage.

Well-lit parks and recreation areas provide a much-needed sense of security. When they walk out after sunset, they feel confident.Good lighting can also improve a cyclist’s vision and reduce the risk of accidents.

High quality LED beautify the park

The lighting design of public parks can beautify the park and make it peaceful and inviting at night. Careful lighting can improve the beauty of landmarks such as lakeside, waterfront, boardwalk and promenade. Lighting creates a beautiful atmosphere and adds charm to the nighttime appearance of the space.

LED lighting can also be used to illuminate active areas and sidewalks. After the sun goes down, they become the center of pedestrian activity. The popularity of LED lights provides landscape architects with more opportunities to get creative ideas. Some have transformed downtown parks into amazing works of art. They made the park an important civic landmark that attracted visitors.

Case we have done

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