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You are about to install new lights on your basketball court, but don’t know what kind of lights to use? Don’t worry. We have a professional team that can make a suitable lighting plan for you based on your requirements and budget. Contact us

Basketball is the most popular sport, from school to college, from entertainment to professional. Different competition levels have different lighting requirements. This sport can be played on both indoor basketball courts and outdoor basketball courts. Since basketball games are mostly played indoors, lighting plays an important role in the game. For example, a field lacks sufficient light, which will make it difficult for players to see the ball and may cause danger. The audience will not see what happened, which will affect the audience experience. Therefore, in order to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen, we recommend lighting the court appropriately. So, how to choose the right basketball lighting?

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

The lighting of an outdoor basketball court ranges from the lighting on the actual court to the bleachers to the parking lot. All of the same lighting rules apply. LED is the best alternative to metal halide lamps, halogen lamps, HPS lamps, mercury vapor lamps and fluorescent lamps, and LEDs can solve common problems of other typical outdoor lamps.

The high-efficiency outdoor LED basketball court light directly solves the light pollution problem through its light distribution design. They can reduce light loss and direct more light to important things. In addition, the high-quality outdoor basketball court LED lighting can withstand the weather, whether it is cold or hot, dry or humid, it has a long life and is very durable.

In addition to the outdoor court lighting in the game area, the outdoor lighting in the parking lot is also very important. Since a dark parking lot may pose a potential hazard, proper lighting must also be provided there. And because parking lots may also require a lot of energy consumption, the use of LEDs can save electricity and maintenance costs.

Indoor Basketball Court Lighting

Indoor basketball court facilities are common for many professional teams, large universities and NCAA. This is where many fans and visitors come, so correct lighting is essential.

We have set the perfect lighting level for any environment, including indoor basketball court lighting systems. From the court to the stands and corridors, we can ensure that your stadium has the perfect lighting level to achieve the most ideal indoor basketball court lighting design.

What Are The Best Lights For Basketball Courts?


Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-300W
Watts: 300W
Lead time: Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-600W
Watts: 600W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
football field lights Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-1000W
Watts: 1000W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
football field lights Request Pricing Contractor / Bulk Pricing
Model: AFL-1200W
Watts: 1200W
Lead time:Sample in stock/bulk order depend on quantities
Color temperature: 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K


7 Keys All Customers Are Most Concerned About The Basketball Lighting

1.How many basketball lights do you need?

The best way to determine how many basketball lights you need is to complete a stadium lighting plan.

2.Why is basketball lighting design important?

Basketball court lighting design can model your indoor or outdoor basketball court in the dedicated lighting plan photometric software. It uses space size, lighting installation height, and allows lighting designers to add different lights in order to find the perfect combination of lumens and optics for the stadium.
Guessing is expensive. The basketball lighting plan can avoid the risks and guesswork that arise when LED lighting is added to the basketball court.

3.How to choose a suitable beam angle for the LED basketball court lights?

What is the beam angle?

The beam angle refers to the angle of the light source or lamp, that is, the angle formed by the boundary of a certain intensity range of the beam. Generally, the beam angle on the illuminated surface is directly reflected by the light spot and the illumination. Under the same conditions, the larger the beam angle, the smaller the central light intensity, the larger the spot, and the smaller the illumination. Otherwise, the situation is just the opposite.

4.How to choose the right color temperature?

Color temperature explains how basketball lighting feel in the human eye, which is expressed in Kelvin (K) units. Usually, its range is 1000K to 1000K. For the football field standards, the overall color temperature of all levels must be greater than 4,000K. However, it is recommended to use cold white lights (from 5,000 K to 6,000 K) as the most acceptable choice because they can refresh people and provide better lighting effects for the audience and audience.

5.How about transportation?

Are you still worried about transportation? How to ship to your country?

Don’t worry, we provide express, air and sea services. For samples, we usually recommend that you door-to-door express service. For large orders, you can choose air or sea according to the time of the project

If you have your own freight forwarding company, you can arrange for a freight forwarder to pick up the goods at our factory.

6. How to order basketball court lights?

We will draft a contract based on your payment requirements, and we support bank transfer and credit card payments. After receiving the payment, we will arrange the order. After the goods are ready, we will arrange the transportation, and the courier will contact you before the goods are delivered.

7. How many years warranty?

We provide 5 – 10 years warranty for our products. During the warranty period, if there is any quality problem, we can replace or repair for free, including the shipping cost. Please keep the contract and warranty, you can contact your dedicated sales staff or directly contact our official website.


High-quality LED basketball court lights can not only save a lot of money for long-term operations, but also bring many benefits to players, spectators and broadcasters. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right led light for the basketball court. If you have any new lighting projects, welcome to contact us at [email protected] Professional services and the best basketball court lights can provide you with support.

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