Squash Court Lighting

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One of the underrated parts of the squash court is actually very important for the game: squash court lighting. According to article 11 of the WWF court code, "the court shall be illuminated by artificial light" at a level of at least 300lux, measured one metre above the ground.Although technically at least 300lux is allowed, the reality shows that the character of the game has changed dramatically and the players have had big problems watching the game.Many older centers face this problem, and there is really only one solution.

So what can be done to make the court brighter and achieve more LUX for better visibility of the ball?

There is a lights layout configuration that achieves at least 500 LUX, measured at 1m above floor level. The squash court lights layout has been developed with the aim to ensure good ball visibility not only in the center of the squash court but in all four corners as well. The squash court lights are controlled from the outside, using either a timer mechanism or a manual switch.
During installation of the squash court lights, there are two different options for the client. Depending on the type of building and height available, Mecree can either mount the lights directly onto the ceiling or the lights are hung from the ceiling. Both options need to ensure that the clear height of 5,64m measured from the top of the floor is respected to have a squash court that is in regulation for competition.

Factors to be considered for squash court lights



High Brightness basically goes with high glare rate, and this is the big enemy for high speed sports. So, another issue that might be the 2nd priority is the Glare Rate. We basically evaluate this by UGR. There have been quite several techniques on this, either on design of optics, or on the layout, positioning, and installation of the lamps.


Color Temperature and CRI is also a very important factor to consider. We normally need a sunlight-tight configuration so that the player can feel quite nature, this would make the illumination eyes-friendly and camera friendly.
Next, we need to consider durability. It would be more practical to adopt LED instead of fluorescent inside the court because of the fast-moving balls. The fluorescent tube is more brittle before the replacement of LED lamps.

IK rate

Finally, High IK rate is very necessary since there will be chances that ball might impact the light with heavy speed. An IK10 rated light is very necessary and will offer this shock / impact proof ability quite sound and good, all Mecree LED Sport lights passed IK10.


Advanced Optical lens design, minimize glare and light pollution
CCT 2700-6500K
IK10 Rated
Customized bracket design


We offer a wide range of LED Sport Lights from 100w-5000w, and light replacements for stadiums, arenas and fields. LED Sport lights have become the new standard for outdoor and indoor sports lighting. If you have any Sport Light Project, welcome to contact us for light design or more products details by [email protected]

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