High Quality Badminton Court Lighting

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Badminton courts need light fixtures, especially indoor badminton courts. For entertainment users, lux requirement is about 200 lux. For professional users of LED badminton court lighting and other international competitions, 750~1000 lux is needed. We will adjust the number of badminton court lights according to the natural sunlight sources in your playground.

High quality badminton court lighting

First, LED lights on the badminton courts should be bright enough to provide sufficient lighting. Then, illumination uniformity is another essential element. Uneven lighting means an area is suddenly too dim or bright. These positions annoy spectators and players. To solve this problem, Mecree has the “three core technologies” of high power LED lighting, the badminton court lights can provide uniform lighting throughout the court. During the sports competition, the audience will never miss any exciting moment.
Then, maintenance is another area of concern. Led lights have a service life of more than 80,000 hours, or more than 27 years. You can compare this value to a 5,000 hour metal halide lamp. You can enjoy a long lifetime, no need to repair in a short time. As for heat dissipation, intense heat can damage LED badminton court lights. This is because the electronic components inside the lamp cannot withstand high temperatures and deformation. In view of this, Mecree adopts a unique 4-dimensional fin cooling design, which keeps the junction temperature within 65℃.

Anti – glare light is an important feature of badminton court lighting. LED is a good light source to prevent glare. Mecree adopts PC lens imported from Japan. With special treatment, when you see the side of LED badminton lamp, you will feel almost no glare. Mecree also supports customized services. For example, special anti-glare covers are available, providing better visual experience for athletes. Indoor and outdoor LED stadium lights are a wise and correct choice for badminton courts.

Modular design is another advantage of our LED stadium lights. Sometimes we are faced with unforeseeable or man-made damage to lamps. It’s not very convenient to replace the whole light fixture every time. Mecree badminton court lights adopts modular design. The broken unit can be taken away and a new unit put in. And then the whole thing works again. This design saves you maintenance costs and time.

Main LED badminton court lights

Model no. : GL-FL-100/1200
Power: 100W to 1200W available
Luminous efficiency: 150 lm/w
Power input: 90-305 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Driver: MeanWell
Color temperature: 2700-6500 K
CRI: 80+
Waterproof: IP66


If you need high quality badminton court lighting, please feel free to contact us via [email protected], Mecree, stable quality LED stadium lights, patent designs and professional team will help you. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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