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Mainly Factors Must Be Considered of Swimming Pool Lighting: Camera Distribution, Layout of LED Flood Lights

In this article, following the previous article on the lighting standards of swimming pool, this paper mainly from the camera location, as well as the layout of swimming pool lighting to help customer know more about the swimming pools lighting. Camera Distribution of Swimming Pool Lighting 1. Camera distribution The camera bitmap of this kind of competition venue is shown in Figure 1. Figure 1:Location of swimming pool camera 2.Camera Detailed Locations Seat Type Location Use 1 Large Star/end at the top of the stand main feature shot 2 Large Star/end at the low of the stand Specific shot 3 Miniature Move back and forth on the 50m swimming pool platform. Low angle action 4 Large 50m starting at the low of the stand 50m starting point, low turning action 5 Large 50m stands at the top of the stand 50m starting point, mid turn, main turn 6 Wireless Start/end: pool shore Introduction, swimming pool’s exit and ceremony 7 Wireless Start/end: pool shore Introduction, swi...

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Beach volleyball lighting project – Buyer’s guide

Do you want to attract more customers to your beach sports center. Led light is the best choice because of it’s energy saving and long lifespan. For more advantages, you can enjoy the electrophoresis and powder painted treatment, high light transmittance>98%, replacing more powerful metal halide. Saving at least 70% cost. Let’s visit the following information to see how to light up your beach sports lighting project. The standards of Beach Volleyball Lighting 1. High Lux Level our customer says that: When it comes to a good lighting project, you should see whether there exist the area of darkness. So uniformity and very few corner lighting are the key points. For the recreational beach sports lighting project, the lux level should be about 80-150 lux. The ordinary competition should be 150 - 200 lux. For national or international competition should be 700 - 1500 lux. Don't worry, Mecree engineer will do the best lighting Dialux simulation for you. 2.Real anti-corrosion and wat...

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MECREE Four Types LED Flood Lights High-profile Debut in 2018 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair

On October 26th, MECREE take the four types LED flood lights attending Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair. These four types including: LED Flood Light (GL-FL), LED Sport Light(GL-SPL), LED Stadium Flood Light (GL-SFL), GL-SFL Customized). After the 26th tight preparation before exhibition , the four types lights emerged at the fair on October 27. Next let’s see what happened at the fair. GL-FL Series (LED Sport Light: 100w-5000w) GL-FL has done many projects, the customers from home and abroad was dumped for its classic design. Cause its patented design, excellent 4D cooling system, wider power range, it applies to various indoor and outdoor applications. Such as football field, tennis court, cricket stadium, warehouse, port, mining, high mast and so on. GL-SPL Series (LED Sport Light:800w, 1000w, 1500w, 2400w) GL-SFL Series (LED Stadium Flood Light: 100w-1200w) As the king of cost performance, GL-SFL (LED stadium flood light) is also favored by countless customers. Customers are f...

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The ways of arranging the lighting for indoor stadium project

MECREE LED not only sell lights, we mainly do projects, so the quality and stability of lights are our pursuit. The powerful engineering team of MECREE provides strong technical support for customers, such as lighting simulation solutions, special products and other technical support. The following will introduce three ways of arranging the lighting for indoor stadium project for you. The following arrangement lighting methods should be adopted for the stadium lighting: 1. Top arranging lighting mode: The stadium lighting is arranged above the field, and the beam is perpendicular to the site plane; 2. Ways of arranging lighting on both sides: the stadium lamps are arranged on both sides of the site, and the beam is not perpendicular to the site plane; 3. Mixed arranging lighting method: the combination of the top cloth and the two sides. The lighting arrangement of the stadium shall comply with the following provisions: 1. The top of the lights should be symmetrical type of arran...

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How to Light Ice Hockey Field?

Ice hockey is a sport which combine the changeable skating skills and the agile and skilled hockey skills. The standard ice hockey rink is 60 meters long, 30 meters wide, 8.5 meters with arc radius, and a solid boundary wall made of wood or plastic materials of 1.15~1.12 meters around the hockey rink. All ice surfaces and interior walls should be white except for the official marking of the field. As spectators are far away from the sports field, especially in large stadiums, in order to ensure that athletes and spectators can track fast athletes and be able to see the games, especially the small detailed movements of athletes, and the visibility of moving objects depends on the size, speed and brightness of the object, as well as the background and ambient brightness , therefore, ice hockey sports competitions should have a high level of lighting. Special tips for ice hockey field lighting 1.The baffle around the ice rink is prone to shadow, so attention should be paid to the des...

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Mainly factors must be considered of swimming pool lighting – lighting standard

There was no swimming event in the ancient Olympic Games, but swimming has always been mastered by humans. In the struggle against nature, in order to survive, and sometimes for entertainment, humans gradually mastered swimming skills. It was not until 1896 that the swimming event entered the first modern Olympic Games. Since May 1, 1957, the final has only recognized the world record created in the 50 meter standard pool. The international standard swimming pool is 50 meters long, at least 25 meters wide and more than 2 meters deep. There are eight lanes, each of which is 2.5 meters wide, and the outer lane of the first and eighth lanes is 2.5 meters away from the wall of the pool. In this article, will mainly state illuminance requirement of this kind of competition venue. Lighting Standards for Swimming Pool Lighting Lighting Standards for Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Synchronized Swimming Pools Level Use function Lux(lx) Lux Uniform LEDs Eh Evmai Evaux Uh Uvmin Uva...

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Professional LED Horse Arena Lighting

MECREE is a professional enterprise engaged in LED sports lighting with 10 years of high power LED experience. Today I would like to share some experience about equestrian stadium lighting (horse arena lighting) to you. It's easy to light up the outdoor or indoor horse stadium, but there are strict requirements for truly providing a comfortable, bright and even light for both the horse and the people, including anti-glare, shockproof, waterproof, no flicker, bright and long-distance lighting. Our equestrian lighting has an extremely high output lighting efficiency of 150 lm/W, which is 200-300% higher than the traditional metal halide lamp or halogen lamp, and we can provide 100w-5000w LED. In order to help you with your lighting project, we provide professional equestrian lighting design to help you choose the power and to suit for your site. If you do not want to make a plan, we can provide you with professional suggestions according to our rich lighting experience. Outdoor Eques...

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MECREE “star” product GL-SPL Series LED Stadium Lights

In recent years, with the development and maturity of LED technology, LED lamps are more and more popular in the field of lighting.In the field of sports lighting, due to industry segmentation and high degree of specialization, only a few enterprises have introduced LED lamps for sports venues. LED lighting technology surpasses the traditional metal halide lamps in terms of energy saving, service life, installation and maintenance, intelligent application and lighting quality, and has a broad application prospect in the field of sports lighting. Complying with the high standards of modern sports stadium and fied lighting, we have introduced "star" products with four innovative features -- [SPL series LED stadium lights]. Innovative feature 1: innovative solution to glare Independent tempered glass optical material lens, accurate light distribution, effective suppression of glare and scattered light.After each beam passes through a separate lens, the lens conducts scientific light p...

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Four Major Design Innovations and Applications of High-power LED lamps

Discussion on the Application of High-power LED Lamps in Sports Competition Lighting In recent years, with the development and maturity of LED technology, LED lamps in commercial, industrial, road lighting applications are becoming more and more popular. In the field of sports competition lighting, due to the high degree of specialization and subdivision of the industry, a few international enterprises have introduced LED lamps for stadiums and gymnasiums, but because of the power is too small, projection distance and coverage is limited, has not yet formed the industry scale. LED lighting technology not only provides functions that metal halide light source does not have from energy-saving, installation and maintenance, but also from intelligent applications, lighting quality and other aspects. It has a broad application prospect in the field of lighting. Now with the solution of key technical problems such as heat dissipation, light distribution and glare control, high-power LED l...

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What’s the best lighting arrangement for your basketball court project?

MECREE supplies lighting for basketball court, the LED flood lighting for basketball court is of highest quality, equipped with premium anti-flickering and high CRI PV lens. Since lighting is for both players and spectators, we need to compromise their needs simultaneously. The strobe amplitude is around 0.3% of lumen output, which is negligible to naked eyes or high speed photography. Then better CRI means the audiences experience the real colors and comfortableness. The powerful engineering team of MECREE provides strong technical support for customers, such as lighting Dialux simulation , special products and other technical support. Basketball courts are divided into indoor and outdoor forms. The venue size and illumination requirements are the same. The standard size of the basketball court is 28m long and 15m wide. The buffer zone is generally 2m outside the edge line, 2m outside the bottom line, and 6m outside the international standard line. 5m outside the bottom line. Ther...

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What Kind of Challenges is High Power 2400W Facing?

It is hard for ordinary people to imagine what kind of challenges high power 2400w is facing. In the face of these challenges, how can our R&D personnel solve the problems and challenges? Let me explain it one by one. The First Challenge - Heat Dissipation The GL-SPL series LED sport light of MECREE uses a small luminous surface COB chip, and the luminous area‘s radius is 18mm. There are hundreds of LED chips on this luminous surface. We use common sense to analyze how to solve the problem of heat dissipation. Even if the 200W is full power light, immerse it in the water, the heat conduction of water is far from solving the heat dissipation problem of 18mm. It is also a huge challenge for us. MECREE’s R&D, over a year of research and experiment, eventually adopted a new superconducting technology. This heat conduction rate is more than 1500 times that of ordinary metals, up to 300,000 W/mk. Ordinary metals such as aluminum and copper conduct heat at speeds between 100 and 35...

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What’s the standard of your badminton court?

Glare, uncomfortable, lack of brightness, high temperature and so on, what's the standard of your badminton court? What's the light you should use? Based on the low cost, MECREE LED will offer the best suitable lighting solution for you. 1.The standard of the badminton court Size: Single court: 13.4*5.1m Doubles court: 13.4*6.1m According to the international competition standards, the height of the court should be at least 9m, there shall be no beams or other obstacles within this height. No obstructions within 2m of the course, entertainment and training level of the site can be properly reduced installation height. MECREE LED equipped with anti-glare device, high efficiency cooling system, make your badminton court more comfortable and brighter. 2.Lighting characteristics of badminton court The lighting of badminton court usually use 3 forms: Natural lighting, artificial lighting and mixed lighting. No matter what kind of method is used, athletes should be able to accurately ju...

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