Production strength



MECREE is always innovating, insisting on originality, and never imitating others.
MECREE has always focused on the development of ultra-high-performance high-power LED lamps, starting from the actual stadium lighting applications.
MECREE is a company with a product soul.
MECREE is a Chinese company determined to be a century-old brand.


Mecree spent 7 million dollars on the introduction of highly qualified and experienced technical personnel, the development of advanced photoelectric research and development laboratory, CNC automation equipment manufacturing





Mecree has exceed 30 people team, including the Electrical engineer, Program budgeter, Lighting structural designer, Heat dissipation structure designer, Optical designer. (About Mecree research development)





Mecree is specialized in the stadium light matching close to 10 years, base on football field, baseball field, cricket ground, rugby field, basketball court and tennis court so on…



Taking part in the Frankfurt exhibition every year and cooperate with many stadium lighting new installation or old replacement.



A variety of channel construction and lighting industry engineers, including some stadium director to MECREE to discuss cooperation





Due to the large volume, large weight, complex production process and small marketing, most factories are completed by artificial with low pass rate and difference.




In order to solve this problem, MECREE expanded to a 30,000m2 workshop in 2018 and invested in advanced computer numerical control processing center and other automation equipment and semi-automatic production assembly line, which effectively improved the production efficiency of 300% and the qualification rate increased by 90%, and greatly reduced the manufacturing cost of high-power projection lamps



Mecree has match at least 20 set senior stadium every year, expect the production reach 100 thousands pcs 100~5000W LED flood light on 2020 s





Mecree can offer the professional light design plan by the international level design team


  1. According to the requirement to provide the best stadium lighting solutions, including horizontal, vertical illumination, uniformity, glare control, spill light control, energy saving.
  2. Aboutthe design of lighting master, Mecree according to the wind speed at the place can be used to calculate the axial force, bending force, horizontal shear force and torque for the construction engineer, so as to protect the users from unnecessary accidental
  3. Mecree provides circuit control design to give the user the best cost control
  4. Arranging professional engineers to guide installation and testing on the project.








West point college offers MECREE company closed training to comprehensively improve the service of the team and improve the consistency of action and execution every year.


Mecree mission: create platform for employees, create value for customers and contribute to the society


Mecree values: happiness, innovation, responsibility, growth, win-win.


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