Mining Area Lighting

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In order to work safely, it is very important to provide adequate lighting for mine workers. According to the Illuminating Engineering Association of North America (IESNA), underground mines are the most difficult lighting environment. In a dynamic environment, underground mines include dust, narrow spaces, and surfaces that reflect poor light and have low visual contrast. Lighting is very important for miners, because they rely heavily on visual cues to observe the ground falling, pinning and impact hazards, as well as slipping and tripping hazards. Therefore, lighting greatly affects the ability of mine workers to safely complete their work. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that higher-risk accidents in mining are all related to poor lighting. Fortunately, MECREE LED floodlights can provide lighting close to natural daylight, and can provide effective lighting even in deep underground.

What are the 3 most important points for mines lighting?

1.High Color Rendering Index mines lighting

High Color Rendering Index can improve underground visibility. For mining operations, lighting needs to provide excellent lighting because underground mining operations are in a completely dark environment. MECREE LED floodlights provide a color rendering index greater than 85, which means they are as close to natural light as possible. By installing MECREE LED floodlights, mining companies can provide employees with clearly visible benefits, even underground. The MECREE LED floodlight has an adjustable beam angle and can provide any type of directional lighting from a downward corridor to a wide open area.

2. The mines lighting systems must can resistant to high temperature and humidity

The underground mine may be a hot and humid environment. Therefore, having a lighting that can work in this environment is essential to creating a safe work area. Our superconducting cooling LED floodlights are specially designed to work in hot and humid environments. Many equipment has been installed in the power station above the steam turbine.

3.Long Life Span mines lighting

When the lamp in the mine fails, the operation will stop until the lamp is replaced. It is unsafe to operate without sufficient lighting. The MECREE LED floodlight has one of the longest life expectancies in its class, which means that mining companies spend less time replacing and maintaining lighting equipment, while focusing more time on mining operations. This makes MECREE LED floodlights a smart investment because they will provide longer lighting times than traditional mining lighting options.

Use the Right Lighting In Your Mining Operation





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Why LED mines lighting can help mining companies improve safety?

Durable in harsh environments

Conventional light sources such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge (HID) often burn out and require more maintenance. LED mines lighting provide a rugged alternative product designed to withstand high vibrations. They have no glass shell or filament, and will not fatigue or break. When replacing HID lights, LED mines lighting can also reduce the possibility of injury. Some HID lamps suffer from the rupture of the internal arc tube at the end of their service life, causing the molten glass to fall to people and property.

LED mines lighting can be easily obtained at lower voltages (for example, 12 to 48 volts DC). Low voltage makes it ideal for lighting in mobile equipment. For a safer and more durable option, LED mines lighting is the best choice for miners.

Don’t fall into darkness

For mining personnel, a well-lit space is essential. The power outage brought the mining operation to a halt, and there were serious safety hazards. Since LED mines lighting usually do not “burn out”, they make them easy to use for both staff and managers. Conversely, the amount of light generated is reduced. LED has a “lifetime”. This is defined as the point in time when the LED device produces 70% of its original light output. By choosing LED mines lighting systems, you hardly need to worry about the sudden interruption of the mine.

Unlike HID lamps, LED mines lighting can light up immediately. Many HID lamps require 20 minutes of warm-up time before they reach full illumination. From the moment the switch is pressed, the LED mines lighting will glow brightly.

Long lifespan means less maintenance

Most of the lighting challenges faced by operators are the result of the high vibration conditions of mining equipment. Continuous and rapid movement is not conducive to traditional fixtures. Therefore, maintenance related to lighting has always been a heavy burden for mine operators. Whether it is replacing the entire fixture or repairing a damaged lamp or ballast, lighting maintenance on mining equipment is very time-consuming, expensive and dangerous. Since LED mines lighting is a solid-state technology, there are no fragile filaments or fragile glass components that are susceptible to continuous shock and vibration.


Upgrading the safety lighting in mines can significantly reduce injuries, deaths and health hazards, proving that LED mines lighting are valuable mining resources. With the continuous changes in the mining industry, safety is always the first priority, and the successful business is maintained with happy and healthy employees.

MECREE LED mines light adopts sturdy design with super thermal conductivity system, which can work well in mining environment. The sturdy, self-ventilated design means that these lamps can work normally regardless of vibration, dust, corrosive conditions or vibration, which are common in the mining industry. If you are looking for lighting that can provide sufficient lighting, high efficiency and long life, you need solutions provided by MECREE LED mine lights.

Mining professionals should have a work environment that is as safe as possible. First, there must be proper lighting. To get help with reliable, durable and efficient mining lighting, trust MECREE LED and our led mines lights.

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