Sports Lighting Intelligent Distribution System

MECREE can provide professional lighting intelligent distribution system, sub-event brightness demand subsection control, remote control and power control distribution cabinet design. All series of MECREE lamps are compatible with DMX512 and DALI international professional lighting intelligent control protocol system, one-stop supply services.

It can meet the needs of various venues:

1. Grouping lamp poles and lights into groups and controlling the number of lights according to the actual use can save energy more effectively.
2. Segmental timing control can automatically turn on and off lights according to the set time period, which is convenient for leasing sites and sites with time limit for lighting.
3. Remote control can control the lighting of the venue lamp through computer or mobile phone APP.
4. Self-contained smoke and temperature alarm system to effectively detect environmental and circuit anomalies and faults.

For example:

Characteristics of PLC Control Software Series
The intelligent distribution system is a control system developed for sports lighting. It has the advantages of simple operation and multiple functions. A computer intelligently controls the distribution cabinet of all sites, which can realize multi-lamp group control, remote control and sectional timing control.

Computer monitoring speaker alarm, including popular version, voice version; readable electrical parameters, touch screen; joint control version series.

GL-APP+, Mobile Edition Series Monitoring Features as follow:
1. Intrusion alarm and mobile phone vibration;
2. Electrical parameters (current, voltage, power factor, power, etc.);
2. Look at the temperature, humidity and smoke.
4. Historical data records (data cloud storage, never lost);
5. Remote encryption and remote assistance control screen;
6. Mobile phone control, IPAD control, computer control, touch screen control.

Product Parameter

Wire core area 4-630 square
Conductor material 99.9% oxygen free copper
Insulating material crosslinked polyethylene
Sheathing material polyvinyl chloride
Rated Voltage 0.6/1kV
Executive standard GB/T12706-2008
Usage household/hotel/construction site/office building etc
Color sheath (black) insulated (red/blue/yellow)

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