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GL-FL Series LED Stadium Lights 100W-5000W

Product Specification:

  • Power Supply Meanwell Series
  • Supply Voltage 90-305V/200-480V AC 50/60Hz
  • System Power 100W-5000W
  • Beam Angle 10/24/38/60/90/120
  • CCT 2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
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Best Sport Stadium Lights-It’s been designed according to the sports field

Original Patent design, Best stadium lights

MECREE led stadium lights are the best solution for the sports field when comparing to Metal halide, HPS and Halogen, because of the high lumen efficacy, high energy saving. Apart from saving the electricity bill, MECREE outdoor sports lighting No glare, No spill light, No light pollution.

MECREE produce LED flood light for stadium from 100W-5000W. You can choose the power according to your needs. For the replacement project, maybe there is only one bracket on the existing pole, in this case, you can choose bigger power.

Advantage Of MECREE LED Stadium Lights

1. Best Optical Technology

The most nature color with professional optical light distribution technology.
The most stable and accurate wavelength.
The most efficient chips.

2. Cooling Technology

With 4D heat dissipation technology, junction temperature< 65℃, heat energy can be released quickly. 80% of others on the market junction temperature at least>100℃. For the LED light, if junction temperature>70℃, lights decay falls so quick and affect the lifespan. Apart from chip heat dissipation, we also ensure that each COB temperature difference is <3%, thus ensuring LED life and overall performance. Our lifespan>80,000hours, if the lights working 5 hours per day, then can working for 43 years.

3. Anti-glare

Glare means the strong light that make the players or audience feel discomfort or even irritated. Especially for high power LED lights, if there is no special design on the LED chips, people may feel dazzling when looking at the lights. We have the patented design on the anti-glare lens that reduce the dazzling effect by 40%.

4. Flickering Free

This feature is important for professional sports courts that hold televised competition. Fluorescent and metal halide lights are susceptible to flickering under camera because of the brightness significantly fluctuate under low frequency. This greatly affect the user experience because of uneven brightness.
Nonetheless, the new era LED lights are compatible to 6000 Hz slow motion camera and the fluctuation rate is less than 0.3% (based on maximum lumen).

5. Convenient maintenance

Have you ever worried that the lights will be installed in very high place, if they are unforeseeably damaged, how to maintain it or how to replace it? Ours are patent signal module design, one LEDs failed won’t affect others. Instead of removing the entire light, we can just replace the broken unit (or module) by simple soldering.

6. Avoid Spill Light (Especially for Residential Areas)

Light pollution affects the daily lives of surrounding residential areas, and the strong lights may also blur the vision of the road users nearby. According to the international standard, the brightness of the spill light should not exceed 10 to 25 lux. By having the comprehensive lighting design, we can suppress the unwanted light in the greatest extent.

7. Special Consideration

One of our clients told us that there are many tiny birds nesting on the luminaries because of the warmth. If the bird’s nest on the heat sink, and the temperature is too high, It’s easy to cause a fire. Birds’ nesting everywhere, think about if the high mast light near the gas station, near the sea port, and a fire in a bird’s nest fall down, what will happened? Even we can’t image consequence. Our frame and heat sink of lights have special surface treatment, electrophoresis and dusting which have Insulation function.

8. Wind resistance

We are the only company on the market that considering the small wind resistance while designing the lights.

Free DIAlux simulation

We are not only provide the lights, also you can enjoy our DIAlux simulation services. We know that each ball field will have different lighting requirement such as the number of poles, height of poles, brightness lux requirement, anti-glare, flicker-free or other special lighting needs of outdoor or indoor sports court. We can satisfy your needs because we can offer tailor-made LED lighting for the court for you without any additional cost.

9. Warranty

Before buying the LED lights, it is highly recommended to have a look at the warranty period. We provide 5 years warranty, any quality issue within 5 years, we will take care all the cost, including the shipping cost.


Work Temperature: -40°C to 65°C
Color Rendering Index: 80 / 90
Color temperature: 2700-6500K
Beam angle: 10°, 24°, 38°, 60°, 90°, 120°
Power supply: MEAN WELL
LED chip: CREE/ Bridgelux
Waterproof: IP67


500w 800w 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 4000w 5000w led stadium lights

How to save money for your sports field?

A. LED Replacement

“Compare to the MH lights, LED lights price is a few times more, and I do think MH light effect is also good, so I don’t want to replace it now”. LED lights are more energy efficient, longer lifespan. 400 watts can replace 1000W MH directly, because MH only 65LM/W, but MECREE LED lights 160 LM/W, this is only for 1 lights, think about 20 lights or more. 8 hours open per day, 12000W x 8 x $ 0.12 / 1000=$ 11.52, you are saving $ 11.52 electricity fee per day. Here we haven’t calculate the maintenance fees yet.


B. Price

Same luminous=same effect? Definitely Not, one of the core technologies of sport light led is optical technology. Compared to higher light efficiency, everyone wants No glare, No spill light, No light pollution, that’s also what MECREE has been focusing for so many years. With MECREE lights, less quantities needed, because with advanced calculus light distribution, controlling 98% light beam with pinpoint precision without creating glare or off-site spill.

C. Power control

To to drop the electric bill, only open 60% or half of the lights when there is no match. MECREE football stadium lights have the dimming function, each lights can be controlled.

D. Brightness guarantee

Heat dissipation directly affects lamp lifespan and light decay, popular speaking is the attenuation of brightness. There are so many lights on the market that only 50% brightness left after one year, so you may need change the lights again after 2 years. MECREE guarantees at least 95% brightness after 5 years.


The price of the lamp itself is only a small part of the total cost, choose a good supplier=choose a good future. MECREE focus on the high power led flood light for many years, special the football/soccer field lights, tennis court lighting. Regarding the project, we don’t need you professional, because we are very professional, we only need to know the site information of the project. Please contact us [email protected] get a free DIAlux simulation now.

Why choose MECREE?

1. MECREE is the only company determined to be a century-old company in the sports field.

2. Provide one-stop service for design, lighting and installation instructions.

3. World’s top design system, easy installation and more convenient maintenance.

4. 10 years focus on glare and light pollution control.

Why choose MECREE LED?

1. The new generation of high-density COB unique light distribution technology, it will be a revolutionary of traditional sports lighting.

2. 10-year constant illumination guarantee on site, 10-year system warranty, 10-year maintenance-free costs.

3. The original glare controller system can effectively control glare, enhance the comfort of sports and the experience of watching the game.

4. Separate control technology of lamps and drives increases the flexibility of the system and can effectively reduce the load on the road or light pole.

5. Advanced remote dimming function, which can automatically adjust the luminous flux output as required to meet the lighting needs of the venue.

6. Instant ON / OFF function meets the hot start function requirements, and can effectively combine sports games and stage performance functions.

7. MECREE’s lighting technology surpasses traditional lighting in the past, bringing a better experience to athletes, spectators and TV broadcasts.

8. We are not only the luminaire makers, but also designers for the comfortable light.

9. If the overflowing light of LED lamps shines on the residents’ homes, or scatter in the night sky to form light pollution, or even stimulate the eyes of athletes, it will be a big step back in sports lighting.

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1. What kind of field you need to light up? Is a new court or need to replace the old lamps?
2. If you need to replace the old lamps, what's your current lamps?
3. What's the size of your lighting field? How many poles? What's the height of your poles?
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Let's start design your lighting project.
Please try to answer our following questions or call us.

1. What kind of field you need to light up? Is a new court or need to replace the old lamps?

2. If you need to replace the old lamps, what's your current lamps?

3. What's the size of your lighting field? How many poles? What's the height of your poles?

4. What's your lux request?

5. What's the quantity you need?