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1. “Because the temperature is very high in our country, I am afraid that it will affect the lifespan and brightness of the lights”

Mecree Led adopt patent 4d cooling fin, each fin is very tight and light, increasing the air convention area, making sure the junction temperature <70°C. We have reports and tested can be used from -45°C–+60°C, and our lifespan>80000hrs. It can be used at least 20 years if you light up 8hrs a day.

2. “We are worried about whether the lights will be corroded heavily under harsh environment especially for near the sea?”

Using near the sea, we will make electrophresis and powder-painted treatment to make it anti-corrosion. And we have passed salt spray test report.
Besides, Mecree Led focus on each details such as adding UL red glue for each screw, and internal bracket bending design, the lights can be withstand at least 17 level hurricanes.

3. “I noticed that all the lamps on the market are the same appearance but with different price. Some cheaper ones even offer 10-year, 20-year warranty. Why would I choose you?”

Any product on the market will have similar appearance, but price and quality is also different. Warranty not only ensures the lights on, for example, we will also ensure still around 95% brightness even after 10 years. After all, it is cost high to replace lights because of the low brightness just within 1 year.

4. There exist glare for every lights, what we need to do is avoid it in a large extent.

For example, if you need soccer filed lights, so the standard of glare must be< 50. Mecree Led will offer the lighting dialux simulation to show the best layout of your lights , plus we adopt calculus secondary optical lens, improving the centre lighting intensity. That is why clients always said the real lighting effect was better than the simulation after installation.

5. “Led is a little more expensive than Mh lamp, how much I can save if change to Led apron lighting?”

If compared with unit price, Led is a little more expensive. But let’s talk about the total cost after replacing 50pcs 1000w MH lamp with Led 500w .( MH is 65LM/W, LED is 150 LM/W):

If based on $0.12kw/h, and 10hrs opened a day, after 1 year:

Power 1000w MH lamp 500w Led Apron lighting
Avg cost $100 $300
Running cost/year (1000W/1000 * 0.12) * 10 hours * 365 days=$438 (500W/1000 * $0.12) * 10 hours * 365 days=$219
Total cost $538 $519
Each year/per light Led can save at least $19
Each year/whole lights Led can save at least $950


It was just calculated without maintenance cost, actually Mecree led has longer  lifespan>80000hrs, while Metal Halide lamp need to be replaced or maintained each year. We believe that you must know which one is more cost saving for you.

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