World Football League (La liga, The champions league and World Cup)

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The international federation of football history and statistics (IFFHS) has released its 2019 league tables. La liga continued to top the table with 1,195 points, the seventh consecutive year since the league began collecting statistics in 2010. Second place goes to the English premier league.The Chinese super league ranks 38th in the world. In terms of Asian football league rankings, Korea’s k-league ranks first in Asia, Saudi Arabia’s football league ranks second in Asia, Japan’s J league ranks third in Asia and the Chinese super league ranks fourth in Asia.

La liga has topped the world football league for seven consecutive years

In addition to la liga, which has been the world’s no. 1 league for seven years in a row, the premier league, which was ranked sixth in 2016, has risen four places to no. 2 this year, according to the 2019 league rankings released by the international federation of football history and statistics (IFFHS).The football leagues ranked third to 10th in the world are Brazil’s la liga, Italy’s la liga, France’s la liga, Colombia’s la liga, Argentina’s la liga, Germany’s la liga, Paraguay’s league and Russia’s premier league.

The five major leagues in European football are The top five leagues in The influence and competitive level of European football leagues, namely The Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1.

These leagues represent the best level of football in the world and attract many stars to join.

The Italian and Spanish leagues have traditionally been more technical because of the environment and style of play, while the English league is more physical and fast-paced.At that time, the first division of Dutch football also achieved a great success, its influence is not as good as today’s ligue 1.

Of the top five leagues, the premier league is the most commercial, la liga the most traditional, serie a the most conservative, the bundesliga the most stable, and ligue 1 is the most ideological and fair.

How much do players get for winning the World Cup and League?

Among the world’s biggest sports events, let’s take a look how much do players get for winning.

The champions league

Total bonus: 2.04 billion euros
Prize money: 19 million euros

Clubs competing in the champions league this season will receive 2.04 billion euros, according to uefa’s 2018/19 champions league bonus plan.Each team will get 15.25 million euros for the group stage, 2.7 million euros for the win and 900,000 euros for the draw.The base prize for the final winner is 19 million euros, while the runner-up is 15 million euros.

The World Cup

Total bonus: $791 million
Championship prize money: $38 million

With the increasing commercialization of football, the World Cup prize money has also reached a new high.For the World Cup in Russia this summer, FIFA paid out a record $791m in prize money.The third-place team will receive $24 million, the runner-up $28 million and the champion $38 million.

Europa league

Total bonus: 510 million euros
Prize money: 9 million euros

The Europa league, uefa’s second-tier club competition, has also seen a big increase in prize money.According to uefa’s bonus distribution plan for the 2018/19 season, the participating clubs will receive a total of 510 million euros.Each team will receive 2.92 million euros for reaching the group stage, 570,000 euros for a win and 190,000 euros for a draw.The final base prize was 9 million euros, while the runner-up was 4.5 million euros.It’s a far cry from the champions league, I have to say.

Why good lighting fixtures are the key factor in the success of football event?

These top event will attract fans around the world, many television stations to broadcast, each big advertisers use flow increase exposure, so each site lighting configuration should not be ignored, a growing number of stadium are quoted Mecree LED to build venues, offer competitive nearly perfect venue at night, to 8 k and 4 k of hd broadcast.

Consider of fans time arrangement, Most football leagues are held at night. Therefore, the quality of lighting is particularly important. Let’s see where the light affects the game.

Enough Brightness to make everyone clearly see everything on the scene

Enough Brightness to make everyone clearly see everything on the scene

Enough brightness is necessary for football match. It can make everyone clearly see everything on the scene. If football field lights quality are not good, there are following case will be occurred.

A.The central light intensity is too low, the useful light on the field is less. you need too many football pitch lights to get more brightness.

B.Light decay period is very short, such as traditional lamp, after 1-2 years, the light brightness will reduce a half. not bright environment will seriously affect the player’s performance, the referee’s judgment and the audience’s viewing experience. That’s mean you have to replace the old lamp. because the light pole is very high, the replacement will be trouble and costly.

High lighting uniformity to keep everyone’s eyes on the ball

High lighting uniformity to keep everyone’s eyes on the ball

Broadcasters can enjoy greater vertical and horizontal uniformity because they don’t have to worry about adjusting lights and cameras to avoid flickering light. High lighting uniformity allows the camera to clearly capture every moment of the field from all angles. players, referee, spectators on the arena and spectators in front of TV- everyone can keep their eyes on the ball.

Good Light control system to reduce the glare and spill of light

Good Light control system to reduce the glare and spill of light

If stadium light can not be controlled well, the glare will make player’s eyes feel pain. And overflowing of light will cause complaints from neighbor around the stadium. Therefore, the light control system of the light occupies a very important position in the light design. It has a big impact on the progress of the entire event.

What type of stadium lights are highly recommended for football stadium?

High-quality stadium lights must follow scientific lighting design concepts and have the following characteristics: High light efficiency 130-150lm/w, good heat dispassion system, excellent light control system, long lifespan ,long Maintenance Period, Stable Chip and Brand Driver etc.

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Highly Recommended football stadium lights model listed below:

Product Picture Product Model Product Advantages
Highly Recommended football stadium lights model listed GL-SPL-1000W Secondary optical design,high transmission glass lens with aluminum alloy reflection cup. Precise light control system. (Ultra low glare and spill of light, can multiple time to use the direct light, concentrate the light on the field, you can use less lighting fixtures to get more brightness, especially for big stadium, it will reduce many fixtures)

Four-Dimensional Fined Air convection heat transfer technology.each one added heat pipe. Best cooling system in the market. Junction temperature is less than 70°C.

The entire light is electrophoretically processed, which can truly prevent corrosion and is suitable for any harsh environment.

10 years free maintenance

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Highly Recommended football stadium lights model listed GL-SFL-1000W Optical technology design, good light control system, minimize glare and spill light.

Four-Dimensional Fined Air convection heat transfer technology. Each tube is attached with thermal grease.Best cooling system in the market. Junction temperature is less than 70°C.

Compared to other’s LED, The same watts of MECREE SFL series in same distance we can get better brightness.

5 years free maintenance

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