What kind of stadium lighting we need choose?

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Sports fans might notice some changes in the outdoor stadiums and venues where their favorite teams compete. The older metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamp lighting devices in these facilities have been replaced by LED sports field lighting. When the advantages of LED over traditional outdoor sports lighting are considered, it is not difficult to understand why LED sports lighting is the winner.

Compared with traditional metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium stadium lights, outdoor LED lighting is more durable and has a longer lifespan. LED sports lighting can produce brighter and better quality light, thereby providing athletes and spectators with a better opportunity to watch the situation at the game site, thereby improving the overall quality of sports games and the entertainment value of customers. In addition, LED lamps consume less than half of the energy of traditional lamps and require less maintenance and repair over their longer service life. 900W LED stadium lighting can replace 2000-2500W metal halide lamps. It is more energy efficient, and you can use fewer lamps to obtain higher brightness. maybe you will say the LED is too expensive. from long perspective, the initial costs of installing LED lighting can be recovered through operating costs savings in just a few years. but and the benifits it brings you enjoyed will be several decades.

What are the aspects of the design of sports lighting?

1. High lumen lighting for large stadiums

In general, fast-motion sports, especially those involving smaller illuminated objects such as cricket and longer viewing distances, require higher levels of illumination. Slow and large objects (football) and close-up viewing require lower lighting levels. Outdoor sports lighting helps achieve supervised training, national, club, CCTV or international coverage. Various lighting guidelines and specifications suggest different levels for individual sports. Some sports bodies also provide their specific lighting specifications.

Generally, lighting supply has three categories– amateur stadium lighting, semi-professional lighting and professional stadium lighting. The factors that distinguish the stadium include uniformity, ground illumination, and whether sports relays are required.

The level of external lighting is lower than the level of daylight lighting, usually lower than the same exercise performed in an indoor environment. This is because the contrast of the subject in the outdoor is higher under the adaptation level and the dark sky background. Illumination level is highly dependent on the difficulty level of the task.

2. Flicker-free lighting for 4K and 8K TV broadcasting

Proper lighting is essential for sports broadcasting, especially when 4k and 8k TVs appear, high-definition televisions can display high-definition pictures, and allow viewers to watch even the finest details in the pictures. Today, in addition to complying with the “Television Lighting Consistency Index” set by the European Broadcasting Union, the camera must not only allow an appropriate amount of light to enter, but also must ensure that the correct use of light quality can depict the colors on the ground. Flicker-free lighting not only meets these standards, but also provides the following benefits for UHD sports competition broadcasting:

A. Enhance the audience experience

The flicker-free lights allow the camera to capture every moment in a sports game, which means fans can enjoy the full experience of the game. In addition, viewers have a clearer understanding of what is happening because they will not be distracted by the flashing lights, thus ensuring that they enjoy the game more.

B. Higher quality

The flicker-free lighting also ensures a glare-free experience for broadcasters, allowing them to pan across the entire field of view and get a clearer picture.

C. Lighting uniformity

Broadcasters can enjoy greater vertical and horizontal uniformity because they do n’t have to worry about adjusting lights and cameras to avoid flickering light.

D. Clearer TV broadcasting

The flicker-free lighting is designed to ensure that high-quality images that best match UHD TVs such as 4K and 8K are generated. In this way, the audience can see the finest details, and can also play, so that they can replay their favorite moments

The flicker-free lighting ensures clear, high-definition and pleasant experience for 4k and 8k TV users. In addition, broadcasters can ensure higher image quality and uniformity of lighting, thereby providing viewers with an unparalleled broadcast experience of sports competitions, which will ensure that they continue to return.

3. Anti-glare lighting for sports athletes

Participating in sports activities with an external light source (such as the sun or strong light) can be stressful, especially for athletes. And, according to most sports enthusiasts, this is a potential cause of performance errors.
Uncomfortable glare and disability glare effects may cause the performance of the product to decrease, thereby affecting the performance of athletes.

Some objects that athletes may not see include objects with low contrast to the background, for example, white balls in the background of fans wearing light-colored clothing. Other factors may include the angle of light and the spectral distribution. In this regard, both professional and amateur athletes have adopted innovative anti-glare solutions to ensure that anti-glare effects are limited.

Anti-glare lighting is one of them. It plays an important role in helping athletes compete in an ideal lighting environment. This is a professional light distribution technology with stable lighting performance. Moreover, in addition to the advantages of “friendly lighting”, anti-glare lighting is more energy-efficient and also beneficial to the camera.

The technology has been carefully inspected, designed and manufactured to reduce glare and provide balanced, comfortable lighting on the court. It has an adjustable lighting field and anti-glare system, which can reduce stadium operating costs and provide stable lighting performance.

In addition to the athlete’s perspective-the athlete’s anti-glare lighting, there is also the audience’s perspective. It provides an excellent entertainment experience, and there will be no lighting problems during playback. User experience is the key to every sporting event, so the gym should devote its energy to the ideal glare-free lighting system. The size and price of the lighting system also vary, depending on space and budget. Before purchasing, please seek advice from our engineers to learn more about anti-glare lighting equipment.

4.The installation height of sports lights

For professional stadium lighting and amateur venues (such as school stadiums), the lighting installation must conform to scientific methods. The UEFA and FIFA standards require LED lighting installers to consider various installation aspects, such as the number of poles, the size of the field, the height of the pole, and the expected ground illumination.

In four-corner lighting, stadium light installers must position the mast in the four corners of the stadium. Light-colored beans will converge from these four corners to the center of the stadium. In this case, in the case of professional stadiums, the mounting rods should be as high as possible so that the light can be more effectively transmitted to the center of the stadium, while maintaining uniformity and good anti-glare.

If the mast is very low, the light may not reach the middle area and maintain sufficient brightness-the brightness distribution will be affected. In order to make the lighting uniform, you should maintain an installation height of about 30 meters in the Class 1 stadium. In this way, you will enjoy higher quality projection.

5. Color temperature

There are many types of researchers who have conducted research to prove that the color of lighting affects your mood. Even without a degree in psychology, we know that seasonal affective disorders and the sorrow that can spread in the cold winter.

When the sun comes out, the mood will improve sharply. Using knowledge of color psychology and color temperature, designers and architects around the world can create offices, homes, buildings, and sports fields with a view to bringing a positive impact to people who spend their time here.

6. Color rendering index (CRI)

Not all lights are the same. Many mediocre incandescent lamps and LED lamps on the market use less energy, but the quality of the white light emitted is extremely low. In stadiums and field photography where appearance and quality are critical, you cannot sacrifice the quality of light and reduce CRI. The precise and accurate distinction of colors is crucial in visual arts and photography, and the color rendering index is crucial.

When purchasing LED sports lighting, CRI must be considered. When accurate color display must be provided, a high CRI level of 90+ must be achieved. For most sports applications, a score greater than 80 is acceptable, but for detailed photography and real video streaming, you must set the CRI score to more than 90. Consider a score greater than 90 as a “high CRI” light. Such lamps present beautiful and vibrant tones throughout the spectrum. In addition, you can mix high CRI and color temperature in LED sports lights to achieve the desired configuration.

However, CRI is not an independent parameter to consider. Energy consumption and light resistance are also important. But CRI is one of the most important factors when buying LED sports lighting fixtures.

7. Waterproof outdoor lighting fixtures

Waterproof lighting have certain characteristics that make them ideal for outdoor sports. Not only do they bring ruggedness, they also have powerful light bulbs and are easy to install.

The best fact about waterproof lighting is that they can withstand moisture. Despite the rain and strong wind, they will continue to work. In addition, they can withstand snow and extreme temperatures, all of which are common in most outdoor stadiums and sports fields. Therefore, if for some reason it is necessary to obtain waterproof lighting for outdoor sports fields, it is that they are durable and waterproof.

Waterproof lighting equipment is very strong, but they can also be used for a long time. Durable, waterproof lighting equipment can be used for more than one year 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, since these fixtures are only opened at night, during sports competitions and special events, they have a longer service life.

A well-maintained waterproof lighting device can be used for at least five years. In a sports center or stadium, such long-lasting lighting equipment is not only essential, but can also save a lot of money.

If you are planning to upgrade old stadium lights to LED lights, or if you have new stadium projects, then you should make a quick decision. LED lamps can effectively save energy and are obvious winners in all aspects of lighting. Welcome to contact us by filling the information in form.
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MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.
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