How to Do A Successful Cricket Stadium Lighting Project?-Boland Cricket Stadium in South Africa

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Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa

A successful cricket stadium lighting project includes not only the clearest lighting design to display the best lighting effects, the best way to install LED stadium lights at high points, but also an energy-efficient user experience result.

Some of the most common projects include replacing the cricket stadium lighting system, installing and upgrading the lighting design. Cricket can be played outdoors or indoors, played as a game or practiced in a net. Both require a high lighting level so that players, audiences, and coaches can safely follow the player’s movements and the ball’s rapid movement.

So what should we know about cricket stadium lighting?

1.The importance of cricket stadium lighting

the importance of cricket stadium lighting

Sometimes cricket can be played at a very fast pace, which requires players to react from a short distance.All phases of the game must be clearly visible. For example, the batter must clearly see the running, pitcher’s arm movement and ball transmission, while the fielder and pitcher should also clearly see the batter, goal ball and ball flight throughout the game.

The stadiums and gymnasiums love natural light very much. Thus, careful shading and proper coordination of light with the play area is important to ensure an even distribution of light and to avoid direct sunlight. Artificial lighting should produce conditions similar to natural light. So cricket administrators can do this by installing a number of lights on the poles.

2.Advantages and disadvantages of metal halide lamps

Metal halide lamps are high intensity discharge lamps that provide bright light with a white and blue spectrum. Metal halide lamps have been widely used in retail stores and sports since the early 1960s because they produce bright white light and are cheap. Therefore, it has been the first choice in the past.But metal halide lamps also have many disadvantages.

Common problems of metal halide lamps.

1) Longer warm-up time

After turning on the metal halide lamps, they take a long time to warm up.These lights may take 15 to 30 minutes to reach full brightness.

2) Color deviation

This is the most common problem with halogen lamps.As we age, the light becomes uneven.

3) Longer cooling time

If someone turns off the lights on the power switch, they will automatically turn off and need 5-10 minutes to restart.

4) Arc tube rupture

Metal halides contain arc lamps which degrade as they age.They start to fade and produce more heat, which causes them to break.

5) Ultraviolet radiation

The bulb is turned on immediately to produce UV (ultraviolet) radiation.Exposure to radiation can lead to premature aging and a risk of skin cancer and cataracts.

6) Mercury contained

Even in small amounts, mercury is toxic.

These disadvantages make it difficult to gain an advantage in international competitions.For example, the Superdome stadium used metal halide lights during a power outage on a previous Super Bowl Sunday.Even if a technician immediately restores power, the metal halide lamp will need up to 30 minutes to warm up before the light reaches its maximum brightness before the game can continue.Not only caused huge costs such as electricity, but also brought bad experience to players and audiences.

3.Why we choose LED stadium lights for cricket stadium lighting

1) LED stadium lights are energy-saving

Why we choose LED stadium lights for cricket stadium lighting

LED stadium lights provide many benefits for cricket stadium. For example, they are energy-efficient and use about 75 percent less energy. Moreover, they retain their original brightness throughout their lives. These LED stadium lights don’t flash or buzz like most traditional lighting technologies, and they can reduce maintenance costs due to their long service life. What’s more, LED stadium lights do not contain any harmful ingredients.

2) LED stadium lights have high color rendering index and consume the least amount of electricity

LED stadium lights have a higher rendering index of over 80, which highlights the true color of the object. The manufacturer offers a variety of colour temperatures that can easily be used to meet the needs of a cricket stadium. LED stadium lights consume the least amount of electricity, which can save a lot of electricity costs for cricket stadiums.

3) LED stadium lights can provide dimming control system for cricket stadium

LED stadium lights can control light output, which means they have advanced control systems and fast communication.When combined with advanced lighting control systems, LED lighting technology improves energy efficiency and reduces operating costs. Even if the lights are turned on during the competition, they should be uniformly illuminated. With a single switch, you can reduce the optical output by up to 50%. They are ideal for broadcasting and provide uniform cricket stadium lighting .

In conclusion, when choosing LED stadium lights, we should ensure that they are in high quality. So how do we make the right choice? That’s what we’re going to talk about.

How to choose the most suitable LED stadium lights for cricket stadium lighting?

1.High light efficiency, high illuminance

Our LED cricket stadium lights with unique patent optical design, each chip is equipped with calculus optical lens cut at different angles to maximize the use of each point light source, its light efficiency is 2-3 times higher than common LED lights. Accurately control the light beam to improve the utilization of light,while reducing sport field spillage.

According to the Everfine Spectral irradiance caculator, a traditional MH 1000W lamp gets 238lux at the distance of 10M, while Mecree GL-FL series 400W gets 647lux at the same distance of 10M. Means that you only need to use much less quantity LED stadium lights to get better lighting effect for your cricket stadium and reduce much more of the cost for you at the same time.

High light efficiency high illuminance led cricket stadium lighting

2.Energy saving

We recommend the use of LED stadium lights GL-FL series in the cricket stadium because it uses 80% less energy than MH lamps. The installation of LED stadium lights is practical and worthwhile, although it costs a bit more than MH lamps because of the high-end technology and patent design involved. But if you convert to our lights, the operating cost of cricket stadium lights for some large stadiums can be saved up to $300,000 per year.

3.Excellent cooling system

Temperature is the biggest enemy of LED cricket stadium lights. Strong and persistent heat can damage LED chips, reducing brightness and service life. To solve this problem, we developed a patented cooling system, air convection design, light and thin cooling fins, the largest cooling area on the market, 40% larger than other lamps, so that our lights have a long life, and ultra-low light decay value, <5% in 5 years.


Glare can not only make athletes or spectators uncomfortable, affect performance, or even ruin an athlete. Especially for high power LED lights, if there is no special design on it, people may feel dazzled when looking at the lights. We have a patented anti-glare design to achieve the minimum glare value.

5.High uniformity

Uneven field brightness will affect the line of sight, which will affect the performance of the player and the audience experience in your cricket stadium. For best results, our engineers use LED cricket stadium lights with square design, large luminous surface, wide range beam angles and projection angles to reach a high lighting uniformity.

high uniformity led cricket stadium lighting

6.High CRI

As a important international cricket competition, it should reach to the level of HD broadcasting. Therefore, the LED stadium lights with high CRI are required. Our LED stadium lights can meet the requirements with high CRI. The high quality lighting effect, not only can let the athletes play better,but also can let the audience watch the game more accurately and clearly.

7.Waterproof and anti-corrosion

Outdoor cricket lighting is more demanding, so LED cricket stadium lights should be waterproof and able to withstand extremely high or low ambient temperatures, even some extremely harsh conditions. In order to better enhance the lighting effect, it is strongly recommended that we know whether there are special problems in the surrounding environment. Generally, our products support IP66, IP67 waterproof grade. Based on our experience, such as in coastal areas, we will recommend lights with special anti-corrosion treatment to customers to ensure a better user experience.

8.Long lifespan, No maintenance costs

GL-FL series lifespan is more than 80,000 hours, meaning if you turn on 8 hours a day, it is equivalent to more than 27 years you don’t need to worry about the cost of buying a new lamp and re-installing or repairing it. When we compare the service life of different types of traditional lighting equipment (fluorescent lamp for 10000 hours, HPS and LPS for 20000 hours, metal halide for 8000 hours, etc.), we can find that it has the best performance.

9.Flicker-free design

Flicker free design led cricket stadium lighting

For big professional cricket games, which are often broadcast on HDTV, what happens when the lights flash? Big broadcast accidents? As we know, fluorescent lamps and MH lamps are prone to flicker under the camera, because their brightness fluctuates significantly at low frequencies. Because of the uneven brightness, this greatly affects the user experience.
Mecree LED stadium lights, designed for HDTV relay, are compatible with 4k high-speed cameras and slow-motion cameras.

10.Smart control

Our LED cricket stadium lights are compatible with DMX, DALI system, 0-10v dimming also can be done. Therefore, we can not only intelligently adjust the brightness of the light, but also use DMX to control each individual light and design different effects according to different requirements. When there is a need for your cricket stadium lighting, we can recommend the most suitable modes for you accordingly.

Boland Cricket Stadium Lighting Project In South Africa

Here sharing a cricket stadium lighting project in South Africa for your reference.

Boland Cricket Stadium lighting in South Africa

Boland Cricket Stadium in South Africa

“We are surprised by the perfect lighting results. More lights, more light, more masts, but 85% saving in electricity consumption. ”

Owner of Boland Cricket Stadium

Competition level: (international HDTV relay) Compared with the original luminaire
Illumination level: 2017lux

Energy consumption: 360KW

Operating costs: 32.4 USD per hour

Estimated cost is 0.09 USD per kWh



85% saving in electricity consumption

How was this project done?

Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa 1

Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa 1

Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa

The site’s contractor is a powerful customer in South Africa, and the company is in a leading position in the local lighting industry in South Africa for over 25 years and has been pivotal in bringing the latest innovations in the lighting industry to South African businesses and consumers.

Customers Visit Factories

Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa 1

After one year of communication of products, simulation, delivery time, payment terms and other details. We finally won the company’s trust in MECREE outdoor LED cricket stadium lighting. The customer believes that MECRE LED Stadium Floodlight’s high luminous efficiency and high-performance heat dissipation structure are very suitable for this important local customer and the international professional-grade venue. Before placing an order, the customer and his end customer visited our factory and gave them a very pleasant trip in China.

Production Process

Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa 1

Because of the urgent delivery deadlines of customers, MECREE’s efficient production team produced 360pcs GL-FL-1000W LED Floodlights within 15 days. Provide customers with delivery guarantees and ensure that the entire venue is installed on time, allowing the competition to proceed smoothly. MECREE is the great led floodlight supplier in China high power stadium lighting industry and provide the competitive stadium light cost. Here attached some production pics.

Installation of Lights

Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa 1

During the installation process, the customer also sent a lot of pictures of the field installation of outdoor cricket stadium lighting and was very satisfied with the final installation results.

Customer Feedback Videos

Boland Cricket led Stadium lighting in South Africa

In May 2018, client feedback us a video of this cricket stadium, including the installation process of 360pcs 1000w LED floodlights, the effect of lighting the entire site around installation. and the opening ceremony.

Meet again → Opportunity

In June, 2018, we met again with the video photographers of this project at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The client said he took the video of this project, who played a crucial role in getting us one more point by talking to an Indian client about the details of the Boland cricket stadium, cause we were talking to the Indian client about the Indian cricket court. In a word, it is very wonderful, thank him very much for his coming, so that we successfully won the trust of our customers in India, which gave us an opportunity to help Indian client win the cricket stadium project.


We are not just saying how professional we are, we just prove our capability in products and service by practical action. It is not just you choose us, it’s we choose and trust each other, for our common goal, to do a successful cricket stadium lighting project. We believe that you will never regret choosing us. More information and needs, please feel free to send email to [email protected].

MECREE has successfully completed more that 1000 lighting projects

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