Football stadium lights price and high masts supporting services

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As one of the most popular sports in the world, football game has driven the construction and upgrading of series of football stadiums. The main facility is the football stadium lights and high masts.

As a professional led stadium lighting manufacturers, Mecree can provide professional one-stop services, including football stadium lights and high masts supporting services. Let’s explore more info about football stadium lights and high masts pole.

Section 1: How much do football stadium lights cost?

football stadium lights cost

When comparing the total cost of fooball project, we should consider the entire combination of football stadium cost. It includes football stadium lights price, installation cost , electricity bill and maintenance cost.

1)What are football stadium lights price?

The price is different on the market and there is no standard. It depends on the quality and types of football field lights.

For a standard football stadium, Led 1000w stadium lights can replace 2000w metal Halide lamp directly. The average purchase price of Led stadium lights 1000w is $USD680, and $USD60 for MH lamp. We can easily find that the Led football stadium lights price is more expensive than traditional metal halide lamps, why more than 85% people still choose to replace MH lamp with Led stadium lights? Let’s see:

2)What is the installation cost of football floodlights?

What is the installation cost of football floodlights

The average installation cost of the indoor arena ranges from US$70,000 to US$79,134, and the average cost of the outdoor stadium ranges from US$79,134 to US$2,458,17. The price is not fixed, it also depends on the football stadium lighting standard and types of lights.

For a typical high school football stadium, about 20pcs Led stadium flood lights 1000w can reach around 300lx, if install metal halides, it needs at least 40pcs 2000w MH lamp, so the weight and numbers are increased. There will have the cost of reinforcing the light pole. In fact, the reinforcement cost of the pole is 2.5 times of the football stadium lights cost itself.
This is just based on one high mast, let alone the installation cost of whole stadium. So Led stadium lights can save at least 10 times than MH lamp compared with installation cost.

3)What is the electricity bill of stadium lights cost?

Nowadays, most of us may attach great importance on energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the electricity bill we need to pay for football stadium floodlights are always the most important issues for football stadiums.

We still take the typical high school pitch as an example, (20pcs Led 1000w football pitch lights can replace 40pcs MH 2000w ). If they operate 8 hrs per day and 30 days a month, the average electricity cost in the USA is about $0.12 kW/hour, so the electricity charges of high school pitch is:

Type of Lights Led Football Stadium Lights Metal Halide Football Stadium Lights


20,000 (20*1000w=20,000w) 80,000 (40*2000w=80,000w)

( KW/H)

0.12 0.12
Electricity Bill/Day






Electricity Bill/Month






Electricity Bill/Year






Electricity Saved with Led lights (USD) $20,736


We will find that LED football field lights can save us $20,736 electricity costs every year! It saved at least 70% electricity bill than traditional MH lamp.

There are three famous stadium:

MetLife Stadium, M&T Bank Stadium, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium, they saved more than energy and the electricity bill were reduced by 5 million kilowatt-hours from 2012-2020 of each stadium—equals to energy used for heating 440 homes for all year, around 900,000US dollars were saved each stadium per year.

Mercedes Benz Stadium football lights led

4)How much will cost you to maintain?

How much will cost you to maintain

It is Vexatious that we have to maintain or replace the ballast of Metal Halide lamp frequently per year. The stadium high masts are 30-40m even higher usually, we have to find the crane to put the lamp pole down and replace the stadium lights. In fact, it is very difficult to hire a crane, and also destructive to the stadium. Plus the high expenses of labor cost, the maintenance cost may be more than 5 times that of the lamp itself.

The lifespan of Led football stadium lights are more than 10 times longer than MH lamp. Professional Led stadium lights can last for more than 28 years based on 8hrs operating per day. There is zero maintenance cost required with Led floodlights. While the traditional lamp have to maintain so frequently each year, will you still think that LED stadium lights are more expensive than traditional lamps?

Section 2: Why Led stadium replace MH lamp?

Let’s check the table, you will find the reason more intuitively.

Topic Metal Halide Lamp Led Football Stadium Lights Winner
Warm-up Time  15-20 minutes No warm-up time. Led
Lifespan Within 8,000hrs >8,0000hrs Led

(The higher the CRI, the better the color rendering ability )

<50 80+/90+ Led
Light Efficiency (lm/w) 65-85lm/w 150-200lm/w Led
Heat Sink

(Main factor   affects lifespan )

>100℃ <75℃ Led
Lifetime Costs High maintenance cost of frequently repairing each year No maintenance cost Led
Optical design >40% spilled lighting wasted in the sky >98% lighting is made full use to the field Led
Energy Saving 2000w MH lamp is 130,000-170,000lm Led 1000w has 150,000lm, Led
Warranty <2 years >5 -10 years Led


There is no uniform price for the stadium lights cost, but we can see that the total cost of high-quality Led lights is at least 10 times cheaper than traditional MH lights, and the lifespan is 10 times longer, so the satisfaction of users will be higher.

Click here to get 5 influencing factors on the Led football stadium lights quality.

Section 3:High masts supporting services

football stadium High masts lighting supporting services

Stadium lights and high masts are the main facilities of football stadiums. When we replace stadium lamps, many old light poles also need to be replaced. If the lights and light poles can be provided together, it is very convenient for users and reduces theirs risks and time cost of finding more manufacturers.

1)Security is the main factor when replacing light pole

Replacing a high masts is not a simple thing, we should consider many factors to ensure the security of the high masts. Here sharing the true accident with you.

Light pole falls during high school soccer game, injuring student and referee

A football stadium high mast were fell down suddenly during the football game in Saturday at in Clarksville, Arkansas, it hit three players, and broken the legs of the referee. It is certain that more people almost to be killed if the poles fell one or two seconds later. The final investigation was because of the unreasonable design of the high masts and couldn’t bear the wind speed 35m/s that day.

Therefore, we should focus not only on the price but also the security of high masts.

Mecree is specialized in sports & stadium lighting for more than 10 years, providing professional and reliable high masts supporting services, ensuring the security of your stadium.

2)8 reasons of why choose MECREE

1.Unique and professional deign

Unique and professional design football stadium lights

Replacing high masts is not just replace a pole, we should consider many factors including the total weight of football stadium lights, the maximal wind speed,topography, and whether it is near the sea etc.

Combining these factors and the local environment situation, Mecree will perform the special design by a series of professional calculations, all calculations will be shown in “calculation books”.

If there is any calculation error during the designing process, it will appear red warning in the “calculation book” immediately, reminding it should to be corrected. In this way, the high masts design is ensured to be safest and most reliable.

football stadium high mast light pole design

2. High-quality raw materials

The raw material will affect the lifespan and appearance of high mast pole. Mecree selects high-quality and high-strength steel Q235, which has good plasticity and toughness, and is easy to form and weld.

The steel grade used is ASTM A572 Gr50/55/65, which can ensure both safety and economics of steel rods. And the element content of silicon is less than 0.04% , ensuring an excellent appearance after surface treatment. The lifespan of Mecree high masts can last for nearly 50 years and won’t be rust.

High quality raw materials football stadium lights and pole

3.Surface treatment (Anti-corrosion)

football stadium high mast light pole factory

Some high masts were rust especially the bottom parts, the light poles will be more and more unstable and eventually fall down. Mecree will process the very strict surface treatment on the poles-Hot-dip galvanizing.

It is an effective metal anti-corrosion method. Immerse the rust-removed steel parts in the molten zinc liquid at about 500℃ to attach the zinc layer on the surface of the steel member. In this way, it can ensure the more than 50 years lifespan of anti-corrosion.

4.Professional welding technology

Welding should ensure that there is no crack, leakage welding, continuous porosity, undercut, etc. in the entire rod body, the weld is smooth and smooth, without bumps, and without any welding defects. It is very important that the welding safety certification and the ability of the welder are professional.

a.Mecree has a complete set of welding certification system, such as ISO3834 international welding system, EN1090 EU steel structure certification, CWB Canadian Welding Association certification

b.Welder have welding job certificate and AWS welder certificate, and regular training and assessment of welding personnel.

AWS welder certificate high mast light pole 2

c.Using with international top brand welding wire-Lincoln, with excellent weld ability, crack resistance and corrosion resistance, and excellent weld formation.

Advanced Equipment high mast light pole

5.Strict quality control

Mecree have strict quality control process for all poles, make sure every pole is in good condition before shipment.

a.The material will be inspected before production. Ensuring the material element meet the requirement.
b.After the pole finished, Mecree will do the strength test and surface corrosion test, which will guarantee the safety of the pole.
c.The technician in every process of production will inspect the quality of the previous process.
d.The quality supervisor will inspect the pole products overall before packing.

Every step of the quality control is very important. Mecree love high masts pole products and are responsible for clients.

6.Advanced Equipment

With the advanced equipment, Mecree can ensure the high quality production and quickly delivery time.

Click here to get how do Mecree stadium high masts produce?

Advanced Equipment high mast light pole

7.Traceable data management system

Mecree has a complete data management system, with the inspection records and product identification on products, It can help to investigate when and how this light pole is produced. This is also a guarantee for buyer’ after-sales.

Traceable data management system high mast light pole

8.Export experiences and project qualification

Mecree has become an international brand of Led stadium lighting and light pole supporting. Its products are exported throughout the world.

There are many International projects Mecree supported, such as FIFA World Cup, South Africa International cricket Stadium, ASABA Stadium in Nigeria etc.

Boland Park LED Cricket Stadium Lights

Section 4: Conclusion

The construction of the stadium should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also safe and reliable. Choosing the right sports lighting and providing professional light pole supporting services is a guarantee for entire stadium and the safety of football fans. If you want to get more professional information about led football stadium lights and high masts supporting services, please contact [email protected]
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w
MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.

outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w

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