Making a professional high-power outdoor LED sports light will be determined by more than 1000 factors

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Making High Power LED light is not always an advantage, maybe bring greater risk!!!

According to the marketing feedback, some clients bought 500W – 1000W LED flood light from China. And they found the color temperature turned to blue or yellow, and the luminance reduced 60 – 80%. Why??

LED has many advantages, and brings new challenges. But LED is a light source but not new sports lighting solution. So there are many small LED suppliers moved from Red Sea Market to high-power Blue Ocean Market in the lighting market today. However,  since most manufacturers are doing the same job. That is to choose some radiators that looks very unique from the market A, and buy driver from B, and but light source from C, then buy reflector from D and assemble them into finished products. We will find an interesting rule, that is, all of them don’t have their own R & D team. They are all looking at what profitable products the next door do, then follow. We all know making a good outdoor sports lighting LED flood light should be considered from 5 aspects of the design concept of the light, optics, light distribution, energy saving, waterproof and safety. It also includes classification of wind resistance, lifetime value. To make a good stadium flood light, we should also consider the factors of raw materials, supply chain, electronic circuit, thermal, optical, mechanics, and chemistry.

In the corporate culture of Mecree, blindly following is something that cannot be done at all. Our starting point is to solve the problems that haven’t been solved in traditional sports lighting field, to do something meaningful. That is “NEW SPORTS LIGHTING SOLUTION”.

  1. Adapting our excellent photoelectric technology to harness and control the light to let the athletes play to their best and make the viewing experience better;
  2. While improving the illuminance, uniformity, CRI, it also reduced energy conduction greatly. Its energy saving ratio is 70 – 80% higher than the traditional light;
  3. MECREE provide 10 years warranty. Within this period, no maintenance cost for the users.

mecree led floodlight

Let’s see the heat dissipation of the high power COB LED:

To keep the COB LED at or below the maximum rated Tc, the case to ambient temperature thermal resistance (R_c-a) must be at or below the maximum R_c-a value shown on the following graphs, depending on the operating environment.

As the figure shows, the R_c-a value is the sum of the thermal resistance of the TIM (R_tim) plus the thermal resistance of the heat sink (R_hs)

1. Heat dissipation

We all know that the heat generated by the LED chip is quite large, 40% light, 60% heat.
ThermalResistanceRj-c( C/W ) of COB chips in the market:0.1-0.3C / W
For example, we put 1 piece COB led with 23mm luminous surface in the room-temperature water and light it up at full power, the heat conduction speed of the water is not enough (like picture 1). Let’s do a simple and interesting test:

interesting test led 200w

If the heat cannot be conducted out speedily, the chips will also be burned. For the COB with 23mm luminous surface, it is challenge to do heat dissipation well. Without expert technical team, and long-time repeated experiment, there is no way to make a comprehensive considerations. 100 aspects * 10 details > 1000 factors. It includes the whole structure design and the raw materials selecting. Every step would be a fatal risk if it goes wrong.

Below is the picture shows the difference of the high power LED heat dissipation between MECREE and other supplier:

MECREE’s design concept for solving high-power COB heat dissipation:
Adapting our unique superconducting heat transfer technology as main heat transfer channel to transfer the heat of the COB to each cooling fins. It makes the heat of the COB to be transfered to the cooling fins speedily and have enough area for air-convection heat dissipation.

The design concept is as the picture below:

For example, a super-performance off-road vehicle with load-bearing main girders and independent air suspensions to distribute load to each wheel.

Design of the first high power 2400W LED stadium lighting

The world’s first high-power LED stadium light test. The light source adopts COB chip of Japanese Citizen brand, and the whole lamp power is 2400W. MECREE engineers are satisfied with the performance test results.

If you have no idea about the above knowledge points, then you must have changed the following two photos.

1. About Optical

Many customers and industry friends thought that the higher the lumen output, the better, the higher the light efficiency, the better. Of course, according to the common sense of photoelectric efficiency, we also think so. But we found that there is a lot of learning of the stadium lighting ever since we loved it. It can be divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. The lighting effect should be as uniform as sunlight, including vertical illumination, horizontal illumination and shadows, etc. If we want to use the lights to achieve this effect, it would be limited by many environmental factors, including the design concept of the venue, the total cost of construction, the arrangement of lights, and so on.

Regarding the various requirements of the venue, users welcome to find the corresponding venue from our technical support.

About the explanation of LED lighting efficiency and system lighting efficiency, like the picture below:
mecree led luminous efficiency explanation

It’s easy to light the LED. But if the spilling light cannot be controled adequately, it will cause many negative effects. The athletes and the surrounding residents will be troubled by the glare. And the spilling light will cause light pollution in the dark sky.

industry led optical structure

1. About the design philosophy of the light utilization, like the picture below:

Spilled light definition control

Spilled light definition control

Spilled light definition control

Spilled light definition control

new sports lighting solution


2. Let’s talk about the requirements on the light distribution structure of the professional sports lighting:


3. MECREE have new sports lighting three core technology

For more information about MECREE, Please contact us via email:

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