Light pole and setting requirements

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When the venue uses four-tower, multi-tower or tower-band hybrid lighting, it is necessary to use the lighting pole as the carrier of the luminaire. In the case that the lighting pole meets the requirements of the lighting technical conditions, the relationship with the building mainly has the following ways.
(1) The light pole is independent of the main building. This kind of light pole exists as a separate device and is widely used at present.
(2) The lamp raft is attached to the main building, but it is not integrated with the main building. The foundation of this form of lamppost may be different from the basic form of the building and must be treated separately.
(3) When the light pole is attached to the main building and integrated with the main building, this form can handle the aesthetic problem well. If this scheme is feasible, this scheme can be prioritized.
When the light pole is combined with the building, the light pole and its setting must meet the relevant requirements of the main building. The following highlights the more commonly used requirements for separate poles.

Technical requirements for poles

The pole can be rounded or polygonal, and should have sufficient structural strength. The design life should not be less than 25 years. The length of the plug should not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the plug. The selection and wall thickness of the lamp steel should be determined according to the meteorological conditions and load conditions of the area used. High-strength steel can be used, but the deflection of the structure should be controlled within the scope of relevant specifications.
The lamp panel on the sports lighting pole generally adopts a fixed structure. The size and appearance of the lamp panel are related to the form of the light projection and the number of the lamps, and the requirements of the structural realization are also determined. The area of ​​the lamp panel should be margined for future expansion.
Due to the high height of the pole, the lighting device at the top of the pole is heavier. Therefore, the pole and its foundation should fully consider the influence of the wind. It is recommended that the structure of the pole be calculated by the structural engineer.


For ease of maintenance, a lifting system or ladder can be set up when the lamp is high.
Considering the need to provide basic lighting conditions and saving construction costs, when the height of the pole is less than 20m, it is advisable to set up the ladder according to the conditions of the maintenance personnel. The ladder should be equipped with a guardrail and set the rest platform at the corresponding height according to relevant specifications.
Taking into account the requirements of safety, practicality, aesthetics, etc., when the height of the pole is greater than 20m, the electric lifting basket should be adopted; the electric lifting basket maintenance system is a professional equipment, which adopts a double-roller independent hanging hoisting equipment in the pole. The top of the pole is equipped with a maintenance-free drive plate and a special high-flexibility stainless steel wire rope. The system should have both electric and manual modes of operation.

Lightning protection and aviation obstacle lighting

The light pole shall be set up with aviation obstacle lighting according to the relevant regulations and navigation requirements of civil aviation management. In combination with the manufacturing process of the sports lighting pole, it is necessary to install a red aviation obstacle light of not less than 2 inches on the top of each lighting pole. Install strobe light or solar obstacle lights in places where special requirements are required, such as terminals, waterways, or power supply controls.
The top of the pole should be set according to the lightning protection requirements of the entire stadium and the relevant national lightning protection specifications. The protection scope of the lightning rod should be considered in the same way as the entire stadium.

Anti-corrosion requirements

All metal parts of the lamp housing, including the lamp panel and the lifting basket, are subjected to a hot dip galvanizing process and cannot cause damage to the galvanized layer during installation.
In coastal areas and areas with salt spray corrosion, salt-proof reinforced concrete beacons should be preferred to avoid exposed steel frame.

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