Football stadium lights background | How to choose the right supplier?

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A few years ago, most stadium lighting still used traditional high-intensity gas discharge lamps-metal halide lamps. However, the characteristics of metal halide lamps, such as short lifespan, single color temperature, and long warmming up time, have increasingly failed to meet the lighting requirements of stadiums. With the rapid development of LED lighting, the application of LEDs in stadium lighting has also attracted more and more attention.

LED lighting is very suitable for sports lighting due to its unique characteristics such as long lifepan, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, instant start.

In an international football game, there must be a high-definition television broadcast configuration, so how can the overall appearance of the football field be clearly and naturally displayed in front of the TV audience, where the effect of the light is played The decisive role. What kind of lights can bring good results to football field shooting? How should we choose the right supplier? Today this article will take us in-depth understanding.

Football stadium lights background

led football stadium lights background

1, TOP Football field lights in the world


TOP 5 Football Stadium Lights Lights Fixtures Pictures Specification
MECREE SPL mecree gl-spl led stadium lights 1,150lm/w high ouput light effiency

2, Advanced Fined-type heat dispassion, with biggest cooling area

3, Advanced optical system. Precise light control can minimize spill light and glare.

4, IP66 grade waterproof and dustproof

1. Electrophoresis treatment on the surface can prevent corrosion. Suitable for the harshest environment.

2. IP68 junction box to protect the cable from external environment damage

MECREE SFL mecree gl-sfl led sports field lights 1,150lm/w high ouput light effiency

2, Fined-type heat dispassion, with biggest cooling area

3, Wide range of asymmetrical and symmetrical optics ensuring low glare and best in class lighting uniformity

4, IP66 grade waterproof and dustproof.

5, IP67 junction box to protect the cable from external environment damage

ArenaVision LED ArenaVision led football stadium lights 1, Single piece pressure die cast housing, with a protection level of IP66 against dust and water

2,Wide range of asymmetrical and symmetrical optics ensuring low glare and best in class lighting uniformity

3.Wide range of ambient temperature tolerance making it suitable for a variety of sports applications


2, The consequences of choosing the wrong football stadium lights ( Must Read )

The consequences of choosing the wrong football stadium lights

LEDs must be carefully installed into the lighting system. If the luminaire design is not good, even with the best LED chip, it is difficult to achieve the effect of a well-designed luminaire, and the luminaire design is also closely related to the luminous flux maintenance rate.

–U.S. Department of Energy

The quality of the lighting for football fields is particularly important. If you want to produce high-quality light, you must require the light to have a reasonable design and use high-quality raw materials. What kind of lighting do we call high-quality? High-quality light needs several characteristics: very little waste light, Ultra-low glare, high color rendering index, high light uniformity, natural and comfortable color temperature.

The consequences of choosing the wrong football stadium lights

So, if you choose the wrong led flood light for football field, what are the consequences?

A. It will cause complaints from neighbors. If the light control of the football stadium lights is not good, a lot of spilled light will be scattered to the residents’ residences around the football field, causing light pollution.

B. Affect the level of athletes. Poor illumination uniformity and uncontrolled glare will make athletes have a strong dazzling feeling, which will affect the performance of the game.

outdoor led football stadium lights tv broadcasting

C. Affect the effect of TV broadcasting. Failure to meet the required color rendering index will reduce the true color reproduction of the entire venue, uneven light, and too much vertical illumination change will result in poor video quality.

3, How to choose the most suitable led lights for football fields

How to choose the most suitable led lights for football fields

LED lights have become the mainstream choice for outdoor football stadium lighting. However, in the face of the large variety of LED flood lights on the market, will you really make the right choice? We know that LED lamps used as outdoor lighting will have a variety of classifications according to usage and applicable places, such as common street lights, landscape lights, industrial and mining lights, tunnel lights and so on. Each type of light is designed according to the specific use environment, and there will be differences in technical parameters such as power, color temperature, beam angle, and installation method. Therefore, we cannot simply apply the LED lighting fixtures for football stadiums, but choose according to the specific needs of football stadium lighting.

Next, according to the lighting characteristics of MECREE football field, how to select lighting lights of LED football field is analyzed in detail:

1. The football field is wide. The length of the 11-a-side football field is more than 100 meters. Installing lights on such a large sports field requires relatively high power and projection distance. According to the different specifications of the football field, 400-1000 watt LED lights are generally used. Considering the distance of the light, we usually choose LED spotlights.

2.The installation height of the football field lamps is generally very high, and the height of the standard 11-a-side football field light pole can reach 25-30 meters. This height has brought a very big test for the daily maintenance management of lights. Therefore, the LED lights used as football field lighting are superior to other types of lights in various performance indicators. The specific performance is in the stability of the chip, the heat dissipation performance of the shell is good, the protection grade is high, and the power supply is stable.

3.The performance indicators of high-quality LED football field lighting are as follows:

a. Stable chip, whether it is a chip or integrated (COB) chip, good stability is the key.
b. Good thermal management system. Fin-type heat dissipation shell, good heat dissipation of high-power lights helps to extend the life of lights. The lifespan of MECREE stadium lights is ≥80,000 hours, and the light decay period is ≥5 years
c. Advanced optical system. The secondary optical technology used in the MECREE SPL series can accurately control the light and effectively reduce the problems of spillover and glare
d. High color rendering index ≥80Ra. Shoot the most realistic colors for the venue.
e. Natural and comfortable color temperature. 5000K
f. Light efficiency≥130LM/W. MECREE light output efficiency is 150LM/W
g. Seal and waterproof performance. Waterproof rating ≥ IP65. Mecree’s waterproof rating is IP66, and the junction box’s waterproof rating is IP67/IP68.

Combining the above three points of analysis, we can compare the performance indicators of outdoor football stadium lighting LED lights, and combine with the actual environment of the field, we can basically select high-quality LED lights that meet the football pitch lighting needs. Long lifespan, sufficient light efficiency, precise light control, low failure rate, and easy installation-is this not the right choice we are after?

Above we have learned how to choose the best football floodlights, so how do we choose the right supplier?

How to choose the right supplier?

1, 4 principles for supplier selection

Outdoor LED Football Stadium Lights Suppliers

Supplier selection should be based on the general principles of comprehensiveness, specificity and objectivity, establish and use a comprehensive supplier comprehensive evaluation index system to make comprehensive, specific and objective evaluations of suppliers. Comprehensive consideration of the supplier’s performance, equipment management, human resource development, quality control, cost control, technology development, user satisfaction, delivery agreements and other aspects that may affect the supply chain cooperation. The practical experience of many successful companies shows that it is necessary to achieve clear objectives, in-depth and meticulous investigation and research, a comprehensive understanding of the situation of each candidate supplier, a comprehensive balance, the development of the best choice, and the basic points of selecting suppliers. Generally speaking, supplier selection should follow the following principles.

A.Target positioning principle

Target positioning principle led stadium football lights

This principle requires that the supplier reviewers should pay attention to the breadth and depth of the inspection of the supplier, and should select the supplier based on the quality characteristics, quantity and quality assurance requirements of the purchased goods, so that the established procurement channel can guarantee the quality requirements and reduce Purchasing risk, and help your products enter the target market, so that customers have full confidence in the products produced by the company.

B. The principle of complementary advantages

The principle of complementary advantages led football stadium lights

Each enterprise has its own advantages and disadvantages. The supplier selected for development should meet the expected level of the enterprise in terms of operation and technical capabilities. The supplier should have a stronger advantage than the purchaser in certain areas. Only in coordination can we complement each other to a certain extent. Especially when establishing a procurement channel for key and important parts, it is necessary to have a clear grasp of the supplier’s production capacity, technical level, advantages and long-term supply capacity. It should be clear that the reason why this manufacturer is selected as a supplier rather than other manufacturers is because it has certain advantages that other manufacturers do not have. Only those suppliers whose business philosophy and technical level meet or meet the specified requirements can become loyal and strong partners for the production and operation of the enterprise and for future development.

C.The principle of preferential recruitment

The principle of preferential recruitment led football stadium lights

When choosing a supplier, we usually first consider the quotation, quality and corresponding delivery conditions, but under the same quotation and the same delivery commitment, there is no doubt to choose those with good corporate image that can supply world-renowned enterprises As a supplier, manufacturers with good reputation are more likely to honor the promises they have made. It must be reminded here that after comprehensive investigation and balancing the pros and cons, choosing the best employment.

D.Principle of common development

Principle of common development led football stadium lights

Nowadays, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. If the supplier does not fully cooperate with the development plan of the enterprise, the enterprise will inevitably be affected in the actual operation. If the supplier can support the development of the enterprise with the spirit of honor and disgrace, and bind the interests of both parties, it can respond faster and more effectively to the changes of the market, and at a more competitive price. Fight for a bigger market share. Therefore, developing supply chain strategic partnerships with important suppliers is also a method worth considering.

2.8 influencing factors for supplier selection

8 influencing factors for football stadium lights supplier selection

Supply chain management is an open system, and suppliers are part of the system. Therefore, the choice of suppliers will be affected by various political, economic, and other external factors. The main factors affecting supplier selection as following 8 points:

1. Price factors

Mainly refers to the price of raw materials, primary products or consumer products supplied by the supplier. The price of the supplier’s product determines the price of the consumer product and the input-output ratio of the entire supply chain, which produces a profit margin for manufacturers and sellers. A certain degree of influence.

2. Quality factors

mainly refers to the quality of raw materials, primary products or consumer products supplied by suppliers. The quality of products is the basis of the survival of the supply chain, and the use value of products is based on product quality. If the quality of the product is poor, the product will lack market competitiveness and will soon withdraw from the market. The quality of the products provided by suppliers is the key to the quality of consumption, so quality is an important factor. Such as for stadium lights, the quality is especially important. For details, please see Chapter II.2 in the article.

3. Delivery lead time factors

Delivery lead time factors led football stadium lights

For an enterprise or supply chain, the market is an external system. Its changes or fluctuations will cause changes or fluctuations in the enterprise or supply chain. Market instability will lead to fluctuations in inventory at all levels of the supply chain. The existence of, will inevitably cause the lag of inventory changes at all levels of the supply chain and the gradual amplification effect of inventory. The smaller the advance delivery amount, the smaller the fluctuation in inventory, the faster the company’s response to the market, and the higher the sensitivity to the market response. This shows that the delivery lead time is also one of the important factors.

4. Delivery on time factors

Delivery on time factors led football stadium lights

Delivery on time means that the supplier will deliver the designated product to the designated place on time according to the time and place required by the orderer. If the supplier’s delivery is low on time, it will definitely affect the manufacturer’s production plan and the seller’s sales plan and timing. In this way, it will cause a lot of waste and the disintegration of the supply chain. Therefore, on-time delivery is also a more important factor.

5. Variety flexibility

Variety flexibility led football stadium lights

In an environment of increased global competition and ever-changing product demand, companies must diversify their products to meet the needs of consumers, to achieve market share and profit. Therefore, most enterprises adopt the JIT production method. In order to improve the market competitiveness of enterprise products, it is necessary to develop flexible production capacity. The enterprise’s flexible production capacity is based on the supplier’s variety flexibility. The variety flexibility of suppliers determines the types of consumer products.

6. Design capability factors

Design capability factors

Integrated supply chain is the end of the supply chain. Product renewal is the market power of an enterprise. Product R&D and design are not just a matter of the manufacturer. The integrated supply chain requires that the supplier also undertake part of the R&D and design work. Therefore, the design capabilities of suppliers belong to the category of supplier selection mechanisms.

7. Factors of special process capability

Factors of special process capability mecree led football stadium lights

Each product has its uniqueness, and the market viability of products without uniqueness is poor. The uniqueness of the product requires a special production process. Therefore, the supplier’s special process capability is also one of the influencing factors.

8. Other influencing factors

Other factors such as project management capability, supplier’s geographic location, supplier’s inventory level, etc.

3. 12 standards selected by the supplier

The standard of a good supplier is that its products are good. The good product is also manifested in: first, the product quality is good; second, the product price is appropriate; third, advanced products, high technological content, good development prospects; fourth, product supply is stable, and supply is guaranteed. Such good products can only be produced by those companies with strength. Therefore, a good supplier needs to have the following conditions.

1.Excellent business leaders

With excellent leaders, companies can develop healthily and steadily.

2. High-quality management personnel

High quality management personnel led football stadium lights

With high-quality and capable managers, the management of the enterprise is efficient and full of vitality.

3. Stable staff group

The stability of the company’s employees can ensure the stability of the product quality. The employee group with excessive mobility will have a considerable impact on the product quality.

4. Good machinery

Good machinery and equipment can guarantee the quality of its products.

Good machinery mecree led football stadium lights

5. Good technology

Good technology mecree football stadium lights

Enterprises should not only have high-quality management personnel and good management, but also have experienced and innovative technical personnel. Only through continuous improvement and innovation of technology can product quality be more guaranteed and material costs continue to decline.

6. Good management system

Scientific incentive mechanism, unimpeded management channels, and sound management systems can give full play to people’s enthusiasm, so as to ensure that their suppliers are excellent, their product quality is excellent, and their service is first-class.

7. Geographic location

The geographical location of the suppliers has a considerable impact on the inventory. If the unit price of the items is high and the demand is large, the suppliers who are close are conducive to management. The buyer always expects the supplier to be closer to him, or at least requires the supplier to establish a local inventory, and the short question when the geographical location is near delivery means that it can be delivered quickly when there is an emergency out of stock.


Reliability led football stadium lights

Reliability refers to the reputation of the supplier. When choosing a supplier, you should choose a supplier with a high reputation, stable operation, and good financial status. At the same time, both parties should trust each other, pay attention to credibility and be able to maintain this relationship.

9.After-sales service

After sales service led football stadium lights

Good after-sales service is the key to the establishment and maintenance of the strategic partnership between the supply and demand sides. At the same time, it also provides conditions for the supply and demand sides to exchange information on other aspects of product quality.

10. Delivery lead time

In order to cope with some emergency out of stock situations, the supplier’s supply should have a reasonable lead time.

11. Delivery accuracy

The return rate of the products supplied by the supplier is low, that is, the accuracy of delivery is high.

12. Quick response

With the application of information technology in supply chain management, the responsiveness of suppliers to customer demand information is many times higher than the responsiveness of suppliers under traditional management, thus greatly improving the adaptability of suppliers to changes in customer demand , So how suppliers respond to customer information is an important factor in evaluating suppliers.

4. 7 steps for supplier selection

Step 1: Analysis of market competition environment (demand, necessity)

7 steps for led football stadium lights supplier selection

The purpose of the analysis is to find out which product markets are effective in developing supply chain procurement partnerships. It is necessary to know what the current product needs are, what the types and characteristics of the products are, to confirm the needs of users, and confirm whether it is necessary to establish a procurement cooperation relationship. If the procurement cooperation relationship has been established, the necessity of the change in the procurement cooperation relationship is confirmed according to the change in demand, thereby confirming the necessity of supplier selection. At the same time, it analyzes the current status of existing suppliers and analyzes and summarizes the existing problems of enterprises.

Step 2: Establish supplier selection targets

The enterprise must determine how the supplier evaluation selection process is implemented, the information flow, and who is responsible, and it must establish substantive and practical goals. One of the main goals is to ensure product quality and reduce costs.

Step 3: Establish selection criteria for supplier evaluation

Supplier evaluation and selection index system is the basis and standard for enterprises to choose suppliers. The evaluation of suppliers in different industries, enterprises, product needs, and different environments should be different. However, it generally involves aspects such as supplier performance, equipment management, human resource development, quality control, price, cost control, technology development, user satisfaction, and delivery agreements that may affect the supply chain cooperation.

Step 4: Establish an evaluation team

Evaluation team members are mainly from procurement, quality, production, engineering, finance and other departments that have close relations with procurement cooperation. The team members must have teamwork spirit and certain professional skills. The evaluation team must be supported by the highest leadership of both manufacturers and suppliers.

Step 5: Supplier participation

Once the enterprise decides to implement supplier evaluation, the evaluation team must contact the initially selected supplier to confirm whether they are willing to establish a procurement cooperation relationship with the enterprise and whether they have the desire to obtain a higher level of performance.

Enterprises should involve suppliers as early as possible in the design process of evaluation. However, due to the limited strength and resources of the enterprise, the enterprise can only maintain close cooperation with a few key suppliers, so the number of participating suppliers should be as few as possible.

Step 6: Select the supplier

Select the led football stadium lights supplier

One of the main tasks of selecting suppliers is to investigate and collect all aspects of the supplier’s production and operation information. On the basis of collecting supplier information, you can use certain tools and technical methods to evaluate the supplier, and you can use a certain technical method to select the appropriate one according to the supplier’s evaluation results. If the selection is successful, you can start to implement a procurement cooperation relationship with the supplier, if there is no suitable supplier to choose, then return to step 2 to restart the evaluation selection.

Step 7: Implement procurement partnership

In the process of implementing procurement cooperation, market demand will continue to change, and the supplier evaluation criteria can be modified in time according to the actual situation, or the supplier evaluation selection can be restarted. When re-selecting suppliers, old suppliers should be given enough time to adapt to changes.


Choosing a high-quality football stadium light can not only reduce maintenance costs, increase the return on investment (ROI), but also contribute to the performance of athletes, giving the live audience and the audience in front of the TV a good viewing experience. By choosing a right and stable supplier, we can buy products with confidence and develop the target market without worrying about the supply of goods, which can save many unnecessary losses and troubles.

MECREE, as the leader of sports lighting, has a group of high-quality and experienced technical personnel, develops advanced photoelectric research and development laboratories, numerical control automation equipment manufacturing, has a complete quality control system and production system, and the materials used in the products are all Strict control and strict inspection of finished products before shipment. And there are very successful project cases around the world.

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outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w

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