6 FAQ of Best LED Cricket Field & Stadium Light (June 2020 Update)

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We Create the Best Stadium Lighting

cricket stadium lights led mecree 1000w

LED Stadium lights from MECREE are the best solution for sports fields when comparing to metal halide, HPS and halogen, because of its high energy efficiency. Apart from saving the electricity cost, our lighting for cricket fields can enhance the users’ compliance.

You can select our high power flood lighting fixtures of stadium, we have a wide range of power from 100 to 5000 watt (15000 to 750000 lumens). Our LED sports lights saves up to 75% energy and lasts for 80000 hours. If you are looking for the high-power flood lights for your stadium, please do not hesitate to approach our engineer to get the free lighting design.

1. What is the standard size of cricket ground?

What is the standard size of cricket ground

There are no fixed dimensions for a cricket field. However the ICC does mandate dimensions for a field to host an international competition, and the majority of First Class pitches would also aim to fit within these dimensions.

The ICC Test Match playing conditions states:

The playing area shall be a minimum of 150 yards (137.16 metres) from boundary to boundary square of the cricket field, with the shorter of the two square boundaries being a minimum 65 yards (59.43 metres). The straight boundary at both ends of the pitch shall be a minimum of 70 yards (64.00 metres), measured from the centre of the pitch to be used. In all cases the aim shall be to provide the largest playing area, subject to no boundary exceeding 90 yards (82.29 metres) from the centre of the pitch to be used.

2. What is the lux standard for Cricket Lighting?

What is the lux standard for Cricket Lighting

As a fast moving ball sport the lighting illuminance requirements for cricket are generally comparatively higher than for the ball sports of Australian Rules Football, Rugby codes and
Football (Soccer) – the seasonal sports that cricket typically shares venues with.

Illuminance requirements are most important in the centre wicket (pitch) and square areas where heightened activity occurs. For this reason higher illuminance levels are specified in this area than for the outfield.

Illuminance is also important to adequately disclosethe position of boundaries.

Outdoor Cricket Lighting Standard

1)Cricket Ground Lighting Require lux for Non-televised Matches

Lighting Class I – International and National Play
Lighting Class II – Regional Level Competition or Local Club Competition
Class III – local community club (selective only) or recreational level competition

Cricket Ground Lighting Require lux for Non televised Matches

2)Cricket Ground Lighting Require lux for Televised Matches

For the cricket stadium holding international broadcasting tournament, it takes around the highest standard of 1500 to 2500 lux. It is because it provides clearer environment for photo and video shooting.

3)Cricket Lighting standard for Training and Match Practice

Cricket Lighting standard for Training and Match Practice

Indoor cricket court lighting

Indoor cricket court is designed to appeal in particular to a large number of mixed-gender participants with a variety of abilities. It is a fast sport designed to maximize the participation of all athletes.

Indoor cricket courts lighting standards recommended

Best Indoor Cricket Lighting

Class I – 750 lux; Minimum to average uniformity = 0.7
Class II – 500 lux; Minimum to average uniformity = 0.7
Class III — 300 lux; Minimum to average uniformity = 0.7

The (minimum) average maintenance level of 500 Lux recommended for clubs; Minimum to average uniformity = 0.8. It is recommended that indoor cricket pitches used for matches meet at least class II requirements (500 lux) which are consistent with the illumination requirements for the multi-purpose indoor stadium code.

Indoor cricket practice nets lighting

Best indoor cricket nets lighting

The key distinguishing factor between indoor cricket practice nets lighting and indoor cricket ground is the use of standard hard cricket. As a result, lighting requirements will be higher to improve the safety of the ball as a small, fast-moving hard projectile for batters and bowlers.

Indoor cricket practice nets lighting standard lux recommended

Class I — 1500 lux;Minimum to average homogeneity = 0.8
Class II – 1000 lux;Minimum to average homogeneity = 0.8
Level III – 750 lux;Minimum to average homogeneity = 0.8

Among them, category III is equivalent to the lower level club/local club, category II is equivalent to the middle level competition area/club level, and category I is equivalent to the top level competition international/national level.

3.What is the best Cricket Stadium Lights to use for Cricket Field?

Compared with the traditional lamps, the LED Cricket Light price is high, and the one-time input cost is too high for the renovation and purchase of new LED Cricket Stadium Lights. Moreover, the price of LED Lamps in the market is wide, and the quality difference is huge, so it is difficult to choose the LED lamps in the port area.

MECREE provides LED Cricket Stadium Lights of good quality to solve the above problems.

1.Excellent Heat dissipation

Selects high heat conduction on heat dissipation material aviation level of die casting aluminium alloy material, increase its thermal conductivity, make die casting material coefficient of thermal conductivity increased from about 100 to about 230, double heat conduction ability, on the heat dissipation structure, 3 times process on heatsink to increase the cooling area and the ventilation design, make the air inside the LED lamp form convection, increase heat dissipation function, always make the LED light work under 65 ℃ temperature control range to ensure lifespan more than 80,000hrs.

2.Strong resistance to Typhoon

Strong resistance to Typhoon led cricket stadium lights

The whole LED lamp adopts Air-Convection structure, typhoon can pass through the gap of the lamp, and the resistance to wind is obviously reduced. 15grade Typhoon resistance.


With special treatment on the sureface and anti-corrosion material is added to greatly improve the corrosion resistance and salt spray resistance.

Anti corrosion led cricket stadium lights

4.Lightning protection

A 10KVA lightning protection circuit and ground protection circuit are installed in the LED Cricket Ground Lighting, power supply to prevent inductive lightning. For direct lightning, an all-aluminum alloy shell is used for shielding.

5.Dust-proof and waterproof

Dust-proof and waterproof led cricket stadium lights

Adopt the structure of the heat-dissipating lamp through the hole to prevent dust, so that the dust can’t be hidden when the wind blows and the rain dashes. And completely IP67 waterproof design.

6.Anti-Glare Cricket Lights and Light Pollution prevention

Our Led Cricket Lights adopted secondary optical design, the secondary light distribution design is adopted to minimize the spill light and glare, The linear light is used many times to effectively reduce the residual light and enhance the central light intensity more than 5 times.

mecree led cricket stadium lights vs typical led

7.Selection of CRI and CCT

The color rendering index (Ra) of high pressure sodium lamp used for traditional outdoor lighting is around 20, and the LED Cricket Lighting used is around 70-90. The most common light temperature used for Cricket Fields is 5000K-5700K, because they are more closer to the day light, so the sporters and spectators can have the best experience for night Sports playing competitions.


Power: 100W / 200W / 300W / 400W / 500W/ 600W/ 700W/ 800W/ 900W/ 1000W / 1500W / 2000W / 3000W/ 4000W/ 5000W
Lumen output: >150Lm/W
Work Temperature: -40°C to 50°C
Color Rendering Index: >80 / 90
Color temperature: 3000-10000K
Beam angle: 10°, 24°, 38°, 60°, 90°,120°, 30×50°
Power supply: MEAN WELL / Inventronics
Waterproof: IP67


We completed many stunning stadium lighting projects.

stadium lights led application

4.How many lights are there in Cricket Stadium?

There are many sizes of cricket grounds, according to the illumination of the requirements of the field, the number of lights required will be different. Here is the project reference.

Cricket Field Light Project in South Africa 1000W

Basic info: Size of playing ground: 146*145m Oval Cricket Field
Height: 40M
Average illuminance required: 2000lux
– Using 360pcs 1000W Stadium LED Flood Light for replacement (GL-FL-1000W)
– Beam Angle: 10°
– CCT of LED light: 5000K
– Average illuminance: 2017lux
– Installation date: August. 2017

Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa 5

The site’s contractor is a powerful customer in South Africa, and the company is in a leading position in the local lighting industry in South Africa for over 25 years and has been pivotal in bringing the latest innovations in the lighting industry to South African businesses and consumers. After one year of product communication and program design simulation, we finally won the company’s trust in MECREE outdoor stadium lighting. The customer believes that MECRE LED Stadium Floodlight’s high luminous efficiency and high-performance heat dissipation structure are very suitable for this important local customer and the international professional-grade venue.

Before placing an order, the customer and his end customer visited our factory and gave them a very pleasant trip to China. Because of the urgent delivery deadlines of customers, MECREE’s efficient production team produced 360 GL-FL 1000W LED Floodlights for customers within 15 days of production. Provide customers with delivery guarantees and ensure that the entire venue is installed on time, allowing the competition to proceed smoothly. MECREE is the great led floodlight supplier in China high power stadium lightings industry and provide the competitive stadium light cost.

Boland Cricket LED Stadium Lighting in South Africa 5

During the installation process, the customer also sent a lot of pictures of the field installation of outdoor stadium lighting and was very satisfied with the final installation results. Welcome to contact us to see the details of the lighting of the entire venue and the aerial details of the entire venue.

5.What is the Running Cost of a Cricket Stadium Lighting?

Assuming the lux required is 500lux and we need 80,000 watt, the cost of running the cricket stadium lighting system is about (80,000 watt x 8 hours / 1000) x $0.12 kWh = $76.8 per day if you use 8 hours per day, then $1689.6 per month (for 22 days), $20275.2 per year.

6.How much can you save by switching to LED Cricket Stadium Lighting?

For example, the 80pcs 1000w LED Cricket Light is adopted to replace the 80pcs traditional 2000w (total power of single lamp is 2080w) high pressure sodium lamp. The economic analysis results are as follows:

2000W HPS

Two years of input and maintenance cost = single lamp price * lamp quantity + bulb price * bulb replacement quantity = 450*80+20*80 =37,600$ , two years of electricity = single lamp power * lamp quantity * daily working hours *365 days * electricity price *2 = 2080*80/1000*10*365*0.12*2 =145,766$ , two years of cost = 37,600$ +145,766$ = 183,366$.

1000w LED Cricket lights solution

two-year investment and maintenance cost = lamp price * lamp quantity +bulb price*bulb replacement quantity = 800$/set *80 sets +0 = 64,000$; two-year electricity fee = single lamp power * lamp quantity * daily working hours *365 days * electricity price *2 = 1000*80/1000*10*365*0.12*2 = 70,080$. Two-year cost = 64,000$ + 70,080$ =134,080

Note: the service life of high pressure sodium lamp is generally only 2 ~ 3 years, so the actual replacement cycle of high pressure sodium lamp is two years. However, the service life of LED is about 80,000hrs, so it can work for more than 25 years if working for 10hrs every day. 2000w high pressure sodium lamp, the actual power consumption of a single lamp is 2080w. Calculated according to the unit price of electricity charge: $0.12/kWh. Single light 1000w LED cricket light, its LED power is about 995w. All the lamp price is caculated as an approx range, because different quality will be different price.

From the above data, it can be seen that using LED cricket lights can save (145,766-70,080)/2=$37,843 of electricity every year. Although LED Cricket Field Lightings one-time investment is large, about twice as high pressure sodium lamp. But over two years of operation, the led cricket lights is obviously better cost effective. Considering the saving of electricity and maintenance costs, it is calculated that the service life of each LED cricket light is 10 years. Within the life cycle, the investment payback period of LED cricket light is less than 2 years, so the electricity cost and maintenance costs saved in the remaining 8 years are the actual energy saving benefits.


The use of LED lighting technology can improve the efficiency of Cricket light energy, not only response to the resource-saving, environment-friendly social requirements, but also enhance the competitiveness and improve economic benefits. With the further maturity of LED products, LED lamps will gradually replace high-energy lamps such as high pressure sodium more traditional lamps. If need any cricket field lighting solution, welcome to contact our professional engineers by [email protected]
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w
MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w

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