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mecree gl spl series led football stadium lights

As one of the most popular sports in the world, football has enthusiastic fans in all corners of the world, with more and more participants and people watching the game, the requirements for lighting are getting higher and higher. The lighting fixtures must ensure that athletes and referees can see clearly what is happening on the competition venue. All activities and scenes so that they can achieve the best performance, and the audience must also watch closely following the athletes and competitions in comfortable and pleasant environmental conditions. The stadium lighting design should not only meet the needs of all kinds of personnel on site, but also provide high-quality TV broadcast scenes for the majority of TV viewers watching the game. So, what kind of lights are the best for football stadium? This article you will find the answer.

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Section 1: What kind of lights are used in football stadium? | The best buyer’s guide in 2020

1. Well-known football stadium lights png


mecree football stadium lights png


mecree football stadium lights png 1

2. Common wattages of lights in football field

Different field sizes and illuminance requirements lead to different wattages of the lights used. Generally, for a standard football field, 1000W LED lights are needed to meet the illuminance requirements. For small size of football fields for entertainment, 300W to 500W is enough.

3. What factors determine the wattage of lights in football field?

Illumination standard and Field size are the key factors to determine the light wattage in football field.

A.Illumination standard index of football stadium

The football field is divided into indoor and outdoor football field. The outdoor ( indoor ) football field illumination standards are divided into: training and entertainment activities illumination 200lx (300lx), amateur competition 300lx (500lx), professional competition 500lx (750lx), general tv broadcast 1000lx (1000lx), 1400lx (1400lx) for high-definition TV broadcast of large international competitions, 1000lx (750lx) for tv emergency. Detailed standard please check below table.

B.Football field size

The common football field sizes are as follows:

The five-a-side football match is rectangular, with a length of 25-42m and a width of 15-25m. In any case, the area of the international competition venue should be: 38 ~ 42m length and 18 ~ 22m width. Requires 300W-1000W sports lights.

The size of a 7-a-side football pitch: 65-68m length and 45-48m width. Need 500-1000W sports light.

The size of the 11-a-side football stadium is 90-120m in length and 45-90m in width; the standard length for international competitions is 105-110m and the width is 68-75m. Need 1000W LED sports light.

MECREE has done all kinds of football stadium projects, and has excellent experience in football stadium lighting design. We can provide free Dialux simulation design according to your field information. This way you can accurately know the specific information you need, such as the number of lights, wattage, beam angle, pole height, and illumination etc.

4. 3 factors affecting stadium lighting effects

A. Standard Uniformity

The requirement of uniformity mainly stems from the requirements of TV cameras, and the disproportionate uniformity will also cause visual pain to athletes and spectators. Illuminance uniformity specifies the ratio (U1) of the minimum illuminance (Emin) to the maximum illuminance (Emax) on the surface, and the ratio (U2) of the minimum illuminance (Emin) to the average illuminance (Eave). Uniformity is used to control the viewing situation on the entire field, U1 is conducive to viewing function. U2 is good for visual comfort. For detailed standard, please refer to above table.

B. Comfortable Color Temperature of LED stadium lights

Color temperature is a sensation or phenomenon that describes the warmth (red) or coldness (blue) highlighted by the light intensity. The unit is Kelvin (TK). 2700K-3500K is warm white light, 4000-5000K is natural white light, 5700K-6500K is cold white light, natural white light is required in sports lighting, such as table tennis court lighting, billiard court lighting, color temperature is around 4000K, football field and basketball The color temperature of the field is between 5000K and 5700K. The color temperature of MECREE stadium lights meets all sports lighting needs.

C. Excellent Color rendering index

The color rendering index is a measure of the ability of a light source to display the original color of an object. Sunlight has the most true color rendering ability to objects, and can be used as a reference light source with a color rendering index of 100Ra. In football field lighting, in the three levels of lighting (training and entertainment activities, amateur games / professional training, professional games) that do not require TV broadcasting, the display index must not be less than 65Ra. The football field lighting (TV broadcast national / international games, TV broadcast major / international games, HDTV broadcast major / international games) that requires TV broadcasting requires the display index to be no less than 80Ra, or even 90Ra. The color rendering index of stadium lighting fixtures of sports lighting manufacturers is basically above 65Ra, while the color rendering index of MECREE LED stadium lights is above 80Ra 90Ra, so MECREE stadium lamps are applicable to all stadium lighting levels in the color rendering index.

5. Glare (dazzling) that cannot be ignored

This is a new era of 4K TV broadcasting. The uniform and high-quality vertical brightness on the LED floodlight can achieve high-standard photo and video shooting. MECREE has made big efforts to reduce the glare of lighting equipment. The anti-glare optics in MECREE LED lights do not cause flicker and dazzling feelings on the player and the audience. The common optical components on the market only use the reflective cup, and its light will be straight, and there will be too much spill of light. MECREE sports lights uses the aluminum optical reflective cup + secondary optical lens, which can maintain the brightness, It can also greatly suppress unnecessary glare

6. Precise light control (Light your field,Not your neighbor’s house)

Many customers and industry friends believe that the higher the lumen output, the better, and the higher the light efficiency, the better. But in fact, only high light efficiency is not enough, because light efficiency also includes waste light, that is, useless light. Lighting effects should be as uniform as sunlight, including vertical illuminance, horizontal illuminance, and shadows. If we want to use light to achieve this effect, it will be limited by many environments. Therefore, when choosing lamps, multiple dimensional factors should be considered, rather than blindly pursuing high light efficiency. On the stadium, the more important thing is to effectively control the light into the field through the light distribution system, while improving uniformity and vertical illumination .

For the explanation of LED light efficiency, please see the following figure:

For a football field, if the LED lighting equipment cannot effectively control the light, it will produce many adverse effects, the athletes and surrounding residents will be plagued by glare, and the spilled light will cause light pollution in the night sky. MECREE’s stadium lights are very good at controlling light. MECREE SPL series stadium lights use secondary optical technology design, such an optical system allows light to be concentrated on the field, and minimizes glare. And specially designed anti-glare shield, greatly reducing the problems of light leakage and glare.

7. The key to affect the lifespan of lights. ( Heat Dispassion System)

We all know that the heat generated by the chips of sports lights is particularly large. Therefore, a good thermal management system is extremely important for sports lights. It can not only greatly increase the lifespan of the lights, reduce the light decay, but also ensure the safe usage of lamps. The MECREE sports light has been repeated experiment by the MECREE technical team for a long time, and finally uses a unique superconducting heat transfer technology as the main heat transfer channel to transfer the heat of COB to each heat sink. The heat of the COB is quickly transferred to the heat sink, and there is enough air convection heat dissipation area, which can quickly dissipate the heat, so that the junction temperature is <70 ℃. For LED lights, when the junction temperature is> 70 °C, the light will rapidly decay and affect the lifespan. MECREE can ensure that the light decay is less than 10% within 10 years and the life is more than 80,000 hours.


1, Superconductive heatpipes quantity: 78pcs VS 24pcs
2, Length: 180mm VS 350mm
3, The distance between LED chip and superconductive heatpipes 400 VS 14mm
4, The contact area of superconductive heatpipes and heat sink.

Conclusion: The temperature difference is doubled, lifespan difference is 20 years VS 1-2 years.

About more MECREE product positioning, please click here.

8, Long lifespan

The light pole of football field is usually very high, and replacing or maintaining the lights is extremely troublesome. Therefore, the high quality of lights must be ensured. The lifespan of MECREE LED lights is above 80000 hours. If it is used for 5 hours a day, the lights can continue to be used for 43 years without a obviously decrease brightness.

9, Warranty ( Must read )

Product warranty is a concern of every buyer. Most LED companies on the market provide 1-5 years warranty, even 10 or 20 years. However, there are always many customers who will encounter this situation. During the warranty period promised at the time of purchase, the seller cannot fulrranty perfill the promise when there is a problem. Therefore, buyers must know the terms of warranty before purchasing.

How to judge the credibility of the supplier (Chinese supplier) and avoid the risk of being cheated, there are 3 points that must be known:

1. Check if the supplier is on the blacklist. To check the supplier blacklist link, please click here.
2. The comprehensive credibility of the enterprise. We can judge from the fan interaction in the corporate video channel and the foundation interaction on the social media homepage
3. Judging by the industrial and commercial registration information (establishment time, registered capital) and employee social security information of China’s comprehensive market.

MECREE’s warranty has two series, 5 years warranty and 10 years warranty. We not only guarantee that the product can run normally, but also ensure that the product’s light decay during the warranty period is less than 10%. For more information about us, please click here.

In addition to football field lights, in order to meet people’s needs for various sports and entertainment activities, more and more comprehensive stadium have been constructed in kinds of cities. Comprehensive stadium can generally carry out competition training or major cultural performances in basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, indoor football, gymnastics and other projects. The lighting design in the gymnasium mainly combines scientific, aesthetic, and economic factors to provide a good visual environment for the scene.

Section 2: What are the important indicators of scientific stadium lighting design?

1, Illumination standard index

According to the recommended illuminance requirements of the International Sports Federation No. 83 and the provisions in Article 2.2.9 of the “Lighting Design Standards for Civil Buildings” GBJ133-90, the following recommended values of illuminance standards are proposed:

1) According to the provisions in Article 2.2.9-1 of the “Design Standard for Civil Building Lighting” GBJ133-90: Football field game illumination standard value: when the viewing distance is 120m, it is 150 ~ 200 ~ 300lx; when the viewing distance is 160m, 200 ~ 300 ~ 500lx; when the viewing distance is 200m, it is 300 ~ 500 ~ 750lx. The viewing distance refers to the distance from the last row of the auditorium to the edge of the field.

2) According to the provisions in Article 2.2.9-2 of “Design Standard for Civil Building Lighting” GBJ133-90: Vertical Illumination Required for TV Broadcasting: The maximum shooting distance is divided into three groups. ① For football projects, the maximum shooting distance is 25m The average vertical illuminance should be 750lx; the average vertical illuminance should be 1000lx when the maximum shooting distance is 75m; the average vertical illuminance should be 1500lx when the maximum shooting distance is 150m; ② For track and field projects, the average vertical illuminance should be 25m Is 500lx; the maximum shooting distance is 75m. The average vertical illuminance should be 750lx; the maximum shooting distance is 150m. The average vertical illuminance is 1000lx. Each of the above vertical illuminances is used for a given exercise level and a given maximum shooting distance relative to The value of the 1.0m vertical plane, and the middle value of each illuminance value is used for other shooting distances.

outdoor led stadium lights 1000w

3) The above illuminance refers to the final average illuminance of the stadium. The initial illuminance selected during the design must be included in the maintenance factor. Generally, a value of 0.7 to 0.8 can be used.

4) Uniformity of horizontal illuminance: The uniformity of illuminance is generally expressed by the ratio of minimum illuminance to maximum illuminance, and can also be expressed by the ratio of minimum illuminance to average illuminance. The ratio of minimum illuminance to maximum illuminance should be greater than 0.5.

5) Uniformity of vertical illuminance: the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the maximum illuminance should be greater than 0.4 to meet the requirements of the main TV camera.

2, Stadium Lighting brightness distribution

cricket stadium lights led mecree

In the stadium lighting design, the comfortable light environment should have a reasonable brightness distribution. If the indoor brightness changes too much, it is easy to cause visual fatigue, but if it is lack of brightness changes, it is easy to produce a monotonous feeling. Therefore, proper brightness distribution is necessary. CIE recommends that the visual clarity is better when the brightness of the viewed object is 3 times the brightness of the similar environment, that is, the ratio of the reflection ratio between the similar environment and the object to be viewed is best controlled at 0.3 ~ 0.5.

3, The choice of stadium lights ( LED light VS traditional lamp)

The lights we commonly use in stadiums are halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and LED lamps. With the rapid development of LED system design, the application of LED lights in stadiums has become an inevitable trend. Compared with traditional halogen lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps, LED lamps have the following advantages:

1. Long lifespan, can reach 50,000-100,000 hours.
2. Energy-saving and power-saving, the same lighting effect is more than 80% energy-saving than traditional light sources
3. Low cost
4. Sturdy, environmentally friendly and no Ultraviolet radiation
5. Waste can be recycled
6. No harmful elements such as mercury
7. Higher light efficiency, LED output has reached 150lm / W
8. Quick start and Warming up time is short

More details about “Why are LED stadium lights better than metal halide lamp”, please click here.

The common well-known brand stadium light models are as follows:

mvf401 mvf404 mvf403 philips musco sport lighting

4, Glare and strobe control

Glare and strobe directly affect the comfort of lighting.

Glare is divided into direct glare and reflected glare. Direct glare is directly caused by the luminous body; reflective glare is formed by the reflection of light from lamps or other reflective surfaces. There are three methods for controlling direct glare: choosing a light-transmitting material, controlling the protection angle (shading angle), and rationally arranging the position of the light source. The main method of controlling reflected glare is to make most of the light on the work surface come from the appropriate projection direction, that is, the directional reflection generated does not directly hit the observer’s eyes, but hits far or side. Generally, as long as no lamps are installed above the observer, the reflected glare can be better eliminated.

In the design of the stadium to control glare, the lamps and lanterns can be used with high-efficiency reflective systems equipped with anti-glare partitions, and the position of the light source can be adjusted according to technical requirements, so that glare and astigmatism are effectively limited. Control the projection direction and projection angle on the setting of the aiming point of the luminaire to limit the glare and make the glare index <50.

The occurrence of strobe is mainly due to the periodic change of gas discharge lamp with voltage, which causes the periodic change of light flux. The commonly adopted method is to use the multi-tube phase shift connection method of the gas discharge light source, or connect the three sets of fluorescent lamps to the three-phase power supply respectively, and the latter can reduce the fluctuation depth to 5%. Therefore, in some light-emitting devices composed of multiple fluorescent lamps (light strips, light-emitting ceilings, etc.), their lamps should be evenly distributed and connected to the three-phase power supply in a certain phase sequence. When using two-tube or three-tube fluorescent lamps, it is advisable to connect the tubes to two-phase or three-phase power lines.

5,Lights Fixtures Distribution

Whether the arrangement of lamps is reasonable will directly affect the lighting effect and economy of the field. At present, the common way of distributing lights in sports buildings is mainly based on the following methods: outdoor stadiums, light poles, four towers, multi-towers, light belts, light belts and lighthouses; indoor sports venues Uniform type (starry sky type), light belt type (divided above and outside the field), mixed type.

A.Four-tower distribution

football stadium lights led lighting layout

Four lighthouses are set at the four corners of the site. The height of the tower is generally 25-50m, and narrow beam lamps are commonly used. This arrangement is suitable for football fields without runways, low lighting utilization, difficult maintenance and repair, and high costs. If the lighting quality is not too demanding, it can meet the general requirements of athletes and spectators. The proper position of the lighthouse can form a suitable illuminance distribution on the field by aiming at various beam angles. But today 4k&8k movies and televisions need high and uniform vertical illuminance, which requires that the angle of light incident on the far part of the venue is far less than the prescribed limit. The impact of the higher brightness obtained by using large gas discharge lamps, coupled with the traditional tower height, inevitably produces excessive glare. The disadvantages of this four-tower ways are: the visual changes in different viewing directions are large, and the shadows are deep. From the perspective of color TV broadcasting, it is difficult to satisfy the vertical illuminance in all directions and control the glare. To meet the requirements of Ev / Eh 44 value and less glare, it is necessary to take some improvement measures for the four-tower lighting method:

(1) Move the location of the four towers to both sides and outside the sidelines, so that the opposite side of the site and the four corners can get a certain vertical illumination;
(2) Increase the number of floodlights on the lighthouse on the side of the TV main camera to enhance beam projection;
(3) Supplement the light strip lighting on the top of the stands on the side of the TV main camera, pay attention to controlling glare, and it should not be noticed by the audience at both ends of the venue.

MECREE SPL series LED can greatly improve the defects existing of traditional lamps in four tower arrangement.

B.Multi-Towers distribution

led football stadium lights design

This kind of light distribution is provided with lighthouses (or light poles) on both sides of the field, and is suitable for practice fields, such as football, volleyball, and tennis courts. Its outstanding advantages are less power consumption and better vertical and horizontal illuminance. Due to the lower lamp post, this arrangement also has the advantages of cheap investment and easy maintenance.

The light poles should be evenly arranged, can be 6 poles or 8 poles. The height of the light pole should not be less than 12m, the projection angle should be between 150 and 250, and the maximum projection angle to the field edge should not exceed 750, and the minimum should not be less than 450. Generally, medium-beam and wide-beam floodlights are used. If there is an audience stand, the layout of the aiming point should be very meticulous. The disadvantage of this kind of lamp is that when the light pole is arranged between the field and the auditorium, it will be difficult to block the audience’s sight and eliminate shadows. In football stadiums that are not broadcast by television, the multi-tower distribution is adopted for the lateral arrangement of lighting devices, and the light strip arrangement is not used. The lighthouse is usually arranged on the east and west sides of the arena. Generally speaking, the height of the lighthouse with multi-tower lights can be lower than that of the four corners. Multi-tower layout includes four-tower, six-tower and eight-tower layouts. In order to avoid interference with the goalkeeper’s sight, the midpoint of the goal line is used as the reference point, and the lighthouse cannot be arranged at least 10m on both sides of the bottom line.

For the calculation of the lighthouse height of multi-tower lights, the triangle is perpendicular to the stadium and parallel to the bottom line, ≥250, and the lighthouse height h≥15m.

C. Light belts distribution

football stadium lights led layout

The lamps are arranged in rows on both sides of the court to form a continuous light strip lighting system. Its lighting uniformity and brightness between the athlete and the stadium are better. At present, it is recognized in the world that this way of lighting distribution can meet the various requirements of color TV broadcasting for lighting. The length of the light strip exceeds the goal line by more than 10m (for example: a sports field with a runway, the length of the light strip is preferably not less than 180m) to ensure that the goal area looks from the back with sufficient vertical illumination. At this time, the projection angle can be reduced to about 200. If a low-brightness illuminator is selected, it can be further reduced to about 150. In some stadiums, the lighting of the light belt is very close to the edge of the field (the angle of which is above 650), and sufficient vertical illumination cannot be obtained at the side of the field. In this way, “retracted” supplementary lighting must be added.

The general light-belt layout uses several types of projection lamps with different beam angles to project. The narrow beam is used for long-range projection, and the medium beam is used for short-range projection. Disadvantages of the light-belt arrangement: the technology required to control glare is relatively strict, and the physical feel of the object is slightly worse.

D.Mixed distribution

The mixed arrangement is a new type of lamp arrangement method that organically combines the four-tower or multi-tower arrangement with the light-belt arrangement. It is a form of lighting distribution that currently solves the lighting technology and lighting effects of large-scale comprehensive stadiums in the world. The mixed arrangement absorbs the advantages of the two kinds of lamps distribution to enhance the physical sense. The vertical illumination and uniformity in the four directions are more reasonable, but the degree of glare has increased. At this time, the four towers are often not set up independently, but integrated with the building, so the cost is less.
The floodlights used in the four towers are mostly narrow beams to solve long-range projections; the light beams are mostly medium beams to solve near-range projections. Due to the mixed arrangement, the projection angle and azimuth arrangement of the four towers can be handled flexibly, the length of the light belts arrangement can also be shortened appropriately, and the height of the light strip can also be reduced appropriately.

Section 3: Stadium lighting frequently Questions & Answers

1, What is the difference between LED projection light, LED flood light and LED spot light?

High-power LED projection light:

The characteristic of LED projection lamp is that the projection angle belongs to the middle beam light emitting angle, and the light emitting angle is in the range of 30°-90 °. It is mainly used for large square lighting, building lighting, garden lighting, stadium lighting, etc .; it has a long projection distance and is suitable for installation Places far from the irradiation distance and sports field, high pole lights, hanging towers and other places.

High-power LED flood light:

We mainly refer to outdoor lights with a luminous angle of more than 90 ° as floodlights. LED floodlights have the characteristics of wide illumination range and uniform illumination; they are mainly suitable for installation in outdoor stadiums, squares, advertising signs, stairs lighting, etc. . For example, in sports field and building lighting, it is usually complementary to LED floodlights, so that the illumination surface can be uniformly illuminated, that is, the LED floodlights illuminate a short range, and the LED floodlights illuminate a long distance. .

High-power LED spotlight:

football stadium lights fl spl series led

We mainly call lights with an angle below 30 ° as spotlights. Because the LED spotlight has a small luminous angle, the light can be gathered into a small area, and the light it emits can be as small as a single line, so it is well used The light emitted by the light source does not affect other objects outside the illuminated area, such as sculpture lighting, specific scene lighting, building column lighting, etc.

MECREE SPL series belongs to high power LED projection light and LED spotlight.

2, How many lights do we need to light up a football field?

mecree led stadium lights gl spl series

According to MECREE sports lighting experience, the standard football field (105 * 68m), used for outdoor professional games, needs to install about 80pcs 1000W LEDs on 4 light poles, which can reach an illumination of 500lux. A 170 * 90m football field with a runway requires 112pcs 1000W LED stadium lights installed on 4 light poles, which can reach an illumination of 500lux. A small football field of 45 * 28m requires 12pcs 300W sports lights to reach an illumination of 200lux. A 177 * 93m football field with TV broadcasting international competition, requires 216pcs 1000W LED stadium lights installed on 4 light poles, which can reach an illumination of 1500lux. For more information, please click here.

3, How much does it cost to build a football field?

The construction of a football field is roughly divided into five stages: land determination, field leveling, turf laying, supporting construction, and facility purchase. The size of the field and the materials used are the most important cost factors for building a football field. The specific cost is difficult to estimate. For the construction of community football stadiums ranging from US $ 100,000 to US $ 1 million. For the construction of a world-class football stadium, it will cost millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. More information,please click here.

millions football field

4, How many lumens are stadium lights?

Lumens are the units of luminous flux. The total amount of light emitted from the light source, expressed as F. The unit is lumens (Lm). The luminous intensity of the point light source is 1 canopy, and the luminous flux emitted at a unit solid angle (1 steradian) is “1 lumen”.

MECREE LED stadium lights is range from 100w-5000w, and the lumen of the LED stadium lights are below.

This table is a basic reference, for exact data depends on the brand, angle, color temperature, and color rendering index of the light source.


No matter which industry, its core competitiveness is inseparable from technology. As for sports lighting, whose products have more advantages in “glare” and “heat dissipation”, they can have a greater advantage in the market. MECREE stadium lights not only can accurately control the light, but also have the best heat dissipation system, and are at the forefront of modern sports lights.

From the U20 Women’s World Cup in 2016 to the Youth Olympics in 2018, from the 21st Edition of African Senior Athletics Championship to the Danish International Tennis Training Center, to Fraport Arena in Germany, etc. MECREE, relying on years of experience in the design and manufacture of sports lighting systems, has provided high-quality LED lighting fixtures for sports field in various countries in the world, and also provided more comfortable and safe competition and viewing atmosphere for athletes and spectators.

If you have any stadium projects, please feel free to contact us. We can provide free lighting design to make the best solution. We can provide one-stop services such as LED lights, light poles, installation, and distribution boxes.
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w
MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.

Which type of lamps used to light up sports stadium?

MECREE has launched the following series of LED Sport Stadium Lighting:

  1. SPL series stadium lights are designed for 160 feet to 1000 feet of lighting distances and 4K, 8K HD broadcasting.
  2. AFL series stadium lights are designed for lighting distances from 50 feet to 330 feet and improve the brightness uniformity.
  3. P73 series stadium lights are designed for the precise light control needs of the North American and European markets. The Upward Light Ratio of the P73 series LED stadium lights is 0%.


New LED Sports Lighting Solution Provider




Our precisely engineered optics of polarized light aim light directly onto the field of play, to shine uniformly and to minimize glare. Outdoor venues benefit from spill light control, no more skyglow and no more complaints from the neighbors.


1. Such light shield is useless,just misleading customers.
2. As tested it will cause 30% reduction of light output
3. While 70% still have high overflow
4. Unbearable strong glare
5. Waste energy,outdated reflective technology




The power supply and lamp body can be mounted separately, reducing the withstand weight of the lamp pole and facilitating maintenance.



Customized crossarms are available to meet all your existing old poles without replacing the main rod, crossarms bolt directly to light pole, easy and accurate installation saves time, ensures performance, safety and reliability,also lower the budget.

What can MECREE do for you?

We are not only a manufacturer of high-power LEDs, More professional services are also included:
Provide the most suitable solution through light simulation calculation. Design of Lighthouse, parameters required for building foundation, (axial force, shear force, bending force). High power generator set supporting,circuit design service,cable supply. We are your best supply chain manager! One stop service for you! Of course, lighting solutions for other fields are also included. Save you time,unnecessary costs and greater benefits.

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