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Many customers send us inquiries about the cost and price of stadium lighting (usually involving the replacement or refurbishment of 1000W to 2000W old metal halide lighting sources) when illuminating the football field and other large outdoor areas.

So, what is the price of LED stadium lights and sports lighting in 2020?

Football stadium lights for sale

We have learned that the average requirement for most fields is 200 lux. However, we have experience with all types of lighting from 100 to 2400 lux. However, 2400 lux is generally only suitable for International competition standards, which have weekly TV HD or 4K broadcast.

Assuming that a venue requires approximately 200 lux, this means that customers should aim to install a total of 20000 watts of overall lighting power (approximately 20 pcs 1000 Watt led floodlights or sports lights) in the stadium. In general, the budget for completing a specific type of football field should be around 14000 USD, also depending on the model or level of LED light you choose. Although the value of the project may be slightly more expensive than the use of metal halides. But for the long run, compared with the old light source, it brings many advantages: brightness level, 65% energy saving effect and longer service life.

outdoor led stadium lights 1000w

Section 1: How to get the costs for LED stadium lights and sports lighting?

A.What do you need to know about your football stadium?

-Size of the football field?
-Number of high masts, installation height and ?
-Brightness requirements (How many lux do you need) ?

B.How to know how much lux is needed for your football stadium? ( Check Below)

led football stadium lighting standard

Section 2: 4 Tips for finding a good LED stadium lights supplier.(You should know)

Outdoor LED Football Stadium Lights Suppliers

Check the website

There are several types of LED lighting, commercial lighting, Industrial lighting and sports lighting. View the main business of this company, standards are different in every field.

MECREE is a high power led flood light factory, focus on the LED Sports field lighting for over 10 years.

View services that can be improved

We met many customers and asked us how much would it cost to install lights in a football stadium? Most people do not know how many pieces and how many watt LED stadium lights are needed. Some of them will tell us directly that need to replace the 2000W old metal halide lighting, and how much would it cost if change to LED.

mecree led free dialux football stadium lighting design

Strictly speaking, such an algorithm is not accurate. With the same power and the same lumen, the effect is completely different due to different light distribution systems. We must do light simulation according to customer’s brightness requirements.

If you use our LED football stadium lights, how many lights should I buy? This may depend on several factors such as pole number, pole position, height and so on. However, for an average level of 200 lux, you should expect to install 20Kw on the ground.

Then let us give a specific project example

If the customer has a football field with a standard size of 105m x 70m and knows that he wants 300lux, he will ask us to estimate the proposal and lighting solution. How do we design? With this in mind, we certainly need to consider the client’s budget plan, so we have a variety of lighting models. Our customers can choose different specifications, performance and prices according to their specific requirements and budget plans; this will affect the lighting costs and prices of stadiums and the cost of LED floodlights to replace metal halides.

View project experience

legal project management led football stadium lights

MECREE lights are installed on 2016 FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup, Youth Olympic Games 2018, 21st Edition of African Senior Athletics Championship 2018 Asaba, Boland Cricket Stadium, and so on. Professional engineers guide installation on site.

Check warranty Terms

After sales service led football stadium lights

Many people generally only ask how many years of warranty, rarely see the warranty terms. It is very important to check the warranty terms.

Section 3: How to judge the credibility of the supplier (Chinese supplier) and avoid the risk of being cheated?

1.Check if the supplier is on the blacklist.

2.The comprehensive credibility of the enterprise. We can judge from the fan interaction in the corporate video channel and the foundation interaction on the social media homepage

3. Judging by the industrial and commercial registration information (establishment time, registered capital) and employee social security information of China’s comprehensive market.

Section 4: Replacement of LED lights with metal halides and how it affects stadium lighting costs and prices

LED lamps have a longer lifespan than metal halides. Most of our LED lights have a service life of 80,000 hours. This is already a high standard in the LED market. However, the lifetime of metal halides is usually about two to three years.

Therefore, the replacement of the bulb is more frequent than the replacement of the LED compared to the metal halide. Therefore, they spend more money and their satisfaction is getting lower and lower.

The emphasis on the above points is just to let you know that LED lamps are an inevitable trend to replace metal halides, and because of the many advantages of LED lamps, they are definitely more expensive than the old technology.

Therefore, if the customer is willing to use LED lights, we will provide him with many different suggestions according to his special needs. There are many ways to design the rod. For example, we can set 4 wires 35m high, 6 wires 25m high or 8 wires 10-15m high.

The fewer strokes in the stadium, the higher the number of strokes they need to extend in order to maintain uniformity. In these cases, we need to use a smaller beam angle, the beam can travel farther, and maintain a higher ground reach. Therefore, the entire football field can be brightly and uniformly illuminated. Similarly, the lighting effect will be affected by the pole distribution. The pole at the corner and the two ends of the pole will bring different light distributions, so we need different lighting solutions for different situations, which will ultimately affect the lighting cost and price of the stadium.

mecree gl spl series led stadium lights


MECREE is a manufacturer of stadium lights, provide lighting design, high masts, and supporting cables. Contact [email protected] now for professional guidance.

What can MECREE do for you?

what can mecree do for you
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w
MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.

outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w

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