IES Publishes Lighting Requirements for Soccer Fields

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The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) has announced publication of IES RP-6-15 — “Sports and Recreational Area Lighting.” The comprehensive Recommended Practice document is focused on lighting specifications for participants and spectators in sports and includes guidelines for a broad variety of activities ranging from croquet to soccer.

The level of detail in the lighting specification is exactly what specifiers will need to deliver excellent illumination in sports and recreation venues. For example, the document describes lighting specifically for boxing and wrestling and classifies them as ground-based sports. The lighting is more important for spectators and officials than for the participants. The fundamental recommendation for such activities is a definition of horizontal illuminance on a plane near or just above ground level. And the guidelines are broken up by class of venue with those classes defined in the nearby table.

What is LED stadium lighting good for?

How many lumens do you need to light up a football field

LED stadium lights are a more energy efficient, cost effective, and provide a more optimal light output. A great led lighting design should allow an even distribution of light across the playing field for both indoor and outdoor venues. Most LED arena lights include a folded aluminum fin in their design to help dissipate excess heat on energy sports lighting LED fixtures which improves broadcasting light quality and enhances the overall lighting experience. These qualities are beneficial to viewing the game because they improve broadcast lighting quality, enhance the overall lighting experience, and improve the playing time.

What types of LED lights are used in soccer stadiums?

How to choose the best type of football stadium lighting

Soccer stadiums typically use either LED flood lights or high bay lights, as you may have seen during the FIFA World Cup. These lights can typically be manually controlled; however, the problem with traditional lights is the type of bulb that is commonly used. They have become problematic when it comes to energy efficiency because they don’t provide much of it. Stadiums generally require a high intensity of light with some fixtures reaching as high as 200,000 lumens per fixture, which is why LED light bulbs would be more beneficial!

Keep in mind, energy efficiency isn’t the only benefit to LED lighting. Find out why stadiums across the country are making the switch to LED outside lights!

Lighting requirements for soccer fields

LED lighting on soccer fields will be uniform and in a way that does not hinder the vision of the players, the referee team or the spectators. Illuminating a soccer field. The goal is to ensure good visibility that allows players to follow the progress of the game. The ball, regardless of its location and speed, should always be clearly visible.

It will comply with the standard UNE-EN 12193 “Lighting of sports facilities” and will have the following minimum levels of lighting:

MINIMUM ILLUMINATION LEVELS (interior) Horizontal illumination
E med (lux)
E min / E med
Lighting class
International and national competitions 750 0,7 Class I
Regional competitions, high level training 500 0,7 Class II
Local competitions, training, school and recreational use 200 0,5 Class III

For color TV retransmissions and movie recording a vertical illuminance level of at least 800 lux is required. However this value can increase with the distance of the camera to the object. For more information, please refer to the cited standard.

In tracks to the outside the following minimum levels of lighting and glare maximums (GR) will be indicated in the mentioned norm:

MINIMUM ILLUMINATION LEVELS (interior) Horizontal illumination
E med (lux)
E min / E med
Lighting class
International and national competitions 500 0,7 Class I
Regional competitions, high level training 200 0,6 Class II
Local competitions, training, school and recreational use 75 0,5 Class III

Recommended luminaire in LED lighting on soccer fields

High Energy Saving of MECREE SPL series
For lighting on soccer fields, the GL-SPL luminaire is recommended, guaranteeing up to 80% less power consumption than traditional light sources, and multiple mounting and orientation options.

The GL-SPL series is the perfect solution both for general lighting and indoor and outdoor sports. With state-of-the-art LED technology and high-performance drivers, the GL-SPL series outperforms traditional products in many ways.

Product designed and certified for soccer fields. All of MECREE’s main products have the top level certificates in Europe, America and Australia areas. Including: TUV-GS for Europe, UL&DLC for US, ETL for Canada, CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, CB, TM21, IK10, etc. And all of them are with 5 years warranty on the complete luminaire.

What are the benefits to LED fixtures in soccer arenas?

LED lights provide superior illumination and are long lasting. The typical life span of LED flood lights or LED High Bay lights is 35,000 hours, which averages to about 4 years if on 24/7, so over time it will last you almost 3 times that! They also create a better viewing experience for you by creating better TV lighting, special effects, and improve the overall watching experience with HD viewing. In addition, retrofitting existing light fixtures to LED lights will lower both utility and maintenance costs over time by not having to be replaced as often.

Some other benefits for using LED stadium lights are:

Reduce Glare

Because LED lights include more flexibility and dimmability, they can lower the glare with their standard glare shield and are aimed specifically so they are out of the line of sight from both players and spectators.

Remove Shadows

The direction the lights face also help eliminate the shadows by creating uniformity for soccer stadium lights.

Eliminates Flicker

As for the flicker, LED flood lights are instant on and off and don’t require additional warming up time, and LED lights are best for spectators to look at because the uniformity creates a balanced light that doesn’t require their eyes to constantly adjust.


A good lighting design must consider all the full potential of the LED stadium lights. MECREE engineers consider the projects based on all known details and professional acknowledge, such as brightness levels, uniformity requirements, pole position and height, led sports lights choose and most important is the better for your budget. Contact us by [email protected] for the best baseball filed lighting solution & design.
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MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.
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