What do you call the lights on a football field?

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What do you call the lights on a football field

The football field is popular and everywhere in our life, so what do you call the lights on a football filed? Firstly, let me guess, football filed lights, soccer filed lights, football stadium lights, stadium lights, football stadium lights, soccer field lights, soccer field lighting, soccer stadium lights?

In fact, these football field lights are all floodlights. Why called them floodlights? What is the best floodlights used for football field? Please read on and find out, we break it down for you right here.

Section 1: What are floodlights? Why called floodlights?

Unique and professional design football stadium lights

Floodlights are an artificial form of light with a broad beam, they are the most popular type of lights that are used for illuminating big areas especially for outdoors.

You probably have seen some sort of flood lights outdoors, for example, street lights in city are also type of flood lights. What makes flood lights so popular is the large amount of lighting they can produce, and floodlights aren’t just used to give players better visibility, but they are also beneficial to television broadcasts. which are perfect for illuminating large areas like stadiums.

1)Where flood lights are used

Flood lights are mostly used outdoors like football field, football stadium, but you will also see flood lights being used in larger indoor places, like arenas. Flood lights come in all sorts of sizes, from few watts to thousand watts. Some of these areas the flood lights used are:

-Football field
-Sports fields
-Parking lots
-Indoor and outdoor arenas
-Mining site
-Airport/ Seaport
-Many other large areas

2)What is the differences between spotlight and floodlight?

what is the differences between spotlight and floodlight

The closest lighting device to a floodlight is a spotlight. Spotlights and floodlight are all can be used indoors and outdoors.

A spotlight casts a narrow beam of light, usually no wider than 45 degrees, they are usually designed for small areas or points, like display objects, wall artwork, landscape features, or architectural details in one direction.

A floodlight can have a beam spread of, at most, 120 degrees. It can light up a larger amount of space with the same wattage and lumen output as a spotlight. So it is popular used for football and stadium field.

If you find it difficult to remember the difference between a spotlight and a floodlight, keep this in mind: Spotlights illuminate a specific spot, while floodlights flood an area with light.

3)Why metal halides are switched to Led football floodlights?

There are two types football field floodlights– Metal Halides and Led football floodlights. As the high-power Led football field lights developed, more and more people are replacing MH lamp with Led football field lights, why?

Less heat: The high-quality LED football floodlights has good heat dissipation design with fast heat dissipation speed, the temperature is <75℃, ensure the lamp longer lifespan. While MH lamp is >100℃.

Energy Saving: 1000watt Led football stadium lights can replace 2000w MH lamp directly, and more brighter. It can save at least e 88% energy than MH lamp based on entire stadium, also saving the cost of extra energy consumption.

Higher CRI: The higher the CRI, the reality of the lighting effect will be under HDTV broadcasting. Led floodlights for football filed is CRI80+, 90+, while metal halides is around CRI 40.

Best Lighting control: Led stadium lights without flickering and light pollution. Won’t get the complain from your neighbor.

Instant on: Led stadium floodlights are instant on without warming up time, while Metal Halides need at least 15 minutes warming up time to operating.

Environmental protection: LED floodlights do not contain any toxic waste and do not leave any carbon footprint.

Dimmable system: Led stadium flood light can be adpoted with dimmable system, including 0-10V, 1-10V, Dali, DMX , you can adjust the brightness as you need.

Lowest Running cost: LED football field flood light is a one-time investment, high-quality LED has a long lifespan, without replacement and maintenance, can reduce 90% running costs than MH lamp.

Reliable Warranty: Ledstadium lights have 5-10 years warranty, more reliable than MH lamp of 2-3 years.

why metal halides are switched to Led football floodlights

4)How many watts of Led football field floodlights do you need?

How many watts of Led football field floodlights do you need

Well, it depends on the size, the height and lighting standard of your football field. Taking a typical football field pitch as an example, the size is around 105*60m, the lux level is around 200lx based on the table as below if used for training and entertainment, so the total wattage of led football field floodlights is 105*60*200/150=8400w.

This is just an estimate, the specific quantity needs to be combined with the actual situation of your stadium. If you want to know the specific data, please contact us to get dialux lighting solution.

Football Field Lighting Standards

led football stadium lighting standard

In fact, no matter what we call football field lighting, this is just a title. The important thing is that we need to find a good football field lighting, all of which are worth it.

Section 2: How to choose the right football field LED flood lights?

1)Quality LED chips

Bridgelux and lumileds etc are the leading brands of Led chips, Meanwell,Inventronics are the top brand of Led driver in dustry, we should choose the lights with reliable raw material.

2)High luminous efficiency

This determines the extend of energy saving of your LED flood lights. “Lumen per watt” is the unit indicating the energy efficiency. For example, a LED with 150 lumens per watt, it means that 1W power generates 150 unit of light and brightness. And hence, you will know that the lights with 150 lm/W is more energy saving than 120lm/W.

3)Good heat dissipation

good heat dissipation led stadium football lights gl fl series

Good heat dissipation avoids the LED flood light being damaged due to overheating. A good heat sink is made of pure aluminum with high heat conducting rate of 238 W/mk – The higher the value, the higher the conductivity rate. The die cast iron is only 54.4W/mk.

It is good that the temperature<75°C in high power Led floodlights, so the lifespan can be ensured longer. If temperature>100°C,it’s warning.

4)Waterproof of outdoor flood lights

For outdoor foot field, we need at least IP65 waterproof lights, the higher the better. If used for underwater, IP68 is required.

5)Color rendering index (CRI)

stadium lights

This is an index showing you how reality the color will be illuminated. In football field lighting, CRI 80 is required. Sometimes, we will need CRI90+ for film shooting, ary gallery.

6)Glare rate (light leakage)

Which is the key factor that affect the led football flied lighting.Too much glare or leakage will affect player’s and audiences’ eyes, it also reduce the brightness on the targeted areas. Choosing the lights with advanced optical design with lower Glare.

7)Flickering issue

It will affect the cameras when shooting the football games, especially for slow motion. The flickering rate must be zero.

Section 3: 4 tips for identifying LED football field lighting manufacturer

1)Identify the supplier’s business license

Identify the supplier's business license

Check the supplier’s business license on

Enter the Chinese name of the company or the social unified credit code. If it can be found and is consistent with the content on the business license, it means that the company really exists.

2)Own R&D team

This is important when we choose a good supplier. Because it is a new technology of the High power LED flood lights up to 1000 to 4000W in LED lighting field. If the companies have their own professional R&D team and develop the flood lamp by themselves, they will know their product thoroughly, in this way, they can give you the best lighting opinion and information.

3)Check the manufacturer’s project qualification

Check the football stadium lights manufacturer s project qualification

Visiting the stadium lights manufacturer’s website, checking their company history, and the international football stadium Led lighting project they have supported. If we are close to the project location, we can go to the site to see their lights in person.

4)Warning: Blacklisted supplier

Warning Blacklisted supplier football stadium lights

Every buyer only pays attention to price and quality, but most people will ignore it – Intellectual Property.

For example, Company “A” infringes Company “B” products, while you buy it from company “A”. Once the goods arrive at the customs, company “A”will be reported by company “B”, and will be blacklisted by custom. While your goods will be all withheld or destroyed, facing with huge losses of your business in the future.

Checking whether the manufacturer has patent certificate, it is very important to ensure that the product you buy is complied with laws and regulations.

Section 4: Conclusion

Mecree are specialized in sports & Stadium football lighting nearly 10 years, the Led football field floodlights meet the standard of FIFA word cup, Olympic Games, and Premier League matches. If you want to get the best and free football field lighting design, please contact us on at [email protected].

What can MECREE do for you?

what can mecree do for you
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MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.
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