Top 10 reasons college recreational facilities are upgrading to LED lighting

53 Published by admin 03 25,2020

Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

Not all recreational facilities for colleges and universities are indoors. Outdoor sports fields and courts are a staple of the college scene. College football, for instance, is one of the most important parts of the college athletics scene, and it requires proper lighting. LED lighting is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making it the go-to choice for all types of college recreational facilities.

Instant-on Capabilities

College recreational facilities aren’t used 24 hours a day, but they do need to be properly lit when someone wants to use them for the safety of students, athletes, and spectators. LED lighting, unlike other types of recreational lighting, doesn’t require a warm-up period. When you switch the light on, the light comes on at its full strength. This allows you to turn lights off when the facility is not in use, without sacrificing the quality of light when it’s needed.

Improved Versatility Allows for More Facility Usage

LED is a highly versatile light. It can be used for sporting events of all types, because it renders colors accurately, resists damage from water and impact, and creates no glare. This means that college recreational facilities can use LED lighting for a wide range of applications. If you have a multi-purpose rec facility that hosts sporting events, fine arts events, and social events, LED lighting works for all of these.

Longer Lifespan Reduces Maintenance Costs

Rec facilities tend to have tall ceilings to accommodate all of the activities that take place inside. Tall ceilings require a lift and a bit of effort when bulbs need replacement. LED lighting options last significantly longer than HID and HPS lighting for these facilities, so you will spend less time and energy on maintaining your lights. This translates into more savings for your school.

Improved Efficiency Lowers Costs

For colleges with tight budgets, spending money on recreational facilities is hard to do, but students need these facilities to enjoy a well-balanced education. With energy savings up to 65 percent, LED lighting allows colleges to save a little bit on this important part of their campus. In addition, LED lighting doesn’t heat up the facility like other lighting options may, so you won’t need additional cooling energy to keep your recreational facility at a comfortable temperature.


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Can Operate in Extreme Temperatures

LED sports field lights are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. This type of lighting is an ideal choice in hot weather, as it is unlikely to overheat and burst, or add extra unwanted heat to the area they are used within.

Reduced Eye Fatigue

LED sports field lights, typically emit a light with 5700°K colour temperature. This is near the color spectrum of the mid-day sun, and so allows the human eye to function and view objects better.


Traditionally, halogen lights have a lower price tag and they do provide a reasonable level of light. Their downfall is the bulb; once blown you are forced to stop working to replace it, and this then impacts on revenue and productivity.

Although the initial cost is higher, LED’s offer reduced energy use, which decreases running costs and helps prevent downtime and loss in revenues. Expenditure for LED Work lights are repaid, on average within 24 months.

Greater Functionality & New Uses

Unlike HPS or MH lamps, LED lights don’t need to be warmed up and are able to be dimmed. High schools are using LEDs to create intelligent lighting systems that can increase in brightness when students or players are present, and dim when they are not needed.

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