Energy Efficient LED Luminaires for Airports

48 Published by admin 03 25,2020

A safe airport requires the right lighting. Properly lighting any potential obstructions and providing clear lighting for the approach path is critical to ensure pilots can land safely. Airfield lamps must have a wide beam angle, minimal glare and crisp illumination. MECREE LED Luminaires have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they provide proper illumination in all weather conditions, helping airports maintain proper visibility for pilots and ground crew alike.

Energy Efficient Airport Lighting with MECREE LED

MECREE LED Luminaires offer the most energy efficient lighting in its class. Providing 140 lumens per Watt delivered, these efficient Luminaires will lower energy expenses by over 80 percent in most applications, without sacrificing visibility and clarity. This combination of effective lighting with high visibility and energy efficiency makes MECREE LED Luminaires particularly well-equipped for the airport scene.

Reduce Time and Expense Spent on Replacements

MECREE LED Luminaires have one of the longest rated lifetimes in the industry. The Luminaires feature a proprietary thermal management design using a patented cross ventilation system that reduces the amount of heat in the Luminaire. This is critical, because heat damages LED Lighting and reduces the overall lifespan of a lamp as well as lumen depreciation.

MECREE LED Luminaires create a continuous airflow using this signature technology, keeping the interior electronic components cool and extending the lifespan of the Luminaire. Add to this the already lengthy lifespan of the MECREE LED Luminaire in general, and you will find yourself spending much less time replacing and servicing lamps and fixtures when you make the switch to MECREE LED.

This long lifespan is particularly important in airport and air field applications. A burned-out lamp or fixture is not just an annoyance in these applications – it is a serious safety issue. When a lamp burns out, pilots cannot clearly see the runway, and accidents are more likely. MECREE LED Luminaire options reduce the risk of lamp failure, so you spend less time, effort and money replacing burnt out lamps and fixtures.


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Brighten the Runway with MECREE LED

MECREE LED Luminaires are the perfect solution for the modern airport. Replace your existing lights with energy-efficient LED Luminaires from MECREE LED and ensure proper visibility while saving money on energy and maintenance at the same time.

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