How to minimize energy costs at ports & shipping yards?

81 Published by admin 03 24,2020

High Mast Lighting and LED Are the Perfect Fit

In a shipyard, high mast lighting is the right choice. Strategically placed around the shipyard, these lights are far off the ground, but provide a wide beam of illumination on the ground or water below. Because they take up little space near ground level, yet provide a wide arc of light, high mast lights fit the port environment quite well.

MECREE LED Luminaires are perfectly suited to serve as high mast lights. These lights cut energy costs by as much as 65 percent and cut maintenance costs through longer lifespans. They are specifically designed to withstand the marine environment with corrosion-resistant materials and a system that dissipates heat to reduce damage to the electrical components. This combination makes these an all-weather light, perfect for outdoor port use. This means maintenance crews will spend less time and effort on luminaire replacement when you choose MECREE LED Luminaires.

Improved Visual Accuracy Improves Operations

While not directly related to energy costs, changing to MECREE LED Luminaires also improves visual accuracy. This means that work crews can perform their duties more effectively, limiting costly mistakes or accidents due to poor visualization. These Luminaires also reduce visual fatigue, so workers can work more efficiently.


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Retrofit Lighting Makes Switching Easy

Making the change to more energy efficient MECREE LED Luminaires does not require costly upgrades to your lighting. You can enjoy these efficient and effective light options easily, because they are retrofit to work within your existing lighting structures. Making the switch is as simple as taking out your existing lighting and replacing it with efficient MECREE LED Luminaires.

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