High School Sports Field Lighting

100 Published by admin 03 23,2020

According to a recent survey by the national federation of state high school associations (NFHS), 7.9 million American students now compete in high school track and field, a record 29 years in a row. As participation and support for every sport from football to rugby, hockey and track and field grows, so does the need and expectations for sports facility design.

High school sports facilities are being used like never before.They are hubs of community activity, and with them come new needs and challenges.New industry trends ensure that high school sports facilities are as user – and spectator friendly as large professional stadiums that students are eager to attend.Today we’re going to talk about sports field lighting for high schools.

Lighting technology

For decades, large metal halide lights hung over high school sports facilities, boldly illuminating the field for long periods as night fell. But as LED technology becomes cheaper, professional playgrounds are following suit, switching in droves at high school playgrounds.

LED sports lighting fixtures are still expensive to start with, but they cost less to maintain over the long term, and they have longer life spans and more functionality.

It takes at least five minutes for the metal halide lamp to warm up and reach its maximum brightness, consuming and wasting very high amounts of energy. LED sports floodlights reportedly use 60 to 80 percent less energy and can be turned on instantly.In addition, they provide a more uniform source of light similar to sunlight, thus improving security, visibility and broadcast quality.

MECREE GL-SPL series LED sports lighting design aims to solve the problems of slow start-up, high energy consumption, low power factor, high working temperature, light fading, short life, ultraviolet radiation, non-waterproof and difficult maintenance of traditional lamps for high schools.

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