Testing for LED lamps and luminaires Document quality standards with our lamp tests

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You want to assure your customers that your lamps, lights and LEDs are very safe and of high quality? Our experts offer a range of testing and certification standards in line with the prescribed directives and standards. We test the energy efficiency, usability and safety of your products. Whether your lamps, lights and LEDs are designed for personal or industrial use, with mains power or run on batteries. The support provided by our experts ranges from intermediate testing during product development to the international approval of your products.
Use our testing and certification for lamps and lights to comply with the legal requirements and communicate a high-quality standard to your customers. Benefit from the extensive experience of our inspectors who test and assess your lights as an independent third party.
Learn about our testing for lighting and LEDs. Contact our experts!
Quick testing times and fast market access through testing and certification for your lamps
Testing and certification for your lamps provides a competitive advantage through our neutral and internationally recognized test mark. It documents that your products are conform to the standards, comply with the prescribed safety standards, and are of high quality. At the same time, you benefit from our quick testing times.
Not only do you offer your customers an important aid to decision-making, you also reduce your company’s liability risk. Certification with our test mark also enables you to access national and international markets quickly.
test flood light led
Once testing and certification is complete, we will award our test marks to your product:
1. ENEC / ENEC+ mark
2. Bauart mark
3. Test mark for hygiene properties
4. GS mark
5. CE standard conformity
What does the CE marking mean?
The CE marking (CE= Conformité Européenne = European conformity) is a statement by the manufacturer that he has complied with the applicable regulations as specified in the harmonization regulations of the European Union. The CE marking is intended for national monitoring authorities. That means the CE marking is not a certification or quality mark. Instead, it is an administrative mark, almost like a European “passport”.
test floodlight led
Emark certification applicable countries and regions
1. Apply emark authentication of European countries: Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, the Czech republic, Spain, Serbia and Montenegro, Britain, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, bosnia and herzegovina, belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ukraine.
2. Asian countries applying emark certification: Turkey, azerbaijan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand.
3. African countries that apply emark certification: South Africa, Tunisia.
4. Oceanian countries applicable to emark certification: Australia and New Zealand.
5. Other applicable countries or regions: Egypt and parts of the Middle East.
Necessity of TUV Mark certification
1. Always effective
2. Can display unique features of the product
3. One or more product features can be combined for declaration
4. The TUV logo not only guarantees the safety and quality factors of the product, but also provides other authentication information, such as ergonomics.
This increases the credibility of your product and makes it easier for buyers and consumers to make purchase decisions.
TUV Mark certification process
I. project planning stage
A. customer provides product information
B. TUV of Germany determines the certification scheme of this product
II. Project execution stage
A. The client formally applies
B. Germany Rhine TUV project and designated project engineer
C. Technical meeting and annual factory inspection, prepare samples and technical data
D. product testing
E. Whether it has passed (it needs rectification if it has not passed)
F. German engineer TUV sorted out the documents and submitted the report
G. Enterprises applying for certification for the first time are subject to factory examination
H, Germany Rhine TUV certificate issuing department audit report and issued certificates
III. Annual review stage
A.Whether the factory has passed the audit (if not, the factory needs rectification)
B. Germany Rhine TUV issued annual factory certificate

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