What certificates you need when exporting led lights to Australia?

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Introduction of SAA certificates
The standard institution in Australia is Standard Association of Australian. The Australian standard agency is an independent company with no direct relationship to the government, but the federal and state governments are its members. The SAA and the Australian federal government signed a memorandum recognizing the SAA as the top organisation for non-governmental standards in Australia. The memo also notes that standards should be in accordance with WTO requirements.
SAA certificate stands for an electrical product entering the Australian market that is subject to local safety regulations. Due to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, all products certified by Australia can be successfully marketed in New Zealand.
Safety certification (SAA) is required for all electrical products. Mecree Led focus on high power led floodlight from 100-5000w, passed the SAA certificates.
SAA certificates led stadium light
How to apply for SAA certificates
1. Apply SAA certificates directly: About 3-4 period
2. Transfer SAA by CB certificates: About 2-3 period
SAA certificates stadium light
Mecree Led Process of Applying: (Pass the “standard mark”)
1. Fill in the application form
2. Product sample sending test
3. Product rectification (If the test fails)
4. Issuing report
5. Report evaluation
6. Issuing Certificate
There are two kinds of SAA certificates, one is “Form approval”: only requires the manufacturer to provide samples and conduct laboratory tests according to SAA product standards.
SAA certificates led stadium lights
Another one is the “standard mark” : not only test the sample but also requires factory inspection.
How to figure out the ETL certificates is true or false?
The website of querying SAA:
(You can directly put the certificates NO, and production description and model you need, then you can see the whether this company has pass SAA certificates or not).
Caution: Electrical products exported to Australia must meet electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. Some other companies in the market pay for a certificate, or ps a fake one, and the product doesn’t pass verification.
If you don’t have this certificates or use fake one: you need accept the Penalty provision.
1.Detain or confiscate the goods
2. Individual fine: about $10,000 and the company: about $200,000
3.In another way, it will affect your company’s reputation directly.
For the products passed SAA certificates: the raw material cost of the product is 3-5 times that of the ordinary product, the regular factory inspection fee, the cost of manufacturing design and the seven-s standard employee training and so on, which all determine the stability and risk of the product.
Why you need choose Mecree
mecree certifications
Mecree Led pass SAA, CE, CB, C-TICK, RoHs,FCC, ETL,IP67, ISO-9001-2015 etc.
With more than 5 years experiences in doing outdoor led project throughout the world.
If customers from Australia, we can provide you the SAA and COO certificates.
Below are some examples of Mecree LED: 100w/300w/1000w
SAA certificates led stadium lighting
Material: Top 3 in led market, USA CREE chip, Taiwan MeanWell drive. 6063 Aluminum alloy and SUS304 with electrophresis and powder-painted treatment.
Optical: DIWL calculus optical lens, no flickering, low light decay<5%(in 5 years). Light transmittance>98%.
Heat sink: The most cooling area in Led market, junction temperature<65℃
If you are interested in Mecree products, pls feel free to contact with [email protected]

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