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What is the best tennis court lighting? Whether new or upgraded with existing lighting, our LED Sport lights are the best choice for you when it comes to metal halides, halogens, mercury or HPS replacements. Different application-High schools, universities, commercial or residential tennis courts, clubs or centers have different requirements and considerations for Sport lights when installing high masts.
In 2018, we released a new series of Sport lights, expecially used as tennis court lighting that are good cost performance. Nomater for indoor or outdoor tennis courts. In addition to lighting selection, photometric analysis and lighting design are also key to success. Here are some reasons to choose we Mecree.

1.Fulfils your requirement

Many of us may not know how many sets and LED lighting arrangements are needed.Whether it is an outdoor tennis court or an indoor tennis court, we need to know the nature of your court and whether it is an entertainment venue or for professional matches.For commercial areas open to the public, the required brightness is about 200 to 300 lux.In fact, due to the owner’s unique requirements, the brightness requirements will be different.
According to the ITF’s tennis court lighting recommendations, there are three categories of lighting.Class I is the most professional for international competitions such as 2016 U20 FIFA Women World Cup; Class II represents local club competition and other intermediate competitions;The third category is recreational games.The three levels of lux are different. For example, class I needs 500 lux, class II needs 300 lux and class III needs 200 lux.

2.Find the suitable Power LED for your Tennis Court

Let’s take 200lux as an example ,because it is one of the most typical requirement.
Let’s do a quick calculation. In order to light up a 200-square-meter course, at least we need to install lights that produce 200 square meters * 200 lux = 40,000 lumens.If you choose our LED Sport lights for your tennis court, the power required = 40,000/150 = 267 watts, which means each court needs about 300 watts of LED Sport lights. As a result, you can see that LED is an energy saving option because the power consumption is reduced after replacing from a metal halide or halogen lamp.However, it only considers the tennis competition area, not the spectator seat area.For more accurate lighting design, our engineers will support you.
You don’t have to worry that it’s hard to find LED lights with a specific power, because we make different types of Sport lights, from 100 watts to 5,000 watts;Therefore, you can always find the most suitable for your tennis courts.

3.Our Sport Lights provide high Uniformity for Tennis Court

After Solving the power selection, we need to focus on the uniformity of the lighting.It is a value from 0 to 1 that reflects the ratio of the minimum or average illumination to the maximum illumination in a specific region. We can imagine that as the difference between the average lux and the maximum lux decreases, the uniformity increases as the value increases.
Some owners may require that the Sport lights on the tennis court be more uniform.Such a requirement is reasonable, because the uneven brightness on the pitch will affect the player’s vision, which in turn affects the player’s performance and the audience’s experience.In general, 0.6 to 0.7 degrees of uniformity apply to almost all types of tennis courts.To get the best results, our engineers used LED lights at various beam angles and projection angles.In the professional setup, we will need hundreds of smaller power leds.

4.High CRI for Tennis Court

An index in CRI, indicating how real the colors observed in the light are. For top tournaments like Internation competitions, the tennis court lighting must be at least 80 CRI.

5.Our Sport Lights with High lum output

How do I know if the lighting is energy-efficient? In fact, there is no direct relationship between Sport lights power and brightness. A less powerful light may be brighter than a more powerful one. For example, a 1000-watt metal halide bulb has a lighting efficiency of 65 lm/W, so its lumen output is 1000 x 65 = 65,000 lumens.However, our 500-watt LED has 150 lm/W, which is 500 x 150 = 75,000 lumens.It has been observed that if we choose high-efficiency tennis court lighting, we can use less power and therefore less light.
In order to avoid expensive maintenance, we suggest to adopt high quality and durable led sport lights.


We offer a wide range of LED Sport Lights from 100w-5000w, and offer perfect light design, welcome to contact us for more products details by [email protected]

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