How to Light the Race Track

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Good track lights help to improve the safety of drivers and spectators, providing a bright and uniform illumination to the track. Today, because of the greater energy efficiency and durability of LED lights, they are often installed and starting to replace traditional lighting, such as HPS, MH, halogen lamps, and so on. Our highway lighting system can be used for recreational or international competitions such as NASCAR and Formula 1 world Championship. Let’s explore how to light up the track and arena with LED lights.

Race track lighting design


1. Brightness (Lux) lighting requirements for the race track

Unlike normal drivers, high-speed cars require full concentration and drivers need to deal with any emergency on the track. Generally speaking, the 700-1000 lux level will be the minimum required for floodlights on the racing track, and depending on the special requirements of racing associations such as NYRA, the horizontal and vertical lux levels can be as high as 1500-2000 lux.
There are two types of lux levels, horizontal and vertical. The former represents the brightness of the ground and (horizontal surface), while the latter represents the side lighting of the sports car. The optimal ratio is approximately 1:1, providing the best lighting quality in the racing venue.
When it comes to lighting choices, we may be confused. Let’s look at the following example.

How much power do we need to light up the race track?

We need to get the length, area and height of the high mast of the motorway. For a 1000 sqm field requiring 800 lux, the lumen requirement = 1000* 800 lux = 800000 lumen, so we can know that theoretically at least 6000W LED lights are required. As this is only a preliminary calculation, please feel free to contact our sales representative for more information.

2. Lighting uniformity

In addition to the brightness level, the motor highway lights should be enough to “uniform”. Uniform illumination indicates that lux is evenly distributed over the track. This parameter reflects whether there is peak brightness in an area. If the lux level at all sampling points is the same, the illumination uniformity will be equal to 1 (maximum).
Generally speaking, 0.5 to 0.6 illumination uniformity will be satisfactory. To further improve the user experience, we offer LED racing lighting solutions of 0.7 to 0.8 degrees of uniformity, providing you with an unparalleled lighting experience.
Special tip for beginners: how do I know if the lighting solution is bright and uniform? In the lighting industry, we will collect the above information in the photometer report. DIALux and RELUX are general-purpose software used by lighting designers and engineers. Of course, we can provide you with lighting design report for free. Please feel free to contact us for professional lighting advice.

3. CRI (color rendering index)

CRI shows how real the colors we can experience under the lighting. CRI is at most 100, which is equal to sunlight. This is an essential parameter when selecting the best lighting, because at low CRI lighting (<60) the color of the station wagon will be distorted.
Depending on your needs and lighting requirements, we offer high CRI up to 80 or 90 sport lighting, so we can see “real” colors.

Mecree 300W LED Floodlights for Race Track field in Germany


4. No flicker lighting for racing cars

Viewers and journalists may want to capture the thrill of the moment and film a luxury sports car. Today, almost everyone has a phone capable of shooting 4K or slow-motion (i.e., 240 FPS, 960 FPS) video. Our advanced lighting is designed for high speed photography up to 6000 Hz.


If you are interested, have any questions or needs on race track lighting, please feel free to contact us via [email protected], Mecree, high quality LED lights with professional engineer team will help you. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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