Why choose high quality lighting

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Since the burning of Notre Dame in Paris, it has set everyone thinking. Some things exist as the only property in the world. So it wasn’t just a building that burned down, it was an artifact of human history. Just like the famous stadiums in the world, the safety is worth considering

Why choose high quality lighting

The importance of power safety

For stadium buildings, the most likely cause of fire is the power factor. So safe electricity is one of the reasons to protect the stadium. And the main effect of electric power or supply lighting system, if the quality of the lighting used is not high, the possibility of an accident will be greatly increased. The formation of serious safety hazards, and even endanger the personal safety of the audience.

Why choose high quality lighting

The important of the stadium light

We can see the open fire fire is originated from lamps or directly caused by the circuit, the quality of lighting is not good, heat dissipation function is insufficient, leading to the light source or lamp line overload load will occur fire, or because the heat dissipation system of lighting is not good, there are flammable things on the lighting caused by the fire

Why choose high quality lighting

The cooling system of the Mecree LED

The heat dissipation design of Mecree GL-SPL series lighting is a major selling point of the product. It has a unique heat dissipation system design, which not only ensures the safety of the lighting, but also greatly improves the life of the lighting, so that most functions are improved in the process of use. Each lamp has a special 72 superconducting copper tube, effective and fast absorption of heat produced by the wick. It also transfers well to a finned radiator, allowing the heat to evaporate 360 degrees.

Why choose high quality lighting

The important of the IP ranking

To a lot of stadiums basically are to belong to open-air form, so the requirement of waterproof dustproof level also is to have this certain standard to lamps and lanterns. Mecree LED has reached the level of IP66, so it can meet the safety standard for outdoor lighting requirements.Even after years of dust accumulation and wind and rain, it still works

Why choose high quality lighting

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