LED Light for Refinery

567 Published by admin 04 23,2019

Model No: GL-SFL-500/1000W
Mecree is a company with explosion proof Led refinery lighting. To make the safe environment, the gas station is usually located in remote places. This construction turns the petroleum and crude oil into gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt and so on. LED refinery lighting play an important role in offering proper lighting across the oil cracking site, which is to have 24/7 operation of the oil refinery especially at night. Let’s explore the advantages of replacing Led lights for refinery when works under high temperature.

LED refinery lighting for energy saving

The key reason for you when buy led lights for OIL REFINERY is the capability of energy saving. After replacing MH or HID lamp with Led lights for oil refinery, you will save at least about 80% energy. Because the light efficiency of led is 150lm/w while MH lamp is only 40-60lm/w. For the same consumption of energy, the Led refinery lights will give out more illumination or high lumen .It also can help improve the security if when only spend less energy on this filed.

LED refinery lights with advanced cooling system

LED refinery lighting is made with strong aluminum alloy and high durability lens. Which tolerates high impact as well.
It will very flammable for the interior environment because of high concentrations of gasoline and or the CH4. A little bit of spark will cause disastrous results like explosion or being on fire. First, we design with secret standard, our material for Led refinery lighting is from top 3.
Second, we have our own patent heat sink, the coefficient of our fin is at least 50% higher than aluminum die-casting. Besides, each fin was cut by three times to make it thin and light, which increase the cooling area as well. Our junction temperature of Led refinery lights is below to 65℃ all the time. You never need worry about the lights will be failed or catch fire under such oil refinery field.
See the pictures of the heat sink and therm testing for GL-SFL-1000W:

Acidic Water & Dust Proof

There will be acid rain near this area, don’t worry about the waterproof problem. The Led refinery lighting was passed IP66 waterproof and dust-proof ability.
Besides, we have done electrophoresis and powder-painted treatment to make it real anti-corrosion. If the lights being heavily corroded, how dangerous it will be when seeing it drops down.
If you still worry about how to select led lights for high temperature area, please feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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