How to Win the Sports Lighting Bidding Project?

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Electrical and lighting contractors are the key to your success. The sport and stadiums lighting tenders are often worth millions of dollars. How to remain invincible in the fierce competition? Here are some Suggestions for contractors to increase their chances of winning the highly competitive lighting tenders.

Who is MECREE?

Mecree is a manufacturer specializing in sports LED lighting. We have helped our clients win countless amazing lighting biddings, such as the FIFA World Cup, Winter Olympics Ice Hockey stadium lighting, NBA basketball court lighting, and over 100 sports filed lighting tenders. Would you like to be our next partner?

1. Our Lights meet the Lighting requirements of all sports filed.

The illumination is always the fundamental requirement of a sports lighting projects. For the FIFA standard ball field, the football field has the highest standard level of 2400 lux (vertical – face of football players), and 3500 lux (horizontal – the turf), which is an exceptionally high value. It is the key to produce sufficient illumination of sports lighting fixtures. Our LED sports lights have maximum power of 5000W and can produce 750,000 lumens.

2. Our lights have high illumination uniformity

Almost everyone can achieve illuminance, how to stand out from the crowd? The key is the uniformity of lighting. It describes the distribution of illuminance in the motion area. The uniformity of poor sports lighting is very low, as can be seen from bright spots and dark spots.

The uneven distribution greatly affects the performance of the athletes, thus affecting the user experience of the athletes. Therefore, we need to ensure that the solution is bright and uniform enough.
We have a team of lighting engineers who are proficient in photometric design. The lamp has been carefully designed, so that the lamp has a very high uniformity.

3. Our LED Lights Support UHD Broadcasting Requirement

The lighting solutions that support the UHD TV broadcasting impress the end users. Generally speaking, under high-speed cameras of 5000 – 6000 Hz, the quality of the luminaires is good if there is no flicker, so it is suitable for almost all sports lighting applications.

4. Our LED avoids light pollution — excessive light

As we all know, the glare emitted through the stadium will affect the normal life of nearby residents.
If the lighting design is inaccurate, excess light pollution can affect residents a few kilometers away.
Our LED sport lighting beam angle and lens design, combined with patented anti-glare cover design, puts the beam into a specific area, avoids 90% of the light leakage.

Many of our dealers and contractor customers will replace the old lights in the community football field with our lights and test them in the field.
If the light pollution problem is solved, we are one step closer to the goal of creating a comfortable life.

5. Our sports lights have 27 years lifespan.

No one wants to buy the lamp that can only be used for a few months to install in the high altitude of 8M to 40M. Almost all end users are looking for “last” light alternatives. LED have high life span than metal halide, HPS or halogen floodlights. According to laboratory test data, the working life of our LED floodlights is up to 80,000 hours and work 8 hours a day, which is equivalent to 27 years. It is a huge demand for your customers.


If you are a tendering contractor, why not let us be one of your partners? We provide you with the best lighting solutions and lighting advice to help you stand out from the competition. If you are interested, have any questions or needs on bowling alley lighting, please feel free to contact us via, Mecree, high quality LED lights with professional engineer team will help you. We will reply you within 24 hours.

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