MECREE LED application in stage lighting

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Stage is the place that people used to represent things, which also has a light transformation, to the stage in people’s field of vision, as a visual scene show, lighting has become an indispensable part of on the stage, along with the development of The Times, the innovation of science and technology make the development of stage light is more comprehensive, gradually formed a set of independent systems

The Sport Usual Light Position Of a Stage Light


1. Surface Light

The light from the top of the audience to the stage is mainly used for the front lighting of the characters and the basic lighting of the whole stage.

2. Auxiliary Light

Located on both sides of the platform, the light slanting on the stage is divided into upper and lower layers, with the main auxiliary surface light to strengthen the facial lighting and increase the three-dimensional sense of characters and scenes.

3. Side Light

Also known as column light, light projected from both sides inside the mouth of the table, mainly used for the two side lighting of characters or scenes, to increase the sense of three-dimensional, contour.

4. Top Light

The light from the top of the stage to the stage is divided into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows of top light and so on. Mainly used for general stage lighting, enhance stage illumination, and there are a lot of scenery, props fixed point irradiation, mainly rely on the top light to solve

5. Backlight

The light projected from the opposite direction of the stage, such as top light, bridge light and other reverse irradiation, can outline the outline of people, scenery, enhance the three-dimensional and transparent sense, also can be used as a specific light source

6. Bridge Light

The light cast on the stage at the footbridge on both sides of the stage is mainly used to assist the side light and enhance the stereoscopic sense. It is also used for other light positions that are inconvenient to project and can also be used as a specific light source.

7. Footlight

The light projected onto the stage from the platform in front of the platform, mainly auxiliary surface light to illuminate and eliminate the shadow formed by the high position of surface light shining on the face and jaw of the characters

8. Sky Light

The light cast from above and below the canopy, used chiefly for illumination and color change

9. Flow Light

Located on both sides of the stage on the mobile light frame, the main auxiliary bridge light, complement the light on both sides of the stage or other specific light

10. Spotlight

From the audience or other positions with the light, mainly used to track the performance of actors or highlight a specific light, and used for the host, is a close-up of stage art, to make the finishing point

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