How much cost you will save for LED lights? Telling you the reality of LED

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As we know, light is like our body, we couldn’t lose it or even maintain and replace it frequently. Plus the Global Warming, Resource Shortage, we need to change something of what we can do.
According to the statistics, which is the biggest percentage in the cost of life is electricity bill. How to save the energy and make full use of the electricity is an important problem.
LED lights are becoming more and more popular and installed here and there. Let’s see how much the LED lights will save and the reality of the reasons LED lights.

LED light – Saving more cost for you


1.No need of replacement

High lifespan – LED lights are better than any of other traditional lights. The lifespan of Led light can up to 80000hrs, while the Metal halide or HPSL is only 7000hrs, let alone the conventional incandescent lamp with short time of 1000hrs.
If you light up for 8hrs each day, you can easily calculate that using Led lights can last for more than 80000/ (8hrs*365days)=27 years. While other lights only last for 2 years or even half a year.
Therefore, you don’t need to worry about to replace the lights frequently.

2.The lowest electricity cost

Maybe you still wander the LED light and MH lights or HPSL because of the purchasing price. The following can be well explained why the running cost is lowest if using LED lights in the long term.
The avg lighting cost of 100W LED light is $85, and the cost of 500W metal halide is $25. It is based on the assumption that 0.12 kilowatt/h of electricity and is used for 8 hours for each day.If use for 1 year:
Then the total cost:
100W LED Light cost + running cost = $85 + (100W/1000 * $0.12) * 8 hours * 365 days = $120
500W MH light cost + running cost = $25 + (500W/1000 * 0.12) * 8 hours * 365 days = $200
After one year, the 100W LED light can save $80 than 500W MH lamp. Plus you will take on the whole lights in your area, in total how much cost will save for you?

Why more and more people replace to LED lights?


1.Environmental friendly

LED lights is free of toxic substances such as lead and mercury, and won’t give out any harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides as well as carbon dioxide. There’s no UV and no infrared in the spectrum, no heat, no radiation, little glare, and the waste can be recycled with no pollution. While Incandescent or fluorescent lamp etc is on the contrary.
To help you live a reassuring and safe environment, why not to choose LED lights?

2. Instant on or off

If your project is for national or international competition, you need to prepare the time (About 5 seconds) for the lights be turned on completely, if you turn off one light unintentionally, do you know how long you need wait to return the lights on? It’s will be about 30minutes until the traditional lamp completely cooled because of the temperature of lights is up to 100°C. That’s to say, the athletes, the audiences, the photographer all need to wait.
But LED lights is instant on and off, you just need to prepare your mind of competition in the great shinning environment.

3. Perfect cooling system

LED lights are not like the traditional lamp, die-casting aluminum for the heat sink, it’s very heavy and with bad thermal conductivity. MECREE LED lights use 6063 aluminum alloy material, each heat sink was treated by electrophoresis and powder-painted treatment to keep it real anti-corrosion. Besides, each find was cut by many times to be thin and light, so our cooling system is the biggest in Led market.
If the temperature of the lights up to 100°C,it will bring the safety problem of firing.But Mecree Led with junction temperature 65°C. You don’t need to worry about it even lighting for all day.

Why LED light is more bright?

MECREE LED use advanced optical technology, with calculus optical lens, PC material. PC material has the cost difference of 1-6 times. You can easily see the following pictures of bad material of optical in the car, it was aging and blurring soon, light decay>80% in one year, you need to replace the lights each year.

But MECREE LED is on the contrary, light decay<5% (in 5 years). Plus the perfect cooling system, not only it can ensure the long lifespan>80000hrs, but also ensure the low light failure.
LED light is more bright with 160lm/w, while the MH lights is 100lm/w, let alone the incandescent lamp. Besides, MECREE LED focus on the uniformity of the lighting area, with LED lights, the quantities of LED lights << traditional lamps. You can check the following pictures, they shows that LED lights with no air pollution, more uniform and bright.

If you want to save money, trust us, LED lights can bring more benefits for you. Maybe at first you may be doubted by the price between the LED and traditional lamp. But in the long term, you will find it’s of great worth.
The following is the 200W/300W/400W led lights for your reference. If you are interested in it, pls feel free to contact with [email protected]

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