Outdoor LED parking lot lighting design

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Urban Parking lot

With the development of economy, many people has own cars. The urban parking lot enables the normal and operation of cars in the city. The parking lot is becoming an essential component of a city, and its illumination also be important.Targeted lighting in the parking lot is not only to ensure the use of requirements, but also to ensure the safety of property and people.

The parking lot illumination standard

The above 400 parking lots standard horizontal illumination is 30lx, and the uniformity of horizontal illumination should reach more than 0.25. According to the classification of traffic volume, the average horizontal illumination Eh and AV maintenance of parking lots with high traffic volume are 20lx, and the uniformity of illumination should reach more than 0.25
The illumination at the entrance and toll collection point of the parking lot should not be lower than 50lx, and the standard of horizontal illumination is 30lx

Parking lot lighting design choose

Reasonable lighting design is very important for improving illumination uniformity, feeling, glare.The lighting effect of parking lot is totally different depending on the lighting pattern.At present domestic a lot of parking lot uses high master or half high pole light, lanterns is decorated little, the problem that this kind of parking lot compares outstanding is whole the illumination evenness inside parking lot ground is poorer, and park a vehicle a little more, can form block shadow, aggravate its are not even.Contrast with this is the use of ordinary street light poles,lanterns layout point of the situation

Parking lot lighting standards

HID light and LED light are common choices for the parking lot. LED is a solid state light source with small volume, fast response, can be modular combination, DC power supply drive characteristics, light manufacturing brings great convenience.In addition, recently the LED development speed is very fast. The price of light source decreases rapidly which creates good conditions for LED application.In addition, considering the requirements of safety, security, feature identification, inspection certificate, environment and atmosphere, the specific lighting parameters are as follows: the luminescence rate of the lights is more than 85%, the LED lights PF is more than 0.95, the overall light efficiency of LED lights is more than 100lm/W, the power efficiency of the lights is more than 85%, the color temperature of LED lights is 4000K~4500K, and the color rendering coefficient Ra is more than 70.The service life is more than 30,000 hours, and the light protection grade is more than IP65

LED parking lot lights from MECREE

Mecree GL-FL series has a luminous output rate of more than 90%, LED lights PF is more than 0.98, LED overall light efficiency is more than 150lm/W, light power efficiency is more than 95%, color rendering coefficient Ra is more than 80.It can replace metal halide lights with the same power in a ratio of 1:3, saving energy up to 65%, completely solving the disadvantage of slow starting time of halogen lights and achieving instantaneous opening.

MECREE GL-FL seires Dialux simulation of 256M*94M parking lot as follow:

MECREE waits for you.

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