Excellent LED Parking Lots Lighting

929 Published by admin 11 23,2018

LED parking lots lights can give people a sense of security to some extent, to provide a bright and even lighting system for such areas is necessary.

Why use LED lights in parking lots?

This is a perfect investment because LED lights will save you a lot of electricity. In addition to these advantages, these lights can also use a narrow beam angle, which can be used for lighting at heights of 5 meters to 10 meters. Beautiful design also adorns your parking area.
LED lights can be used to obtain the light structure, so only specific areas can be targeted. These lights provide about 10 degrees of angle to get the highlight light. These LED column top fixings should be installed at a higher position for higher brightness and illumination. Here are some of the main benefits.
•LED lights have lower maintenance and repair costs and consume less energy than other lighting systems. They are a perfect alternative to HID lights because they can reduce power consumption by 50 percent.

•They can be used as decorative parking lights because they are very attractive. These lights provide high quality lighting because they have a better colour index rating and look more attractive to parks and backyards.
•LED lights are easy to manage because they have light fixtures that are easy to install. Some advanced lamps have adjustable options, such as you can change brightness levels and intensity based on preference.

•The safety of parking lots is very important, with LED lights providing a great deal of safety and security in the area. Parking lots without proper lighting can be dangerous because of the potential for theft and vandalism. In addition, accidents can occur if the lights are not bright enough.
•LED lights provide more lumens per watt, which means they are more effective than other lighting systems. LED lamps have different lumen output and can cover large areas of lighting.

What are the requirements for parking lot lighting?

The lamp should have anti-glare function, also should prevent the light pollution and the light intrusion, lest the visitor and the passerby be disturbed. Outdoor LED parking lot lighting should also consider the following factors:
•LED floodlights can be designed with shoe box or wall pack, playing an important role in determining the type of fixture used. There are different types of lamps for uniform light distribution around the parking lot.

•Light quality requirements vary according to size and placement of poles. Parking areas for recreational purposes do not require much lighting compared to areas near banks or other high-security areas.
•LED lights should have high lumens per watt and provide uniform light distribution.

Mecree high power LED floodlights GL-FL series

150 lm/ w
Anti-glare design, flicker free
Accurate light distribution, reducing light pollution, using calculus optics, which is over 96% light utilization
Super long lifespan
5 years warranty
The main power includes 100 – 5000 watts lamps for parking lots or garages, which can replace 200 to 10000 watts metal halide or halogen lamps, much more economical. For example, based on the power consumption of 12 hours per day and 365 days per year, GL-FL-600w with annual power saving expense compared with 1500W MH lights, saving 64% on electricity costs.
GL-FL series, excellent design from Mecree with professional engineer team can meet your different standard remands for parking lots lighting projects. If you are interested, have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] for free lighting advice anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.
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