Basketball count lighting design

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Basketball is a popular sport in the world by now.High standards can be divided into NBA, FIBA, NCCA etc.
Some non-professional to schools, parks, and streets are a variety of count.Different basketball court lighting standards are different, we can just make a discussion.

The lighting requirements of the indoor stadium should be above 750lux and above 1500lux in line with the requirements of HD TV broadcasting.

Our GL-FL series, specially designed for senior standard field, perfect glare control, It enables the athletes to play at the best level, bringing visual impact to the audience.

The high standard CRI can bring convenience to high-definition broadcast.Bring the feeling of immersive to the audience before TV.
The handle of lamps and lanterns also can be perfectly adapted to the installation requirements of the site, firm and can be adjusted according to the needs of the site.

High standard stadium have strict requirements on the life span of lamps. Our GL-FL series has a 4D cooling system, which is from the same supplier of Huawei company, directly affects the life span of lamps, enabling them to work 8000 hours, 5 hours per day and 43 years.

Use the fin that bend several times custom-made radiator, create the most large area on market radiator, assure central temperature is under 65 degree.

The requirements of outdoor fields are generally around 200lux, so we specially designed a GL-SFL series with high light efficiency.

What follows is the result of a DIAlux simulation. The uniformity of the lighting is perfect, which makes the field vision good level, and the illumination can also achieve the effect of TV broadcasting.
Outdoor basketball courts typically use four or six light poles to support lighting. Beijing has a Dongdan home that is a gathering place for street basketball enthusiasts, the equivalent of lok park in Los Angeles, where street stars display their talents.

Stainless steel handles made with internal bending technology can be firmly installed on outdoor lamp posts, and the design of wind resistance can be calculated, so that they can well resist the bad weather.

Ingress Protection requirements for outdoor lighting are strict, while our GL-SFL series reaches IP66, so It can lighting at the heavy rain with the perfect effect.
For Baskeball count, you must be equipped with the most professional equipment,MECREE will use its own professional to provide you with more suitable led floodlight. If you have more questions or requirement, please inquiry to [email protected] We will reply you within 24 hours.

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