Sydney International Aquatic Centre, Australia

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Location: Sydney, Australia.
Time of completion: l994.
Use plan: This magnificent complex was opened in October 1994 to provide world-class competition and training facilities for all water sports, as well as recreational swimming pools.
Large-scale Games: Swimming and Diving Competition in Sydney, Australia 2000 Olympic Games.

Lamp light source:
MVF406/MHDl800W: 327 sets of ordinary type and 28 sets of heat trigger type.
HNF902/HPI-T2000W: 60 sets.
Lighting Indicators:
Color temperature: 5600K.
Color rendering index: Ra > 90.

Through Philips lighting design services, it has designed and provided a sophisticated lighting system. Before installing and building everything, integrated computer models and CAD models have been used to predict light intensity and glare hazards in specific directions of the camera. The original design plan (which began preparation in May 1992) was actually part of Sydney’s Olympic bid. The end result is a high-quality installation that serves audiences, swimmers, divers and the base of color television broadcasting.


Swimming centers are very demanding for lighting, and lighting design is extremely complex. Lateral lighting ensures vertical illumination and reduces glare to athletes. The selected lamps are mature, reliable, excellent light source color characteristics can easily meet the requirements of color TV broadcasting.

Mecree LED Stadium Lights Replacement

MVF406/MHD l800W can be perfectly replace by Mecree led sport light GL-SPL-800W.
HNF902/HPI-T2000W can be perfectly replace by Mecree led floodlight GL-FL-700W/800W.
Mecree LED flood light adopt professional light distribution, which light efficiency can up to 150lm/w. And can save three times energy than traditional lamps.


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