Montjuic Olympic Stadium, Barcelona

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Brief Introduction

Scale: Can accommodate more than 65,000 spectators and own 9400m runways.
The large-scale sports meeting held: The main venue of the 25th Summer Olympic Games in 1992 (all track and field events, opening ceremony, closing ceremony), the marathon and the end of the race are also located here.


Lighting method: 5 tower + light belt.
Lamp source: MVF406/MHDl800W, 454 sets.
Lighting indicators: average horizontal illumination of l500lux.
The average vertical illumination is 1 400 lux.
Color temperature: 5600K.
Color rendering index: Ra>90.
Lighting method: For sports lighting, AOMSA

(Municipal company managing the Olympics project) A small floodlight that can be installed on the edge of the ceiling and below is required. Five thin columns are used on the other side to illuminate the shadows on the front and other preset ranges. Montjuic officially chose Philips’ AV system to achieve their goals. The compact size and light weight of the AV ensure efficient efficiency and low-level optical contamination of the highly efficient optical system, as well as the flexibility of use, which proves to be the ideal choice. The entire sports lighting installation includes 454 sets of AV floodlights, which are divided into 4 different optical systems. It is designed to provide a stable 1550 lux horizontal illumination and 1400 lux vertical illumination for sports competitions, as well as a televised emergency facility. Table shows how to turn on the lights without moving.

Sports program Light distribution type Quantity Eh Horizontal Direction Ev Vertical Direction
U1 U2 U1 U2
Football Training Cat2 56 500 0.7 0.8
Cat3 32
Cat4 2
Athletics Training Cat2 80 625 0.45 0.6
Cat3 70
Cat4 2
Football Broadcast Cat1 16 l500 0,75 0.85 1 400 0.55 0.7
Cat2 150
Cat3 108
Cat4 6
Athletics Broadcast Catl 20 1550 0.45 0.6 1 400 0.35 0.45
Cat2 238
Cat3 188
Cat4 8
Football Broadcast Emergency Cat2 94 900 0.65 0.8 800 0.45 0.65
Cat3 60
Cat4 4
Broadcast Emergency
Catl 4 950 0.45 0.65 800 0.3 0.4
Cat2 60
Cat3 110
Cat4 4


The stadium has undergone three renovations and its scale has continued to expand. The retrofitted lighting method is very individual, with one side of the light belt and the other side of the five-tower lighting. The 454-inch luminaires ensure the needs of track and field, football matches, and meet the requirements of TV broadcasts.

MECREE LED Stadium Lights Replacement

MVF406/MHDl800W can be perfectly replace by MECREE LED sport light GL-SPL-800W.
Mecree LED flood light adopt professional light distribution, which light efficiency can up to 130lm/w. And can save three times energy than traditional lamps.


If you have any needs and support for stadium or sport field lighting, please feel free to send email to [email protected], will provide you with best service and stable quality.
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