Kashima Football Stadium

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Kashima football stadium

Category: professional football field.
Completion date (reconstruction) : May 2001.
Scale: 41,800 people (after reconstruction).
Architectural features: suspended roof structure, Teflon film covering two-thirds of the auditorium.

Major games held: 2002 World Cup.
Lighting mode: before modification, vertical bar lighting is adopted, with relatively heavy shadows. After modification, eaves lighting is adopted, without obvious shadows.
Illumination index: average horizontal illumination 1500lux.
Average vertical illumination 1230lux.
Mecree 800-1000w floodlights can directly replace the 2000w MH lamps in the stadium. Suppose replacing the old lamps with our GL-FL-800w, based on the power consumption of 8 hours per day and 365 days per year, 800w LED floodlights can save 70% on electricity costs per year compared with 2000W MH lights.


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