Stade Velodrom, Marseille stadium

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The build time: 13th June 1937
Address: The town centre of Marseille
Scale: There were 42000 seats before modification
There are 60000 seats after modification
The major competition which was held: France Football World Cup in 1998, as shown in chart 7-32 and chart 7-35
Architect: Jean Pierre Buffi

The layout of lights: The structure of stadium and geometric dimensioning limits the layout of lights strictly. The height of canopy on one side of a grandstand is about 30 m, this limits the layout to four towers, but the light pole is far from the filed. For comprehensive consideration, choosing the way of the mixed mode of light belt and two light pole lighting. There is a horse path on the roof of the bleachers. A total of 40 sets of lamps are installed on the two floors whose height respectively 31 m and 33 m. Two light poles with an average height of 51 m were set at the side of the open stand, the light pole were titled 20, each pole were installed 46 pcs lights.

Model: MVF 406/ MHD1800W, 172 pcs
Lux level:
Average horizontal illumination: 1550 lux
Average vertical illumination: 1500 lux
Color Temperature: 5600 k
Color Rendering Index: Ra>90

Comments: This is a renovation project, due to the lower height of the canopy, it can’t meet the requirements of light belt. The designer shows originality alone, using a side to be light tower+ the lamp on one side of the band, achieving very good result. The lighting system of the stadium was installed 172 pcs MVF 406/ MHD1800W, which was almost reaching the peak of economy and used one of least number of lights in current international large football field.

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