Category: The first category of track and field sports venues(both ball venues).
Build Time: March 2000.
Scale: About 50000 people.
Architectural Features: Grid structure, metal roof, covering 2/3 of the auditorium, crescent-shaped girders from the ground frame to the highest level.
The major competition which was held:
2002 World Cup soccer tournament;
2001 Miyagi Japan National Sports Conference main venue.

Lux level:
Average horizontal illumination is 1500lux.
Average vertical illumination is 1280lux.
Color rendering index: Ra=91
What is different between traditional lamp and LED light? Led light can reach the best lux requirement, and can rand save more cost.
Mecree Led stadium light with high CRI80/90+, high light efficiency 160lm/w, it’s 4-5 times of traditional lamp.
We use calculus optical lens, PC material (There are many company use PC material, but but it has the 1-6 times difference for the cost of PC.Bad one will cause high light decay of 80% in one year, but ours is 5% in 5 years)
In addition, we use advanced optical technology, several optical design, Making no excess light.)
That means it will save a lot of cost because less qty of our light can reach your lux level based on the high uniformity.
MECREE will use its own professional to provide you with more suitable led stadium floodlight. Pls visit this link about our support for LOC 21st Edition Of African Senior Athletics Championship project: https://www.mecreeled.com/product/african-senior-athletics-championship/
If you have more questions or requirement, please inquiry to [email protected] We will reply you within 24 hours.
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