Sapporo stadium

Category: baseball field and football field.
Completion date: May 2001.
Size: 41,300 people at a baseball game; 42,300 people at the football game.
Architectural features: the roof is a spherical metal roof, covering 100% of the auditorium. The baseball field and football field can be switched from one another. This is the first case in Japan.

Major games held: 2002 World Cup in Japan.
Lighting fixtures: Special light fixtures, prevent hard ball from hitting.
For football field — 468 sets of 1.5kw long arc projectors (353 sets of narrow Angle lamps and 115 sets of middle Angle lamps).
For baseball field — 630 sets of 1.5kw long arc projectors (442 sets of narrow Angle type and 118 sets of middle Angle type).
Long arc 1.5kw projectors 42 sets — for vertical lighting of baseball field.
Long arc 1.5kw projectors 48 sets — for audience lighting.
Illumination index: average horizontal illumination 1550lux.
Average vertical illumination 1200lux.
Color rendering index Ra=93.

Comments: The stadium with movable roof can only use the light belt lighting method. The Japanese people have a strong economic concept and can meet the minimum requirements of the standard, much like Chinese quota design. But with so many lighting indicators is not very high, why? Perhaps the long arc source is not conducive to the light distribution control.
Mecree 500-800w floodlights can directly replace the 1.5kw MH lamps in the stadium. Suppose replacing the old lamps with our GL-FL-500w, based on the power consumption of 8 hours per day and 365 days per year, the price per kilowatt hour is 0.154USD. Take the quantity of existing lights for football field as an example:
500W LED floodlight: 0.528degree/ PCS * 8hours * 365days * 0.154USD * 468 PCS =111117.73 USD
1500W MH light: 1.818degrees/ PCS * 8hours * 365days * 0.154USD * 468 PCS =573897.80USD
The calculation above shows that:
468PCS 500w LED floodlights with annual power saving expense: 500w LED floodlights save 573897.80USD -111117.73USD =462780.07 USD per year compared with 1500W MH lights , saving 80.6% on electricity costs .


Mecree 100-5000W floodlights with professional engineer team can meet your different standard remands for baseball field and football field lighting projects. If you are interested, have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] for free lighting advice anytime. We will reply you within 24 hours.
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